Monday, March 9, 2015

50,000 shades of white.

It's all coming back to me now.

For an indecisive person choosing a paint color can be overwhelming.
You'd think picking a creamy white a few shades lighter than the current color
of our kitchen cabinets would be a simple process, but not for me.

Strike one.

On the paint chip, Acadia White looked like the perfect color.
Can you see where I brushed the paint on the cabinet panel?
It looks nothing like the paint chip.  In fact it looks like basic white!
We've got bisque appliances, so I want the cabinet color to be a similar hue.

At $25 a pop for Ben Moore Impervo cabinet paint, I don't want to make another mistake,
 so I'm going to purchase a few sample pints and play around with them until I find a color
 that I'm happy with from the early morning light through evening when the lights are on.
It could take me months, possibly years.   :o)

As you can see, we've trimmed out the shelves,
 and since I have no paint chosen for the cabinets and trim,
 I primed the shelves and brackets instead.  Of course I've filled
 every square inch of space already.

I found the large wicker wine bottle holder and pretty wood chalice
at the the thrift for a grand total of $2.99!  The only other thing I bought
is the wood masher which was a few dollars at a local shop.

I picked up the Christmas Pixies on a clearance table for $2 each and since
they resemble leprechauns, I'm letting them hang out in my sterilizer cabinet for now.
They're too cute to pack away!

They may even bring me a bit o' luck with my next paint choice....

Nope, too beige.

Hmmmm, from where I'm sitting it looks too white.

Sooooooo many shades of white to confuse me!

Progress takes time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're all enjoying sunshine and warm weather!


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  1. Oh, I love the cabinet and those cute pixies!. Good luck with the paint color!!

  2. You've already gotten your shelves arranged beautifully. Love your shelves and cabinets.


  3. I'm in the process of picking new bedroom colors. I feel your pain. I dread going because I know the choices will overwhelm me and I have picked things in the past that didn't look at all like that when I got them on the wall. Your kitchen is beautiful and you have some very nice collectibles.

  4. I know, I know...I go through this every time! you're right to buy the samples. it's the best way to go, even if it seems a little pricey at first. love your little elves, perfect for celebrating St. Patty's Day!

  5. Your shelves and all your gathered pretties are adorable. I want you to know that I guess I have the opposite problem. I just painted with white in lots of places. I don't even look at the paint chips! I just grab one. Bloggers will probably think I'm nuts.

  6. Primer or not, your shelves and the tile are looking great. I really like the textures you added with the wine holder etc.

  7. Those little pixies are precious and your shelves look great even though they aren't finished.

    It is amazing how many different whites there are!

  8. I am loving the shelves and how you have them arranged. Why can't picking out a paint color be simple? Why can't there be just one white?! I hate picking out paint colors, too. It's such a hard decision. And then when I finally do decide, I worry that I picked the wrong color. (And I have!)

  9. Good luck finding the right white. Another blogger had a hard time finding the right one too. Love the shelves and wood backsplash. It'll all come together when you find that perfect white. Pretty kitchen, Kathleen in Az

  10. Decisions!! Buying sample sizes is a good idea. Hope you find the right color. Love the new shelfs.

  11. Hi Vickie, I know choosing can be overwhelming. When I painted my cabinets I knew I did not want pure white and finally settled on a color called Pecan Sandie and love it. It is sort of creamy like an ivory. I too always get chips and make a sample pint to try in all lights before I make up my mind and spend a fortune on paint.
    Love all your pics and treasures. Your shelves and backsplash are gorgeous! I have the Swedish horse too given to us from our Swedish daughter who was an exchange student with us in the mid 90's.
    Have fun and enjoy your cabinet painting process.
    Hugs, CM

  12. Hi Vickie! Oh, I know it! So many whites to pick from but I have confidence you'll find the perfect one. Now that shelf and the little green cabinet! Oh, and I see Jadeite! Love love love! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Vickie,
    I love the shelves they look awesome and love the way you styled them. It is mind boggling how many shades of white there are. Crazy! Been there too! I always get the $3 samples before investing in the whole can if I am ify on how it will look. I think that is a great idea. The light and how it comes into your kitchen is a big factor too with using white. I learned that with my kitchen cabinets. Good luck. Looking so great.

