Monday, December 31, 2012

Puttin' on the Glitz

What will you be wearing to your New Year's Eve gala tonight?

Believe me, my days of freezing my toes off in strappy high heels
while slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks are a thing of the past.
I probably won't even be awake when the clock strikes twelve!

I'm not much into shopping for clothes, which is surprising,
 because as children, my sister and I spent years dressing up our Barbie dolls
and fantasizing about their glamorous lifestyle.  We created houses from
cardboard boxes.  Their purses were the plastic containers used to hold
rain bonnets.  Their telephones were the little trinkets meant
for a key chain and given away by the telephone company.
We used our imagination.

I've got oodles of old junk that belonged to complete strangers, but
very little of my own.  The one thing that's been stored away in my closet
all of my married life is my Barbie collection.  The four dolls and their clothing
were in pristine condition until I let our girls play with them.  They had
plenty of their own dolls, so I packed mine away to save for future generations.

*Still waiting for the name of our newest granddaughter.  :@
Update:  Her name is Maggie.  :)

I think my bubblecut Barbie was manufactured around 1962.

Other than the swimsuits the dolls came with, most of the clothing we
had for our dolls was sewn by my mother, with the exception of
a few pieces I'm featuring today.

This satin gown shown above was stitched up
by our very glamorous neighbor, Lila.  She was a single woman who looked
like a movie star to us girls, with her platinum blonde hair and beautifully
manicured fingernails.  Of course I can't find the photo of her
 I planned to include in this post.

 * New Year's resolution:
Organize old photos!

Just look at the sequins and beads she painstakingly hand stitched to the bodice
of the gown!  The threads are almost a half-century old, so a few have 
come loose from the straps. 

The dress has a pretty lace embellishment at the waistline and Lila even made
 a matching shawl and handbag.

Now, Midge is more of a casual gal.

She's wearing a hand knit sweater and skirt.

I myself am a knitter, but imagine our neighbor knitting 
this snowflake designed sweater and pencil skirt for a doll this size!

Barbie also has another ball gown stitched by my mother.

She's decided to wear this floral print gown,
 because it goes so well with her winter coat.

Look at the quality of this coat, also made by our neighbor, Lila! 
 Fine wool fabric, covered buttons, satin lining, and hand-knit mohair collar and cuffs.
 The knit hat has the same embroidered detail as the collar.

I guess that's the extent of my dressing up for New Year's Eve.
In reality, I'll be toasty warm in my flannel jammies, but if you're
heading out into the cold winter's night, be sure to bundle up because......

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Happy New Year!

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  1. So neat that you have kept your barbie dolls!As you know we went through my daughters toys yesterday.But not only was it her decision but mine as well we are not partying with any barbie or American girl dolls! I know they will be cherished always as yours are.What beautiful clothes for your dolls!!!
    We are staying home :-) .We don't like to be out and about crazy people drinking way too much.Better to stay in a nice warm home and enjoy my family's company!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. I am so jealous of your Barbie clothes! That coat is amazing. Do you think Midge looks a little like Joanie from Happy Days? You know, in the days before she went a little wild and crazy and started dating the Chachi.

    I'll be staying in tonight and watching Star Wars Return Of The Jedi. My son got the Star Wars movies on DVD for Christmas (yippee!).

  3. Love your Barbies and their fantastic wardrobes!! Happy New Year!

  4. Vickie this was such a fun post! I loved my Barbie's as a girl and the clothes were so exciting. I had some store bought but mostly homemade. Tonight I'll be in my jammies and warm watching the Ball Drop is I can stay awake!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Vicki, Wishing you health, happiness and living your dreams in the New Year!


  6. Oh my...this does take me great to still have your Barbie stuff! My first was the redhead bubble cut Barbie...I had a Midge (with red hair, too) and a Ken(remember his red and white swim jacket and swimsuit?). I still remember getting a convertible (I am sure it was generic) and my mom made my sister (she had a blond Skipper) and I such wonderful evening gowns. I LOVED all the little accessories, too, and often made our own or used gumball charms. Thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning, Vickie...

