Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painting the

I've been busy stitching up bedding for the
guest room, but it was all looking a bit bland to me.
Off-white muslin bedskirt, ivory bed, white walls.....


Valspar satin Leafy Rise spray paint to the rescue!



Now the once drab bed has come to life with the application of nearly 3 cans of spray paint
applied on the windiest day of the year.  Well, you gotta make hay when the
sun shines and I was running out of nice weather!

The house next door may or may not be sporting a slightly greenish hue these days.

I kept the decade old Walmart chenille bedspread and draped
one of my old quilts across the foot of the bed.

I would have loved to keep the space under the bed open to reduce the dust mite population,
  but there's much needed storage space underneath, so I made a bedskirt to hide some of my junk.
I constructed the skirt in 3 pieces to work around the iron bed frame.

I don't have a ruffle attachment for my basic sewing machine, so I 
made a casing along the top edge and threaded elastic through instead.
It was so much easier than running a gathering stitch along all those yards of fabric!

I folded it over the top edge of the boxspring and stapled it in place.
No more tucking and adjusting every time I make the bed.  It stays in place nicely.

I made the pillowcases out of the same inexpensive muslin as the skirt.

I added simple ties to the open ends.

I purchased the redwork embroidery pattern online at
Lace Tales Embroidery over a year ago and I did a lot of the stitching
during long road trips (on the rare occasion when I wasn't sleeping ).
 I'm extremely happy to cross this project off my list!

I added a mirror and vintage English plate to the wall on the left to create a mini gallery wall.

I also removed decades of paint splatters from the doors, wiped on a new layer of stain,
 and gave them a coat of polyurethane to freshen them up and protect the finish.

I've got a few more accessories in the works for the bedroom, but that's it for now.

Thanks for visiting!

Wait!  There's one more thing to show you.

Just so you don't think I completely forgot about
Halloween this year................

It appears she was checking out the inventory under the bed
when she was overcome by dust bunnies.  Tsk, tsk.

HaPpy HaLlowEen!

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  1. Oh, those darned dust bunnies! Great idea on the bed skirt. I love the combination of pink and green. So serene. You've created a lovely room!

  2. haha-love the legs, vickie! your room is vintage sweet:) your stitching is awesome and the door looks fabulous!

  3. You crack me up! First I love the new color of the bed. Hope your neighbors like their new house color too! I love the redwork pillows you found. They are perfect in that room. You're so clever to make a dust ruffle that just attaches to the bed. I hate my dust ruffle bunching up when I go to make it up sometimes too. The little witch legs was a cute idea. (My bed is FULL of stuff underneath it too!)

  4. Oh can I come and sleep in that bed! I love it looks so inviting and yes the color is one of my favs!
    I think I am going to staple the dust ruffle to one of my grand daughters bed its always a pain in the tush! Looking good again you never disappoint!

  5. LOL! This is so pretty, Vickie! Love the green, and the redwork pillowcases are really beautiful!

  6. Ha Ha Vickie this post made me smile. I love the room. Those pillow cases are so great. Love those. The witch under the bed what a hoot. You crack me up girl and those teeth you sent to Tracy ha ha too much!!!!! Have a great week.

  7. Beautiful job!! The room is so charming! Love the witch!!!

  8. Ding Dong the witch is dead! Ha! I love the room! The bedding is is your newly painted bed! All is needs is a to sleep in the bed instead of under!

  9. it is beautiful! I love the green and your red work is amazing, what a wonderful sense of accomplishment you must have, so much work but so beautiful! To bad about the witch, lol

  10. That green is fantastic, the bed looks lovely. Well, not only the bed, all the bedroom looks wonderful. Those sweet! your granddaughters will love them.
    Only a claim, or request...or wish, the close up to the wall with that fabulous shelf, car (or van?), teddy bear, plate and mirror is coming soon??
    Very funny end of the post LOL, you're so creative!

