Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh, fiddle dee dee.

I think if Scarlett O'Hara was in my place, this is what she'd have to say:

"As you fellow bloggers are my witnesses, I'll never
make floor length curtains out of synthetic fabric again!"

My 100% cotton dining room curtains were a snap to make, so I thought
 making floor to ceiling curtains for the bedroom would be easy, too.
How very wrong I was.

The only fabric I could find in the shade of yellow I wanted
was an indoor/outdoor Better Homes & Gardens fabric called "Daffodil".
  It was on clearance for 60% off and I needed about 14 yards, so that sealed the deal.

I cut the fabric, finished the edges and hung the curtains.
That's when the problems began.

The biggest problem was the lightweight quality of the fabric.
  It didn't have enough heft (even with a 5 inch hem) to drape nicely,
so I tried a few tricks of the trade to train the curtains to behave.

I steamed the folds, which seemed to be about as effective
as taking a sip of hot coffee and blowing on the fabric.

I tied them in position and left them overnight.
The next day my curtains woke up with ponytail dents.

I'm skimming right over the fact that I haven't
 finished painting the windows yet.

Then I clicked my heels together 3 times
 and wished I'd never bought the fabric.

The darn fabric has the memory of an elephant,
and no matter how hard I coaxed, it sprang right back to the shape it 
wanted to take!   Just like my hair on a humid day.

In the end, the curtains won the battle, so this is the way they will look.........

for all eternity.

Because I am NOT starting over.

Thank goodness there isn't room for floor to ceiling panels on 
the other 2 windows!  I'm hoping the window treatments I make
for those windows won't be such a pain in the patootie.

Pinterest/source unknown.


Eventually we'll install plantation shutters on the bottom
half of our double-hung windows, and I think the window treatment
 pictured above pairs well with shutters.

If all else fails, I can always make myself a
synthetic ball gown out of the curtains.

Next year's Halloween costume?

I can only hope my next project goes without a hitch.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn, past and present.

I didn't go overboard decorating our house for autumn this year,
as I've been known to do in the past.  In fact, I hardly did a thing!

I kept the dining room mantel very neutral.

A new wreath from HomeGoods replaced my sheet music wreath.

Of course I brought out my old pumpkin lamp, which, believe it
or not, I rewired!  Pam (House of Hawthornes) inspired me with her
 easy to follow tutorial.  Thanks Pam! 

Photo from last year on the left and proof that it works on the right!

The lamp is now home to the one and only compact fluorescent light bulb at 911.
Hmpf!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!

I found a new spot for one of the hats I bought at the thrift store. 
My tool caddy centerpiece is filled with brown bottles, candles, and scented pine cones.
I love the spicy smell of cinnamon in the fall.

This little farm girl comes out to play every autumn.

I found the orange heart vase for just a few dollars at an antique shop
and the colors are perfect for our dining room!  I've had the figurine so long
I can't even remember where I got it.

Now, prepare yourself for a frightening sight of autumn past.......

Before & After

Eeek!  The photo on the left was taken...oh, about 6 years ago
when I was still trying to make our old furniture work in this house.
Truth be told, that dining room table and chairs we purchased way back in 1980
 never worked for us, so we gifted it to a needy young couple.
The furniture is still going strong, but unfortunately their marriage isn't.

That's it for the dining room.

I cut the last of my black-eyed Susans to fill canning jars on the
living room mantel.  After trying every mirror I own (and that's quite a few!)
 I settled on the oval mirror to offset the straight lines of the fireplace.

I replaced the old wicker rocking chair with this chippy
 turquoise chair to lighten up the dark brick.

A basket of old quilts covers up the black gas insert
when the fireplace is not in use.

My Limelight hydrangeas really took off this year and provided
plenty of blossoms to fill baskets around the house.

There are a few updates in this corner, like our new clock that actually keeps time.
Imagine that!  I love the color, but it's one more dark element in the room, so
I'm going to paint it a lighter color.  I also changed out our old
lampshades with new linen shades and what a difference it made!

Before & After

The photo on the left was taken 2 years ago, and I'm not missing that dark trim
one little bit!  Now I'm rethinking my decision to leave the fireplace as is.

Looking back, I realize I've made quite a bit of progress in lightening up the rooms
and also in practicing the Less is More design theory........sort of.

Well, that's it for now.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Coat Check

Just over a week ago, I wore a winter coat and gloves when we took our daily walk
and this past weekend it was warm enough for shorts and sandals!
Typical Minnesota weather.

I planned to stain window sashes and sew curtains during my vacation,
but I had a bit of a setback while staining the windows,
so I put the whole business aside until the noxious odor subsides.

Imagine you're standing on a ladder, carefully staining window muntins,
(they're part of the window and not removable), humming along to the radio,
 and enjoying the pleasant breeze coming through the window,
when the pint of dark walnut stain you're using somehow
  drops to the floor!!!
Yup.  That's it in a dark walnut nutshell.

*FYI, Minwax oil based stain can be removed from:

freshly painted walls
recently painted doors
crisp white trim
brand new windows
repainted furniture
refinished hardwood floors
human legs, feet, and hands

All it takes is plenty of patience and a gallon of mineral spirits......
  and a window left open for the next month or two.

Well, after that fiasco,  I set my sights on transforming
 a different kind of window.  I almost chucked the project out of sheer frustration,
 but being stubborn by nature, I was determined to finish it no matter how long it took.

I picked up this door/window? a few years ago because I liked the
beautiful wood finish and thick beveled glass, although in the end
I chose to display the honey colored finish on the back side.

Here's the inspiration photo for what I wanted to create:

General and Fancy Drapery Reverse Painted Glass Sign « Griffin Trading Company
Reverse painting on glass by the Griffin Sign Company.

After several unsuccessful attempts with paint markers, stencils, and spray paint,
I resorted to hand painting the letters with a flat artist brush.  I painted a reverse image
of the letters on the back side of the glass with 3 coats of metallic gold craft paint
followed by 2 more coats of harvest gold paint to make the letters opaque.

The last step takes a leap of faith.  After the letters have cured a day or two,
paint right over them with black craft paint.  Don't work the paint too much on the 
first coat or you'll pull up the letters you've painstakingly painted!

If I get tired of it, the paint can easily be removed with a razor.
How do I know this?   Because I've already done it
3 times!!!

No display is complete here at 911 without adding an item
with questionable wiring, so I propped my deer lamp on the shelf.
I glued leftover fabric from the kitchen onto an inexpensive shade from Lowe's
to dress it up a bit and covered the raw edges with rick rack.

The black baby shoes belonged to an old neighbor.

I think this was the very first alarm clock I ever bought,
way back in the early days of our marriage.  Speaking of.....
we celebrated our 35th anniversary yesterday!  We spent the day in Duluth
on Saturday and I came home with 2 new pets.

I don't think the cage is old, but it's cute.  The birds?
My guess is vintage Christmas tree ornaments.
Look how happy they are basking in the sunshine!

Well, I tested out the lamp last night, and...............

It works!

I won't go into detail about what happened to the first light bulb when I plugged it in,
but from now on the cord will be safely tucked behind the sign.

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