Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Griswold Lighting Ceremony

As I drove past our house on the way home from work the other night, I noticed the string of colored lights across the front of our house was out. Oh, no!!!  I told Bill the bad news as soon as I stepped in the house, but he had bigger fish to fry. It seems our computer was down too. What?! No Christmas lights! No Google!

I was afraid my menagerie of outdoor lights had somehow caused the problem, but later found out the Public Utilities had a power surge that blew a fuse in our string of lights and knocked out power to the computer. After many hours of crawling around under the computer desk and climbing up and down the ladder outside, Bill ( aka Clark Griswold ) had everything up and running. Sigh........

I think I'll wait a day or two to tell Clark he needs to haul out the ladder one more time to replace the four burned out bulbs on the right.

Oh, and remove the bird nest from the top of the downspout , too.   :@

I just love old-fashioned colored Christmas lights. I try to be green in all other areas:  recycling garbage, reusable shopping bags, Energy Star appliances, fuel efficient car, etc.  But Christmas lights ( and, I confess, ALL light bulbs ) are my downfall. There is no CFL that can create that warm glow of incandescent lights.

G.E closed their last incandescent light bulb factory this fall, so I know my old-fashioned light bulb coveting days are numbered. Until then, I'll be green and keep using the beloved Christmas lights I already own.

Cha ching.

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  1. Oh you crack me up and I love how your house looks in the winter... :)


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