  11. Vickie, I LOVE your green accents in this room!! Your attention to detail brings this room together perfectly.
    Mary Alice

  12. Gorgeous! Love the new bed colour and how it matches the neighbour's house. Your red work pillowcases turned out beautiful and they are perfect in this cozy guest room. I love the wood door... So rich and warm. Love the shelves, chenille and quilts and am quite envious of those slim ankles on your witch. Cracked me right up un that one! You're too clever with the staple gun too... brilliant.

  13. Love the shade of green! It was the perfect change.


  14. I have been noticing SO much green in our house, lately! I LOVE the door in the room!!!! Nice contrast well with the bright white. And the bed look so cute!

  15. Vickie the bed looks beautiful, loving the color. The witch feet sticking out from under the bed is just too cute!!! Have great Friday week.


  16. The newly painted bed is perfect, it really ties in with the rest of the room. I love the idea with the bed skirt, to staple it on and pillows with little ties are so cute.
    It's all looking very inviting (apart from the witch trapped under the bed !).

  17. I love your dust ruffle idea! It's very timely, too. I'm getting ready to do the same in my middle bedroom. Your room is so chock full of vintage charm! :)

  18. This is a very cute room. I love how the little doll house ties all the colors together. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Vickie your rooms always looks so finished. What a pretty color scheme. I have an iron bed and you've given me the wonderful idea of spray painting it as soon as I figure out my next Master bedroom. You've got quite the talent at creating coziness.

  20. omw...I LOVE this room !!!! the touches of vintage green, LOVE, the quilt, LOVE, the bedspread, LOVE, ALL accessories, LOVE....and I really love that you did NOT paint the door......I really hate whited painted on EVERYTHING....some contrast and color is so much more pleasing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It looks wonderfully inviting. And the fact that you made a bed skirt and killed a witch are no easy tasks.

  22. Hi Vicki, love the witch legs. Your room is so wonderful. The green is perfect. I adore the bedskirt and the stitched pillow is a favorite too.
    I just love everything you create in a room.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Oh, I love the room's new look! Someone asked about a close up of the shelf on the left hand side of the bed....please do a close up the dollhouse tooo..I love dollhouses and would like to see it up it furnished? And...the red stitched pillows! I purchased a pattern from the same place years ago and ran across it a month ago....started the stitching but I am afraid it will take me a loooong time to finish. I am envious of your talent! Diane W.

  24. Love your bed. And you crack me up. Best halloween ever.

  25. The green is such a lovely shade, and just perfect for the bed. Well done (have you received any complaints from the neighbours in regards to their new green house...? LOL)

    Love the halloween look too.

  26. Love the new color on the bed! Really ties it all together! That witch deserved everything she got.

  27. That is the perfect vintage green and it really does perk up the whole room. What a great guest room you have now. Looks like the witch has made herself comfortable too!

  28. The green of the bed is just green enough. I think the witch was sneaking around and trying to find out your decor secrets when the bunnies got her.

  29. Hey Vickie, I love that pop of green with the bed frame, I pulls together the colors in the quilt and the house. I adore the redwork, you did a beautiful job, a classic for the next generation! Have a great weekend, Laura

  30. Your guest room is beautiful, Vickie. I love the new green finish on the bed. Your linens are very pretty and I will be keeping your elastic bedskirt trick in mind. Lovely job on the redwork pillow covers too. The door is a great contrast to the simple wall colour and so worth the time you spent scraping it. I agree with Olive, that witch was trying to soak in all the great ideas and got caught lol.

  31. The room is just so inviting. Your red work is just fabulous! I'm amazed, it would take me years to do one, and you've done a pair?! Gorgeous!

  32. I am in the middle of a guest room spruce up myself and found so much inspiration here!

  33. Love that last pic!! :)
    Your bed turned out great-such a pretty color, and I'm so impressed you made the pillow cases!

  34. I love the painted bed frame, but what stands out is that cute dollhouse above it. Everything looks wonderful. Can I stay there? It looks great!