  7. Thank you for this trip down memory lane. I have this Barbie only with blonde hair. I also have Midge. Most of the clothes I have were made by my grandmother or a family friend too. Hand knits and crochet. I have a dress and matching pill box hat that I call my Jackie Kennedy outfit.

  8. Love the Barbie coat. It screams 1950's. My grandma made Barbie clothes for my dolls and for my two cousins' dolls. I had very few store purchased outfits. Grandma made Ken a suit with black felt shoes, white shirt and tie. Barbie had dresses, nighties and coats. Don't know what happened to all of the clothes. I know my little sister played with my Barbies though. Thanks for sharing your Barbie dolls and clothes!

  9. Oh my gosh. Such memories. I love those barbies!!!!! I especially remember the green sequin dress and the pink and brown floral dress. Ahhhh....Barbies. I guess I will be having those around, in addition to the trucks and airplanes! Happy New Year!

  10. Such a cute post! I will be staying in with my flannels on, too! Happy New Year, Jean

  11. Happy New Year! So glad we can live vicariously through the lives of our vintage dolls. Flannel, a snuggly blanket, and some crochet are much more my speed these days. I may borrow Wilhelmina's sparkly brooch for my jammy top, just to bling things up a bit. LOVE your collection, the fancy handmade with love clothes, and fabulous close-up photography. Wishing I had my old Barbies... I had the Barbie with the same dark hair and standard blue eyeshadow and a bit older version of Midge. Those were the days... back when Barbie's arms and legs didn't bend and you had to be a magician to get their clothes on or off of them.

    Love the new wee one's name. I'm thinking M&M's when I think of the P babies now. :)

  12. What treasures your Barbies are. My sister and I spent countless hours playing with our Barbies and changing their outfits. I love the outfits. WOW. Happy new year Vickie!


  13. Happy New Year, Vickie!
    No going out for me this year, but we don't generally go out into the land of crazies on this night anyway. I'm in my jammies with a mug of hot lemon tea.
    Your collection is wonderful. I love handmade Barbi clothes...what fun to still have those. I think I'm partial to Midge's outfit, but what a spectacular ball gown and coat! Love it all.
    Maggie...such a sweet name. A sweet little Christmas bundle. :)
    xo, Tina

  14. You have some real treasures Vickie that are quite valuable. My daughter had Barbies and staged style shows for the neighborhood kids. I made so many clothes for them. Fun memories.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  15. your post is so cute, vickie! (i might be the only girl who never owned a barbie! love the g-babie's name:) have a happy, healthy 2013!!

  16. OMG! I loved playing with Barbies when I was little! They were my favorite. I never had homemade clothes for them though. Those clothes are really something! I can't believe how much detail went into them. I'm sure they're better made than the ones that were sold in stores. I stayed in last night. No parties for this girl. I did manage to stay up past midnight though. I'm a bit of a night owl, so that's not too hard for me to do. It's the early mornings that are hard for me! Happy New Year!

  17. oh my gosh what treasures, your neighbor must have cared for girls alot to take the time to put such detail into these Barbie clothes, I know its none of my business but if I might ask, did she sew for herself as well, you said she was glamorous and I have in my mind someone who would sew and design her own clothes!

  18. Vickie, I love your dolls. You are so lucky. That wool coat is to die for. I had an original Barbie with all the stuff-dreamhouse(the cardboard one) but we lost everything in a flood. I'll just have to enjoy looking at yours. Have a Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what you'll be up to this coming year!

  19. Vickie, your dolls are just wonderful and evoke such memories! My granny used to make clothes for our Barbie dolls and I wish I had them!

    Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings you much laughter, joy and peace! Blessings to you! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  20. You always have the best vintage stuff. I had to laugh when I saw Midge ... I remember her! Congrats on the safe arrival of Maggie. :)

  21. I don't remember playing with Barbies when I was a girl (were not common here yet?? my mom didn't like them??) but then my daughters had a lot of them, with many clothes and accesories, little furniture, cars...and I think I enjoyed a lot like them.
    Need I tell you that I kept them all? haha.
    I enjoyed your post and your dolls.

  22. Thanks for a great blast from the past. We had a Danish neighbor who would knit all manner of clothing for our dolls; I had several Barbies, Ken, Midge, Allen, and Skipper. What was the name of Skipper's friend/Midge's little sister? Every once in awhile, GI Joe would come to town and sweep Barbie off her feet. The clothes you have are wonderful, especially the coat.

