Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white.....

I'm dreaming of a white.....

Photo from Country Living
.....and red bedroom with green accents.

It's been almost 2 years since I started tearing apart the
Sweet Sixteen bedroom on January 19, 2011.
I had hoped to be finished with the room by the summer of
that very same year.  Silly me.

  Well, now that the dust has settled from the floor refinishing,
the end is in sight.  We've painstakingly chiseled out all the cracks in
the plaster and taped and mudded until we couldn't see straight.  THAT
was the holdup.  All that dust combined with my OCD is not a good combination.
Two hours of sanding = eight hours of cleaning up dust. 
The walls are painted white and the baseboard trim needs some touch-ups
after the sanders did their damage.  I've got a vintage chandelier
waiting to be hung and the wall sconce to be remounted.

Here are just a few of the goodies I've picked up
for the room over the past 2 years:

I'm keeping the same iron bed, dresser, and vanity pictured in
the original post.  The vanity and dresser will be painted in a creamy
white color and the shelf will be hung next to the bed in lieu of a nightstand.
Of course, every guest room needs its own phone!
The pillowcases will be my winter embroidery project.

The barn will be placed front and center since this bedroom is
where our grandchildren sleep when they visit.  I'm going to add a light to the
 interior to use as a nightlight to ensure sweet dreams.

Here are a few more inspirational photos I've found.

(House Beautiful)
We've already got plantation shutters on the bottom half
of our double hung windows, and I could stitch up two roman shades
like the ones pictured above.  I love the giant rickrack trim.


Oley Valley Antiques
I've got plenty of glass in the basement and all the supplies and
equipment to make windows like this to hang in front of the upper sashes.
The only thing I'm lacking is time.

(Better Homes and Gardens)
I'll be looking for some red & white transferware
plates to replace the pink flowered plates I took down.

Maybe a red cross pillow or two to add a little funk to the room.

I've also got a primitive cupboard waiting for a coat of
green paint (like the one pictured above, source unknown) 
before it's tucked into a cubby behind the door.

This year was to be our year to host Christmas Eve
on December 24,  but life has a way of changing the plans we've made.

Our oldest daughter Julie, born on Christmas Day herself, is due to
have their second child on December 28, so once again we've postponed
our celebration until late January when we can all get together.
Depending on when the blessed event happens, we may be together
on Chistmas Eve after all!  Only time will tell!

Last year, I found that almost 2 full months is waaaay too long to keep our
Christmas decorations up, so I'm taking my sweet time unpacking them this year. 
 Which leaves me some extra time for ........

finishing the bedroom?

I've left the paint and paintbrushes out for the nightshift workers.

Dreaming of a finished guest bedroom,


  1. Just wanted you to know that I love your blog. So many of the things you post inspire me very much, and now that I have my very own new (old) house to decorate however I want, it makes me see the endless possibilities in all my carefully hoarded fabulous old junk. Every Sunday, after I've cleaned the whole house, my treat is a beer and blogs, and yours is always my first stop.

  2. I love your fresh style with COLOR!! just a wonderful treat for the eyes!

  3. Oh, oh OH!! The new look is going to be sooooo much fun. Bon Voyage Miss Sweet Sixteen. I love all the bits you've been collecting and cannot wait to see the progress. You have such an amazing talent for decor. AND... your rooms always are finished. Mine are... well.... not. I must take notes.

    I hope the night shift is going to be working extra hard... looks like the guy in green needs to have the driver pull off at a rest stop!!

    I forgot that Julie was a Christmas baby (my dad is too) and now another December birthday is on the docket! Christmases will have extra fun added in. You may be needing to put an addition on with the grandchildren count on the rise! Lucky wee ducks getting to sleep in the new Christmas Room! It is all going to look spectacular with the new floors.... new paint in the dining room. Wow. You're one busy cat. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

    LOVE your new holiday banner by the way!!

  4. Vickie, I love your inspirational color scheme for your guest bedroom. I know it will be adorable and charming when you're please hurry so we can see pictures!! :-))
    Mary Alice

  5. this is such an amazing color scheme, I really love it, so much work but so rewarding , another grand child now thats exciting news!! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

  6. I went to look at the original post - what a gorgeous bedroom Vickie, love the plantation shutters, my dream would be to have them on every window.
    Your colour combination is gorgeous, it's going to look great, and really special with all those pieces you've collected.