  35. Ha! Love that wicked witch...hmmmm maybe not if I was sleeping there ;-) Gorgeous color on that beautiful bed Vickie! LOVE your quilt too.What a sweet pillow case.I think I remember seeing that before.

  36. LOL! Love the witch!

    Isn't it fun to spray paint in the wind :) Love the bed and all the pops of green. That's a really charming room!

  37. I don't know how I missed this gorgeous room. I had my old iron bed white and now a dark bronze. Never thought of green but I like it. I really love the pillow cases too.

  38. Everything you touch is magical ... love everything about this room, and I LOVE the pillowcases you embroidered. What guest wouldn't want to rest in that beautiful space. Your hard work really shines through.

  39. LOL, this post is so funny with the neighbors house possibly being green and the witch legs. I LOVE that bed and guest room! Fabulous and cozy!

  40. It is ALL beautiful ( and ending was very funny ) but I especially love your quilt and your lovely, lovely redwork ! :)

  41. Vickie,
    you found the perfect green for you wonderful iron bed! The room is so cozy and inviting, so much so you got an uninvited spooky guest who was obviously trying to hide out till Halloween!

  42. Vickie, it is absolutely darling! Love that pop of green. I think that is the same color I used on an old ringer washer turned planter. Looks so vintage. Love the pillows and the bedding. The witch is pretty darn cute too!

  43. Hi Vickie, I just popped over from Cozy Little House to take a peak but loved your blog so I am now your new follower from Ontario, Canada. I love your style of decorating so I'm off to see more. Deb

  44. Oh that is so pretty! I love it and would love to have a room like it.

  45. I want to spend a weekend in that lovely room. It looks like a B & B bedroom. Love the green bed, love the quilt, love the Good Morning/Good Night pillowcases.

    Beautiful work!

  46. What a difference painting the bed made. the color you picked is just perfect to make it pop! This post is full of wonderful ideas and goodies. I especially love the vintage quilt and your newly stitched pillowcases. But the tip on sewing and attaching the dust ruffle is pure genius! You have me excited to make my own.

  47. I love your bed! I have an antique iron bed that I use on my front porch and it's a creamy distressed finish but lately it's been asking me to paint it yellow. Still trying to work up the nerve. Yours looks great!

  48. The room looks great! I love a colored iron bed. You are right - it looks much better. Sometimes I wonder if my neighbors ever notice a tinge of whatever spray paint I am using. No complaints yet though. The chenille bedspread looks great too.

  49. Your pillow cases are beyond cute. What a great job. I love the green on the bed. So stinking cute.

  50. Not sure how I missed this post. I cannot believe you stitched those pillowcases! You know you could have just used a red pen and drawn them on there. OK, so they wouldn't have made it through the wash, but who needs to wash a pillowcase? Loving the new green color. It matches the dollhouse perfectly.

  51. I am in love with this bed and bedroom! Love the color paint you chose and the linens are so did an amazing job on those pillowcases!!! Genius idea and work on the bedskirt too. Your doors look great, so rich with that color. Just let me know if you need a guest anytime soon...

  52. My goodness, what a cozy and cute room! I can just imagine myself all nestled in the comfy looking bed! I don't think I'd want to leave...well, until I saw those witch legs poking out. Actually, those are pretty darn cute too :)

  53. I featured this on Mod Mix Monday at Mod Vintage Life!

  54. I dearly LOVE everything about your room: the bed, the fabrics, the touches of red, the dollhouse above the bed. LOVE it all!

  55. I just can't even begin to tell you how much I love that paint color! I'm off to find some for my very own self tomorrow! The finished room is just BEAUTIFUL with that bed painted in that green. Wow. Well done.

  56. Beautiful room Vicki, I'm one of the last to see it, it just now appeared on Pinterest. That door is the crowning jewel. You should be so proud. . . ~d

  57. How oh how did I miss this post?!? Found it on Pinterest. I love it so much!!! Everything is gorgeous, that bed is stunning♥

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