  14. I'm so sorry. I couldn't get the white in my kitchen right so I've already repainted. It was either put color back on the walls or repaint the cabinets. Repainting the cabinets was not going to happen. My white cabinets looked sickly yellow at night with the "white" walls. Now my walls are Robin's Egg Blue and the cabinets look white again. I hope you have better luck choosing than I did. It is so hard to get a good white.

  15. It's such a tough decision. Don't rush it! Sample paints are definately the way forward. I'm loving your bits and bobs, especially the bread board on the wall and the pixies! xx

  16. Oh Vickie, I know what you mean. I'm horrible at choosing paint colors. Your elves are so cute and sassy, they look like they're trying to get away with something. I adore your open shelving and how you've styled it. So fresh and pretty. Good luck with all of your paint chips!
    xo Sally

  17. Vickie, I know you'll make the white...oops, I mean right decision soon! :) Just tuck one of those precious pixies in your pocket the next time you visit the paint store! That little green cabinet is so cute! Visiting here always make me smile! xoxo

  18. Cute title! ;) There are too many shades of white...enough to make you crazy!

  19. Your shelves are great looking and I feel your pain of paint!

  20. Vickie, I have a special affection for little shelves and cabinets -- they're useful so many places! I especially love your little green Sterlizer cabinet. What a great find!

  21. Vickie,
    you're so like me, I couldn't have waited for paint either, would have had to put my "stuff" on the shelves while waiting for the right paint color! White is sooooo hard! It can be to grey, to yellow to cold to warm, yikes! Don't give up, you will find the right one, let us know what it is when you do!
    You know your little green cabinet is my favorite! I have one, same green but more like a medicine cabinet. Sadly, it doesn't have shelves, if I was handy like you it would have them and happily be hanging on the wall!
    PS. Love your little elves!

  22. Your open shelving looks so pretty, Vickie! I have to agree that picking the right white is the hardest decision. When we painted our kitchen cabinets, halfway through the job I decided I didn't like the white and had to start over. There are so many variables...the wall color, the light in the's always changing. For a couple of months we had 5 different shades of white on our cabinets at the same time lol. Hope those cute pixies come up with a winner...

  23. Where else but in America would there be so many shades of white?!! Choosing paint color can be very stressful.
    Mary Alice

  24. I would be no help to you picking paint. Can't do it to save my soul.

  25. I'm with you, I have the hardest time picking out a paint color! In fact so hard i avoid changing the color, cause the color I like never looks like the color I want. Your open shelving looks very nice, and have my fingers crossed for you that you will find the "right" color soon, and without much hassle!

  26. oh yes, this is the hardest part!!! and paint changes in the light, too.
    listen to your pixies...they will sprinkle magic dust in your eyes and
    you will have that a-ha moment.


  27. I hear you about the paint. I wanted black and there tons of choices. I never expected that. Hang in there. In the meantime the shelves look great a with your treasures


  28. Who knew there could be soooo many shades of white, right? Been there done that. Good luck my sweet friend. I am rooting for you :-)

    Much love,

  29. White is like yellow.... so hard to find the right one. Ugh. I completely understand your pain and wish you the best of luck, Vickie :)

    By the way, the cute in your kitchen.... LOVE it!

  30. LOVE your open shelving and the pretty way you have them accessorized!! Very Pretty!

  31. White is the hardest shade to select! I finally selected my shade while eating a bowl of BlueBell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. I had Sherwin Williams make it for me! It's creamy but not too much. Hope your pixies show you the way!

  32. Oh, I so understand what's goin on in your mind. It took me months to find the perfect white for my ceiling last year and then to find the perfect - but different - white for my dining nook walls...