  7. Vickie wow so much going on! How are your floors looking! I bet they look amazing despite the mess! Love all of your inspiration!So exciting that a soon to be grandchild will be coming soon! What a fun and special Christmas this will be!

  8. Vickie your inspiration photos and the pieces you already have in place are so beautiful. Your grandchildren will love sleeping in this room. Have fun putting it together and best wishes on your newest grandchilds arrival.

  9. such a wonderful reason to delay xmas! the room will be darling when done, vickie:) good luck getting those night shifters to do anything:)

  10. Be still my heart! We have a guestroom here in our new house and I'm going for the same look that you are. I've even used some of the same pictures for inspiration. I love the items that you've already collected. Can't wait to see how it goes in the new year. :)

  11. Love all of your inspirations Vickie. I know you wil make the guest room both beautiful and fun.

  12. What a beautiful inspiration picture! You know what I was just thinking? Both of our babies will be born within a week of both of your babies! Funny!

  13. Vickie - All of your ideas are just darling for your bedroom! It will be so cute. Good luck on getting it finished. Things like that just have a habit of dragging on and on. So many interruptions. But then, what could be better than a new baby!!


  14. I love your decorating ideas, Vickie. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom. You are getting the best Christmas gift ever, a new baby. Enjoy.

  15. Vickie, Your room is going to gorgeous! You have such good stuff to put in there. I can't wait to see it all done up. Nothing wrong with taking your time on putting up the CHristmas decor-enjoy it. Congrats on your soon to be new Grand baby!

  16. Vickie, it will be darling. The pieces you have for it are delightful. If it is any encouragement to you Joe and I have been peeling off the tackiest wallpaper ever from our master bedroom for two years. In the meantime it as turned into a storage room for my resell business. xo, olive

  17. I'm anxious to see the bedroom! Love the colors and inspiration you're working with!

  18. I don't know if you can trust those adorable pixies to finish off the bedroom. I've heard that they can get into a little bit of trouble if you don't keep your eye on them. I LOVE the combo of jadite green with red. It's classic. Hope your week is off to a great start.


  19. Oh Vickie, this is going to be one great room! I love all of your inspiration photos and the wonderful goodies you have gathered! I can't wait for those elves to finish up! And a new baby at exciting!

  20. Love your plans for your guest bedroom! I think red and white is such a classic combination. You already have so many pretty and unique things to put in it. We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my family this year too. I think that's one reason I was so quick to get started decorating this year. How exciting that you'll have a newborn arrive near Christmas too!

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  22. Vickie,
    love your color scheme, you know why! It's going to be amazing when you're done, you find some great stuff to put in there, but then you always do!
    Congrats on the new baby, is'nt that the best Christmas present ever!
    PS. I couldn't find that post on non reply will look for something. I didn't switch to google + but did go to google chrome back when blogger first changed. Let me know if you get this.

  23. Oh you seem so together for this project. I have something in every room of my home waiting to be finished. I wish I knew your secret. It will be wonderful it all sounds great. Plus all the excitement of a new grandbaby too! You are one busy lady.

  24. Hi your inspiration for your room ~ and I am in love with that sweet phone! If the elves help you out could you send them to my house too?!!

  25. Hi Vickie,

    Love the red and white theme bedroom idea. What wonderful news on another grandchild, congratulations! Love the elves, I have a similar one. Have a great weekend.

  26. The room is going to be gorgeous (if you ever get off your butt and finish it). Love the white, green and red color combination and the barn is adorable.

  27. Great ideas! I love the colors you have chosen and all the details. I'm waiting the photos.
    My oldest daughter was born on December 27 th, she will be 21 this year.

  28. Hi Vickie!
    I find myself humming the tune to "These are a few of my favorite things...."! Oh, my goodness...Such pure sweetness. Every detail takes me back to my 50s childhood.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Carolynn. xxx

  29. Your elves are absolutely adorable. I have a few on an elf tree. Love, love them in the vintage trailer.


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