    Happy New Year!

    Judith, still wishing I won the nurse sock monkey

  23. Oh Vickie,
    You have taken me back to my childhood. My eldest sister and I used those little containers for the rain bonnets as purses too. Although I ❤ Barbie and really, really wanted one, I never had one of my own when I was a little girl, guess they were too expensive. I had those knock off ones whose legs wouldn't bend...remember those? Your Barbie collection is really very sweet. It is awesome that you have kept them and your daughters have enjoyed them and now soon your little Maggie will too. How sweet is that? Wishing you a wonderful new year...may it be filled with hope, love, laughter, lots and lots of laughter and good health.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  24. What a beautiful wardrobe!! I sold all my old barbies years ago and it paid for my family to go to Disney! I took very good care of my dolls and they were in great condition. After seeing this fashion show, it would be fun to play dress up now and then!

  25. I loved Barbies so growing up in the 60's. These are just gorgeous. Congrats on the baby girl. And Happy Happy New Year, Olive.

  26. Your Midge is better dressed than mine, but I think mine might have better hair.


    Welcome to baby Maggie.

  27. Barbie's outfits are exquisite!! I dressed as you did New Year's Eve and it felt great!
    Mary Alice

  28. What a fabulous collection of vintage clothes, and what a testament to Lila that you preserved her couture creations all these years. Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. This brings back memories of my Barbie and Midge days, and don't forget Ken.

  29. Blog hopping, and happened upon yours! Enjoyed browsing, ...great blog! We share a fondness for vintage items! Love your Barbies!

    Now Following You! :) ~Rhonda

  30. First of all, Congratulations on the new baby granddaughter! That's exciting!
    Also, great Barbie! Those clothes are amazing. :)

  31. Love your Barbies! I was before Barbies
    , but my granddaughters both were really into them. I loved making those little tiny clothes. And all of those teensy tiny accessories!! They were so hard to keep up with, but oh so much fun!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


  32. LUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV this post! So glad to have a blog friend who plays with her Barbies too!

  33. Wow! Amazing work and amazing that you still have all of those. I can picture your glamorous neighbor. Such a fun post. Congratulations on the newest member of the family! How exciting!

  34. What beautiful clothes! That winter coat is gorgeous.

    I had a Tammy doll and yes, she also went the way of most of the toys of children of the 60's. But a few years ago, I was able to begin a collection of dolls and clothing purchased online. It's wonderful to have a little piece of my childhood back again.

    Happy New Year. Great blog!

  35. Vickie,
    Your Barbie is very stylish indeed! How lucky you are to have preserved them and those fabulous handmade designer cloths! My Mom got my sister and I "fake" Barbies, not quite the same! No place better ringing the New Year in then on the couch, in jammies, under a snugly blanket watching a good movie!
    Happy New Year

  36. Vickie,
    forgot to say, love the name Maggie, I'm sure you had a blast with her, they are the sweetest little things! Can't wait to see pics!

  37. I loved this post so much! I wish I had kept my Barbie collection out of the hands of my daughter. Unfortunately, most of it is gone forever. Your collection is wonderful, especially all of the hand made clothing.

  38. I wish I had a coat like your Barbie!!! I still have the same Barbie only with red hair. I have the little mohair sweater that my aunt knitted for it. Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane, Laura

  39. I can remember the excitement of taking out your barbie box! So much better than our 90's barbies!!

  40. I remember playing with my sister's Barbie dolls. I love the homemade outfits. They all look like they are in great shape. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Vickie, I love this Barbie fashion show. That handknit sweater set is amazing. Your neighbor is talented.

  42. These are so special! I really love that little coat! :)

  43. Hi Vickie! Oh, I love your precious Barbies and their clothes! I had a blonde bubble hair cut Barbie and a red haired Midge. I didn't have many bought clothes. My mother made most of them and the first thing I ever made on a sewing machine was a little shirt for Ken! ;) Memories. I made lots of clothes for my daughter's Barbie and gave them all to her for my little granddaughter who is more interested in the Cabbage Patch dolls at the moment! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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