Monday, June 6, 2011

On Golden Pond

On Island Lake, actually.  Tonight we loaded up our kayaks and headed to the lake for the first time this year.  We couldn't have picked a more perfect night.  At 6:00 it was still 80 degrees, with little or no wind, and no bugs to speak of.  Above is a shot of a little "windmill" building near a lake home.  Look at the beautiful stonework base and wall below near the waters edge.  Grab your easel and paints!

My water shoes.  I hear white legs are all the rage this season.

The land of sky blue water.  Remember the Hamm's Beer tune?  Anybody?

Lichen covered trees.

For you Julie, a mama and babies. 

Lake decor.

Jadite green metal chair.  Sweet!

Time stands still.

All too soon.......

it's time to load up the boats and go home.

Be still my heart.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Megan!


  1. Oohhh! So pretty! It makes me wanna go stay at a cabin!!!!

  2. Looks so relaxing!

  3. Something about the image you call "Lake Decor" reminds me of my 2004 trip to Alaska. Ahh.....just wonderful.


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