Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail, beware!

Happy First Day of Spring!

No, it's not looking very sunny and cheerful outside.  This morning brings us a light dusting of snow, gray skies, and rain.  Not very pretty, so I brought spring inside by hauling out my stash of spring decorations.  It pays to keep those old stuffed animals hanging around.

A little spring chick.

Green always says "spring" to me.

Never too early for pastel candy.

American Cancer Society daffodils.

Loving the "macro" setting on my old camera.  By the way, I am now an official bone marrow donor.  There was a bone marrow drive at work this week, and I filled out the paperwork and swabbed inside my mouth for the typing.  It will take several weeks for the testing, then I will be added to the registry.  Absolutely painless, think about becoming a donor yourself!

Peter Cottontail and friend.

Right now I'm not too happy with dear old Peter.  Earlier this week I spotted some major damage to one of our apple trees in the back yard.  I hate to point fingers, but we did see a lot of bunny tracks in the snow this winter and we have a neighbor that feeds the rabbits all year 'round!  Bad!!!

Excuse the poor picture quality, but I snapped the picture through the back door window.  After all, it is raining and the neighbors don't want to see me in my jammies again!


  1. Hahaha. Bad bunnies...Bad!

    Love the rain boots with flowers in them! Spring has sprung!!!!!

  2. YAY!! Spring...!

    I personally like the pears! Hmmm...I need to 'springify' our house. Maybe remove the sled from our front porch!!! hehe

  3. OR, you could put a plastic light-up bunny pushing it and fill it with giant plastic eggs. :@ Takes care of the storage problem.


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