Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post
and may very well be just as long before I publish another.
It's a very busy time at work and that leaves
little or no creative time for moi.  Sad face.

My newly acquired vintage bunny is holding the inspiration
for my latest project.  The hello card is actually part of Finley's
birthday invitation that our daughter Megan made.

I thought it would work in the top part of my trumeau mirror,
but it was a bit too small.  It did, however, give me an idea for
a spring insert to replace my Valentine's button heart.

As you can see, buttons came into play for this insert, too.
I drew leaves and stems on my fabric with an embroidery marker,
and stitched along the line with my sewing machine.
The marker comes off easily by dabbing the fabric with a wet cloth.

The flowers are yo yo circles cut from fabric remnants
and stitched to the background fabric along with the button center.

I attached the fabric to a square of foam core with double-sided
carpet tape and inserted my new art into the mirror frame.

On the shelf below, I filled my silver teacup with malted eggs, and
wouldn't you know, along came a pair of fuzzy chicks in
just the right colors!  
  peep peep

I'm trying to think spring, even though we just got
another 8 inches of snow!

I hope you're enjoying spring-like weather!
Thanks for hopping by!


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  1. Seriously cute! Do you remember the embroidery pens they used to use in the 70's. It was sort of like painting on fabric. Anywho, hope your busy work time eases up. And there is NO spring like weather around here.

    1. Oh yes, Liquid Embroidery!! You know it wasn't a great idea when none of us are snapping up liquid embroidery tea towels at thrift stores! Yet. :0/

  2. How charming, Vickie! And it does make me think of spring!!

  3. That mirror looks very "Springy" now! I love how cute it turned out. The little chicks look right at home below it too.

  4. It's snowing here right now, so your spring vignette is reminding me that spring is coming. Very pretty, Vickie. I hope your work schedule eases up soon.

  5. adorable idea, vickie:) i'd forgotten how cute yo-yo's are. your daughter's invite looks sweet in the paws of the vintage bunny:) spring will be here before you know it--how life slows a bit for you.

  6. Sweet and Spring. Hope things get easier for you.

  7. I wish I could fling some sun your way. Not that I will have time to be outside in our sun but still. I love the yo-yo's and wee chicks. We will be here when you post again. Hugs, Olive

  8. Love the yoyos. Very springy. That mirror is going to be very versatile.

  9. I love the Easter update, Vickie. It brings the hope of spring into your home even with all that snow!
    Hope you can get some down time very soon.
    I won't tell you about my lovely weather. ;)
    HUgs, T.

  10. So cute in such great fun spring colors!
    Mary Alice

  11. no spring in my area but this post was a real spring like treat! Don't work tooo hard, remember to take time to play too!

  12. Look at you, Miss Spring 2013!! Love Megan's "hello" and your new bunny. Your spring garden in the mirror is adorable and I love it with the sweet bits on the shelf. One question... Are there any malted eggs left? Good luck getting through these weeks... may I suggest more Easter chocolate displayed throughout the house ( and at work) to help get you by. :)

  13. Oh Vickie, this is just adorable. I love yo-yos and this is so Spring-y. Miss your posts!

  14. In California they used to have liquid embroidery parties, like Tupperware. My mom took me to them with her. I sucked.


  15. Adorable!! Yep thinkin spring inside...not so much outside :(

  16. What a cute mirror! So adorable that I had to pin it to my "DIY" Pinterest board. :)

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  17. It's very "cheery" and I sure need it! I hope the snow melts down A LOT this weekend!

  18. So cute! I just love that mirror. I cannot wait to see what you'll think of for it's next insert :-)

    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Happy weekend to you.


  19. Lots of lovely spring colors ... and I love your sweet stitchery for the trumeau mirror top, so very springy!

  20. Hi Vickie,
    Your mirror and decor are sweet and very spring like. I love malted eggs so those would be gone out of the decor quickly. I thought of you and Tracy today while I was in Walmart they had cute little baby sock monkey's with rabbit ears and pastel colored sweaters. They had Easter candy attached to them and were only $2.98. Check them out if you go to Walmart. Very cute. I know you are busy with work so it was fun to see you could get in a post. Chocolate makes the world better and the days go faster. I think they did research on it!!! Really!!! Ha Ha!! Hope work goes well.

  21. Vicki that is just tooo adorable! I love what you created and it feels so like Spring! It looks like Spring...I am not looking out your windows! Mine are bad enough...but we don't have 8 inches..ugh.

  22. The mirror insert is so fresh and springy with those cute yo-yo's. I love it with the chicks and eggs. I've got to get going around here.Love the whole vignette!

  23. Love the flowers on the mirror! Sometimes you need to focus where you need to'll be back full steam before you know it!

  24. Oh, I love that insert for your mirror! Wonderfully spring-like and cheerful! Inspired.


  25. Hi Vickie, What a gorgeous mirror with the perfect springy touch. Love the inset and the shelf is darling with the eggs and chicks.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  26. Hello Vickie! Your flowers are lovely! And these little sweet!
    Good luck at work! We'll be waiting for your wonderful posts.

  27. Hi Vickie,
    Yes...It snowed here today, too. I keep telling my self Spring is right around the corner.
    Your little yo yos are perfect for Springtime flowers and I love your little chicks and eggs.
    I'll be looking forward to your next post, my friend.
    Carolynn xo

  28. So pretty Vickie! Love those yo yo flowers and that mirror is so versatile! So fun to be able to change it up! Ah yes we have lots of snow here on the ground too.But today it's raining so hopefully it will melt most of it!

  29. So cute! If I were at your house those malted milk eggs wouldn't be there anymore cuz I would've eaten them. Those are my biggest weakness at Easter time. If I buy a bag, I eat the whole thing ... in one sitting. Seriously. But I only like the Brach's brand. Anywho ... love your little flowers!

  30. The fabric flowers are just adorable!

  31. Very cute and very springy!! We got almost 2 feet of new snow!

  32. I love yo-yos! I have started making yo-yos for a coverlet (about 2 years ago). I only have about 200 more to go (big sigh). Your yo-yos look delightful framed. I feel your pain on the snow, that storm luckily missed us but I'm weary of winter. Post when you can, take care, Laura

  33. I love your new insert for your mirror Vickie. It is so cute for spring. The yo-yo's are darling. I hope things warm up soon for you.

    xo Danielle

  34. So soft seeing the pastel color of flowers. Theme of spring and Easter. Wish the warm days are on your way soon to enjoy.

  35. What an adorable post! I love the yo-yo flowers in the insert, so bright and cheerful. I have a mirror like that, maybe I'll try something new, too.
    Thanks for inspiring!

  36. Oh how cute! I love those yo-yo flowers. I'm trying to think spring's awfully hard though with all this snow!

  37. Love the color and the cute change to your space above the mirror. It's a fun idea. Sorry you've been so busy. It's not the same without you posting, but I will be patient. Frankly, I'm losing my posting mojo myself. Too much to do! I'm stuck in junk finding mode. Carry on! Hope you get a break soon!

  38. hello there yourself! happy almost spring to you! these flowers are making me long even more for springs arrival. xo

  39. It does look very springy and I'm sure glad the peeps came along because they match perfectly. Don't work too hard.

  40. I'm in love with those fabric and button flowers! Sorry to hear you've been so busy at work. It stinks when there's not much time leftover for creative time. I'm rather new to your blog - I'm enjoying looking through it!

  41. I love this mirror aswell and the fact that you switched out the top from the pretty button heart.


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