Friday, May 13, 2011

A Coming of Age

This month we celebrate a BIG 21st birthday in our house.  Confused ? .............................

YES, the unthinkable has happened!  Our living room furniture is still with us after 21 years!!  Oh, the stories it would tell if couches could talk.

It has seen our girls grow up and fly the coop.  Julie was only 7 years old and just had a tonsillectomy the same week our carpet was installed and furniture delivered to our former house.  I can clearly remember blotting up chocolate pudding pop drips from the new carpet.  Yikes!

Our beloved Fergie had a favorite perch on the upper corner of the couch where she would guard us from the oh-so dangerous mailman, paper boy, and pizza delivery guy. She excavated many treasures (peanut  M&M's) from beneath the cushions and God forbid Bill should try to move her when she was settled in.  Hehehe.  Come on!  A grown man afraid of a 14 pound, large-toothed Yorkie Poo!

We had a very small living room in our old house, so that's why I chose small scale furniture.  It's fairly lightweight, so occasionally we would move the loveseat in front of the couch (theater style) and have family movie nights complete with popcorn , and yes, sippy cups.  Just wait you new mothers with white couches.

Navy was not a trendy color in 1990, but has proven to be a very forgiving color over the years.  Since I still love French Country, I have never really tired of the look.  But, on the other hand, it is definitely NOT the most comfortable style.  Pillows are a necessity.

I started a "Christmas" account 2 years ago, so when I decide on the furniture I will have for the next several decades, the funding will be there.  What style will I choose.........

  Bright and casual.  I wonder how much those windows would cost to install?

Oooo, what a happy room!  Maybe not with grubby fingered grandbabies.

Mmmmm, hmmmmm.

Could I possibly be brave enough to paint our fireplace?


I even found a tutorial for painting the alphabet art featured here.

Yes.  The dining room chair cushions are also circa 1990.  Think leggings and slouch socks.

So, couch and loveseat, here's to you:

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you....
and many not too many more.

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  1. Oh my gosh. And it seriously looks brand new! We have had our furniture for less than a year....and it looks like we've had it for a decade. ;)


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