Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go, Bluejackets!!!

OK, everybody knows I'm not a huge sports fan; not since Dino Ciccarelli played for the North Stars, and that was because we only had one TV ( poor newlyweds ).  BUT when our hometown hockey team goes to state for the first time in 7 years, WOO-HOO!!

Bill took his annual trip to Minneapolis to watch the games and catch up with hockey buddies he sees once a year at the tournament.  AND, he's probably doing a little reminiscing about the Glory Days. Below are a few photos from oh, about 38 years ago when his team won the state tournament.  I think you can pick him out of the lineup.

Lucky number 13.

Look at that boyish charm!

Just in case there are any fans out there who would like to watch that 1973 championship game, we've got the WHOLE GAME on video.  Right, Dave and Jeremy?

And, what have we here?  Well, it's a couple of enthusiastic hockey fans all decked out in their blue jackets.

HEY -  HO -  LET'S   GO !!!


  1. Dave says he thinks it was possibly the 1st visit to the Kern basement when Dad was watching the infamous video!

    He is also wondering who the 'Special' girl is in the photo next to me. ;0)

  2. Oh my! Who in the world is that, Megan? ;) Hahaha. Gosh am I photogenic. Hehehe.

    Go Hibbing Hockey!

  3. I better hide all the old photo albums from the 3 of you. :@ Hahahhaha!


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