  33. you sound like me, vickie:) we still have primer on our cabinets, cuz, we can't make up our minds on the white color! your shelves look wonderful! and the cute pixies are so cute peeking out of the cabinet! good luck in the search of white:)

  34. I'm sending this post along to my daughter who has just moved in to her first place, they've decided to paint their kitchen white because it's easier than picking a color, ha ha!

  35. Oh my goodness, I have such a hard time choosing paint colors as it is. I keep being tempted to go with white, because I love the way the colors pop off of it, like in your rooms. But I can only imagine how hard white would be...!

  36. Oh, I feel your pain! I recently went through the same thing with white. Our kitchen was painted with white oil paint about 16 years ago. It aged to a nice patina but was nicked up. No more oil for me but I wanted that nice patina color. I lived with paint chips for awhile until I found Martin Senour Bright Life Swiss Coffee. It's creamy and gorgeous. Good luck with your choice!

  37. Who would've ever thought that there could be so many shades of white? I hope you find the perfect shade before the end of this year too! I love the hardware on your cabinets btw. Gorgeous!

  38. What? I think it's gorgeous already! Any shade you chose will be beautiful with your amazing eye for style!

  39. I make my life easy by always using brilliant white (but I know it's not to everyone's taste and sometimes an off white is a bit warmer) so I don't envy you trying to choose.
    I love the look of the shelves with the trim and the way you've displayed it all, and the touches of colour and the wicker and wood tones are just great.

  40. Last night we were at a friends house who has pine ceilings and she most likely will be painting them white, so there was a bit of discussion about that. This morning I found in my email an article from Houzz about choosing the right white (good one btw) and now this! Seems to be something in the air!

    White can be so tricky, as you know. It's definitely a color that needs to be sampled, especially if you're trying to coordinate or match with another element like your appliances.

    It will all come together and look beautiful!

  41. Oh, my gosh, isn't white the worst? And the best? Haha. We just pulled old paneling off our kitchen walls when it finally dawned on me that there was tongue and groove wood underneath (free plank walls, yay for old houses!). I've been looking forward to finally correcting a messed up paint color from a store that has since closed and have realized I still went lighter than planned. The kids have all said, "That's the primer, right?" Nope, and not as white as they think it is, lol. Fortunately I love it and they will realize it isn't white when we finish the moldings and paint them much whiter. Oh - your play kitchen was so well timed! I was already starting a "makeover" for our own play kitchen when I saw yours. I love the knobs and managed to find some gorgeous knobs to replace the wooden ones hubby originally built. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

  42. OK, you're convincing me I need to do some open shelving. Wonder if my husband would mind if the upper cabinets were just GONE when he comes home from work today :)

  43. Picking out colors is always a chore - wish you luck. It may be crazy of me but I am sort of liking the look of things right now. . . just primed. I like the contrast between the glossy looking shelves and the whitewashed look of the wall.

  44. Vickie your open shelving looks so good. I love your taste. And I have empathy on the white paint question. When it comes to walls I personally like to slather it on and see live with it for a day or two to see how the natural light affects it. Sadly I get little natural light in my kitchen and I've discovered that BM's Brilliant White has a cool tint on walls without windows around. And BM's Simply White has a creamy, warmer look when there's lots of windows, but can look a bit buttery in a room without windows. Does any of this make sense hahaha?

  45. Girl. I FEEL your pain! And white is so much harder than it sounds. I'm wishing you all the luck. In the meantime I could look at dreamy pictures of your home forever.

  46. Hi Vickie, Sorry, I've been MIA lately....lots going on. Anyway, I couldn't agree more when it comes to choosing a WHITE paint color!! I thought it would be easy peasy but was the hardest! I feel for ya!! Been there, done that..yikes. Regardless, I love the way everything is turning out in your darling kitchen....It's gorgeous! So exciting to see how you decorate...very inspiring! Blessings~~~Roxie


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