Friday, April 26, 2013

Walking on broken glass.

Over 2 years ago, I created the stained glass window ( on my sidebar to the right )
  as a raffle prize for a cancer benefit.

When I finished the window, I packed up my supplies and they remained untouched
 until just recently when I dusted off my glass cutters and grinder
 to make a simple window for the bedroom.
The guest bedroom that may never be finished!

Today I decided it's high time to dust off my blog that's been
sitting idle for over a month and publish a DIY stained glass tutorial.

See for yourself just how easy it is!

1.  Choose your glass.
2.  Find or make a frame.  I used an old thrifted window sash.
3.  Draw up a pattern, make a duplicate copy, and cut the pattern pieces apart from one copy.
4.  Glue the paper pattern pieces onto the glass and score with a glass cutter.
5.  Cut pieces and smooth the edges with a glass grinder.
6.  Wrap glass pieces with copper foil and pin together using the uncut pattern as your guide .
7.  Solder the pieces together.
8.  Blacken solder lines with patina solution.

Ta da!

I took a beginner stained glass class with a group of friends at a local studio about 15 years ago.
I was instantly hooked and bought all the equipment so I could work on projects at home.
Over the years, I made quite a few windows, but most of them were included
 in the purchase agreement when we sold our previous home.

 I compiled a collage below to show you the windows we left behind,
 but you'll have to excuse the photo quality as the images were scanned
 from photos taken with my old 35mm camera.

Top left:  Window for daughter Megan's room.
Top right:  Man cave door.
Middle left:  Main floor bath window.
Middle right:  Two of four kitchen cabinet doors.
Bottom left:  Window for daughter Julie.
Bottom right:  Basement bathroom window.

Below are a few magazine images I found that feature stained glass windows:

Interior wall accented with a vintage gothic window.  The photo on the right is the master
bath on the other side of the window.  Love.
 (Country Living)

I wish I could transport the shower on the left into our home!
(Better homes & Gardens)

Very simple design creates a modern vibe in this room.
(Source unknown)

The vintage window looks right at home in this classic farmhouse bathroom.
(Better Homes & Gardens)

Pretty window reflected in the mirror for twice the impact.
Striking glass colors!
(Design Sponge)

Privacy without the giving up natural light.
(Country Living)

Simple window reflected in the the mirror of the vanity that
I finally painted!

I thought about changing out the hardware and adding sheet music
to the damaged veneer on the drawers, but in the end, I repaired the veneer,
 gave it a coat of paint, and kept the original drawer pulls for a timeless look.
And it didn't cost me a dime.  :)

I have yet to master the art of taking photos of windows
with sunlight coming through.  Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not complaining.
We're enjoying our very first warm, sunshiny day!

To view hundreds of gorgeous antique stained glass windows and doors for sale
visit Oley Valley Antiques.  Or if you'd rather page through books filled with 
images of vintage windows, Schiffer published 3 books that are well worth purchasing.
  I "knocked off" most of my window designs from originals featured in these books.

Antique Stained Glass (Hardcover) ~ Molly Higgins (Author) Cover Art

 No matter how careful you are and how well you clean up your mess,
 it's practically guaranteed that unsuspecting family members will step on the
  teeny tiny razor sharp slivers of glass
 left behind when the resident artiste cuts her glass on the laundry room table.
  So, if you decide you'd like to start working with glass, be sure to stock up on band aids first!

Thanks for visiting!

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