Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Simply orange.

I've seen so many lovely rooms decorated in neutral tones for autumn,
but for me it's all about orange.  It's such a cheerful accent color
 that instantly warms and brightens our house as the days get shorter and cooler.

Peonies and olive bucket from Hobby Lobby 
liven up this corner of our living room.

I just plunked three bunches into the bucket.

It's been so long since I've bought any new autumn accents,
but this pretty throw was 75% off, so why not?

A few items from my dwindling stash top my pie safe.

Orange candles and twigs from our yard decorate the mantel.

Cinnamon scented pine cones are a must during fall and winter.

These days I don't make a lot of changes for the seasons.
I have very little left in my decorating stash - and I'm not at all sad about it.
In fact, I just dropped off another load of stuff today!

I cut back all my hydrangeas today, but I didn't bring any indoors to dry.
It's been an awful season for outdoor allergies, so I'm trying to keep
our house free of my allergy triggers.

I bought a very inexpensive Wally World off-white area rug
to keep my toes warm and tide me over until......pigs fly, I guess.
It's not as blindingly bright as it appears in this photo, and best of all,
unlike my old red rug, it doesn't clash with orange.  :o)

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  1. Hello friend, I'm so glad to see this post! I love the dark blue and orange, just the perfect compliment for Fall!

  2. So happy you are back! Enjoyed your lovely home images and your sense of humor.

  3. Hey Vickie, I missed your posts!! The orange is absolutely perfect with the blue and white in your gorgeous cozy home! Love,love, love!!

  4. I'm not usually a big fan of orange but you have done it perfectly, Vickie! Your orange and golden peonies are beautiful and I love that plaid throw!!

  5. Love your pops of orange! Perfect!

  6. One of my favorite color combos is navy and orange.

  7. Hi Vickie! So nice to see you here! Hope you have been well and enjoying life! I LOVE your fall decorating! Orange is so beautiful with blue...the room is lovely! Hope we don't get too much snow tomorrow!

  8. I just adore your house! I wish you posted more. Miss you.

  9. Yay!!! So excited to see what's going on up North. I attempted to cut down my hydrangea this afternoon and then it was too cold, so I came back inside to warn up and forgot all about it until you just mentioned them! That's what happens when you get older I guess :)

  10. Well, hello there, lady! It's so good to hear from you, and how have you been?! Your oranges - all of them - are perfect with your blue, and I love your new rug. I know you're a busy woman, but you are missed. Please don't make yourself so scarce!

  11. I love it all. How you kept it simple and added the orange with your blue. perfect. I have the same orange throw by the way. The rug looks great.

  12. I love the orange pops of color with your blue and whites. So pretty. Love that orange throw.
    So sweet to see you have a post today Vickie. Hope all is good with you.

  13. I love, love your crisp autumn room! As always, you've done it up perfectly... even with a dwindling stash. My fav' is the olive bucket and peonies!! Enjoy the cooler weather and keep those tootsies warm. Although, it seems that it's easier to keep warm these days... at least in flashes. Orange you glad I mentioned that? xoxoxo

  14. So happy to hear from your posts. I, too, am a 'fall' orange the different colors but they do not blend in my decor as well as they do for you. I go easy on the season changing also....maybe because of the 'season' of life I'm in??? Blessings.....

  15. It's so funny to read your post today as I bought a bunch of orange roses today at the market! I think your living-room is very cosy.

  16. I agree I love using oranges in Fall the time that the use of orange was meant to be. I It also looks so beautiful with the blue. Your room looks beautiful.

  17. You're back - hooray! I love the touches of orange in your living room. It really warms up the room for fall and goes so well with the navy blue couches.

  18. Maravilhoso. Feliz semana. Abraço.

  19. It's good to hear from you, again. Pretty orange. I really wish I could get rid of some of my fall stuff. There is just too much of it. Thanks for sharing.

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