Monday, March 6, 2017

A little piece of history.

Swamp Thing (my straggly green wreath) has been replaced with tulips
 to brighten up this rainy day.  There's snow in the forecast later this week
and our flowers won't be blooming here for quite a while,
but I'm looking forward to green grass and leaves on the trees.

Speaking of green grass, isn't this a pretty setting? 
I wonder what it would look like in sepia tones with a wood frame around it?

Presto chango!

How would it look hanging above my sofa?

Hmmmm, I think I like it.

I've got a thousand nail holes above our sofa, yet I still haven't found "the look" I'm after.
Do you find it difficult to fill a large wall space, or is it just me?

Instead of a grouping, I actually want just one statement piece
 above the sofa.  This is the one spot in our house where a mirror won't do.  There's too much busyness on the opposite wall to reflect (dark brick fireplace, stained glass windows).
 I'd love a landscape painting and the large vintage photo gives me a preview
of how it would look.  An extra-large unframed canvas would be perfect.
  Round it out with a few small items like a new sofa,
 chairs and a rug and I'd be a happy camper.  :o)

Gasp! This is the one.  Perfect size and subject matter. If anybody has one
stashed under a bed, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands.

I bought the vintage photo for a discount price at a local shop
because I want the large wood frame for a future project.
The label above was glued to the bottom corner when I found it,
so I did a little research


Here's the grand opening of the national park in 1954.  I suppose the photo I own
was part of a promotional campaign for the park and found its way from Massachusetts
 to Minnesota's Iron Range via the nearby Minnesota Museum of Mining
or Ironworld Discovery Center.

 And now it's found its way to the wall over my sofa.

  I'm on a mission to collect photos of our home in its early days when it was
surrounded by cow pastures.  I know they exist because a former owner told me
her daughter has them in storage.  If possible, I'd like to enlarge
one and frame it (in the frame above) to hang in our upstairs hallway.
  It will also serve the purpose of covering holes from picture ledges I took down.
Holes waaaaaaay up high where I don't want to paint again.

Until I possess those photos of our old house.......

I'll enjoy this one.....
for now.

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  1. I love that giant picture you posted, it looks like Connemara in Ireland! I still haven't hung anything on quite a few walls in my home, even though I'll be here two years soon - hard to believe! It can be tough finding just the right piece, and I don't want to hang just anything and then have to fill a bunch of nail holes, so I just have nothing....until the right piece comes along.

  2. I love paintings like that that just seem to give me a sense of relaxation. A winding road always does that for me.

  3. I like your picture in the sepia tones, Vickie. I do think large wall spaces are very difficult to fill. I have one in our family room that I've changed many times. I think that wall is primarily made of spackle at this point!

  4. I like the framed photo and think it would make a beautiful painting. In colors similar to your inspiration photo. Large spaces are hard to fill. Fortunately, I have no large wall spaces in our cottage, so this is no longer a problem for me. Mine is quite the opposite. I don't have enough wall space for all my husband's beautiful painting. :(

  5. I think the framed photo looks really nice over the sofa. I agree-I never know what to do on a big wall. I tend to do small things grouped, but I really like the way that looks. I hope you are able to find some historic pic's of your house and area. That would be so cool to have in your house. Good luck on that. Stay warm!

  6. That is a wonderful old unusual to find one so big. It's fun to know a little of the history of the scene, especially since I have ancestors from that county in Massachusetts in the 1600s.
    I hope you can get the old photos of your home...what treasures they would be! And I love what you hung on the old window frame!

  7. Yes, large walls are always a challenge to fill. Your solution is the old photo above your sofa. BTW, your living room is so pretty!
    Mary Alice

  8. I think that large photo looks great above your couch. My husband is obsessed with pictures and is always picking them up at thrift stores and such. Even though we have way too many and I have to store some away/swap them out... it is always interesting to find out the history/value of each one!

  9. Hi Vickie. Love that piece over your couch. It is hard when you have longer walls to find just the right grouping or single statement piece. Love seeing your pretty living room. Have a super great week.

  10. Large wall spaces always leave me perplexed, too. I currently have wall space to fill in my kitchen, living room AND bedroom! All because I'm waiting to find "just the right thing." Sounds familiar, right? I think a large picture like the one you have now looks great over your sofa. That'd be awesome if you could get your hands on old photos of your house and have them enlarged.

  11. I've looked at the different looks of your above-the-sofa-space and I like them all, the current one is great. And the eye candy photo isn't bad either :-)

  12. That piece looks great over the sofa. I'm worried about your walls falling down one day though. With so many holes, you must be weakening the structural integrity of them :)

  13. I always love your living-room, whatever the way you decorate the wall above your sofa, but I like the idea of finding an old picture of your house!

  14. I'm with you on this large painting is the way to go. Just looks less cluttered to me.

    And I'm with Brenda. Winding roads get me every time.

  15. The vintage photo works really well in your room. I liked the group with the window frame and hats a lot too. It's fun to be able to change things around the home as easily as hammering in a nail.

  16. I have as many holes in my walls as you it seem with all the holes I wouldn't need to make another one...but i do! Love the vintage photo and one can never have to many...Since i've attained so many vintage dishes I'm gonna start to hang those.

  17. I love that sweet scene Vickie! It would be awesome if you found photos of your home. My home is build on what use to be the old McDaniel farm. Wish I had a photo of it! I use to visit the lady who lived here then and I mentioned it to her. She was always going to get one for me, but then she fell and had to move in with her daughter.

  18. you had me stumped on that photo and then seeing it on your wall. so pretty! I love going to national parks and historical sites because of all the old photos. this looks so cool above your sofa, and it definitely is a statement piece. Hope you get those old photos of your home, they'd be wonderful in a grouping!

  19. Holes.... they're everywhere in my home. I get it ;)

    I really like that picture and the history behind it. The photos of your old home would be neat too. I wish I could find some of mine. No luck so far, but I keep hoping!


  20. I like that large picture over your sofa. The whole room looks pretty! I agree that it can be hard to fill a large space sometimes. I like the idea of finding photos of your home in its younger days. That would be neat!

  21. How exciting that you will be able to get old photos of your home.

    I was about to rehang a watercolor Steve commissioned for my 50th birthday of our home. It's special because a friend was the artist and also because it was painted before we added on Steve's studio. BUT, the matte board had slipped so I took it out to fix the matte board. I washed the glass and didn't notice a bit of water still on the glass and I ruined the matte board. Now it will either be to forget hanging the water color, pay BIG money to have it rematted or figure out some way to use it unmatted or framed.

  22. Vickie,
    I also like one statement piece on a large wall even though I have a set of 2 semi large equestrian hunt paintings over mine. I like things kind of simple. Your photo is wonderful, it looks great over your sofa!
    I lived in a Queen Ann farmhouse that was built in 1912 in NC and was lucky enough to be given a photo of it back then from one of the original owner's son. I felt so lucky to have it. Hope you will be able to get some copies!

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