Friday, November 3, 2017

Wee woolies.

Black cats may conjure up thoughts of Halloween for you,
but with snow already on the ground!!!  it's looking more like
Christmas up north.......

Evening view from under the shelter of our porch roof.
It looks as though winter is here to stay.

Anyhoo, it's time to start thinking of Christmas presents,
and I've got an idea for my knitting friends.

I wasn't feeling particularly creative over the past few months,
but when I spotted this book......

I couldn't wait to get knitting again!

Of course it appealed to my childish nature.  And talk about
instant gratification- I can whip up a sweater in no time that
somebody's actually going to wear!

I made a few changes to the cat pattern (stockinette stitch, color
variations, and pink inner ears) and I gave her a set of pretty
aquamarine glass eyes from my eyeball stash.  I've yet to hear a
 single complaint that her wool sweater is itchy or scratchy.

Each animal pattern in the book also includes a pattern for a....!!!!!

They're rather fiddly to knit and sew together,
but they're just so darn cute!

Kitty is a little fussy, but she quiets down when Mama keeps her close.

Little fingers need help to strap on the baby carrier.

Kitty's even got a Moses basket to snooze in when Mama's busy.

But kitty's in the baby carrier, so who's sleeping in the basket?

Why it's Baby Panda tucked under a pink blanket with her nonny in her mouth!
(A special request by Finley, a former nonny addict.)

If Panda looks a little top heavy, it's because I mistakenly knit her arms
with 6 stitches instead of 4, but that's our little secret.
Kung Fu Panda.

A happy blended family.

You know I didn't stop at one family.


Gotta love those puppy ears!

The dogs have a new home with Maggie,
but I've still got a few accessories to finish up for her....
and requests for more baby animals for both girls.
Maggie has an obsession with woobs (aka wolves), so maybe
the dog head with cat ears....I'll see what I can do.

If you're a knitter and have little ones to please,
this book's a winner!

Thanks for visiting!

Frozen pumpkin.


  1. First of all I can't believe all the snow you have already, holy smokes Vickie!! Second of all, those are the cutest little woolies I've ever seen, oh my gosh you are so incredibly talented!!

  2. You have snow! And that photo is breathtaking by the way.

  3. OH MY! How adorable! So so cute! Looks like you have something fun to fill the long winter days!

  4. Vickie, these are just waaaay too cute. This makes me want to play with dolls, er....animals. Seriously. I have this thing for tiny little sheep, but those mamas with babies are really, really adorable. Your grands must be in heaven. You're so creatively talented.
    And you, my friend, with snow already! It's pretty to look at....somewhere else! We still have leaves just peaking in color here today. Not ready for snow yet!

  5. totally the cutest EVER! but then you're so darn good at cute! the babies are just too adorable. I'd actually love some snow, we're expecting upper 70's this weekend and I'm just really tired of the heat.

  6. Wow all that snow already YIKES!!!! Love these little knit critters so adorable. Happy Weekend.

  7. Those are all absolutely adorable!!!

  8. Those are amazingly cute!!! Love how you nailed the dog yarn too. I cannot even imagine knitting something that small!!! You just sit in your igloo up North there and knit away!

  9. Olá, que foi fofura. Feliz semana. Abraço.

  10. So glad to see that you are back. I am an avid reader of your blog, having the exact same decorating style as you.
    These are all adorable. I've always wished that I could knit, but never found the time to learn.

  11. Wow, you've had snow? ugh to soon... They are all adorable!

  12. So darling! How fun would it be to cuddle with these cute wee woolies?

  13. Oooooooh! This book was MADE for you! Love, love them! The nonny was a brilliant idea Finley, and I can't blame the girls for needing more babies. So, so cute. Still chuckling about the sweater comments. he he he

    We have matching snow.... the best thing about that is what good knitting and crochet weather it is. xoxoxox

  14. I can't believe you already have snow! Your creations are adorable. I can't even decide if I prefer the cat or the dog!

  15. Oh my gosh, you are so talented with your knitting! I absolutely love that mama and baby kitty. You should open an etsy shop!

    Please keep that snow - I'm not anxious for any until Christmas. :-)

  16. Adorable. Those are just too cute. Stay warm!

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  19. Haha looks really funny, especially all made of wool material, it's easy to make very good when it gets cold again.

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