Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More cowbell.

Since I'll be spending most of my time in the kitchen the next few days,
I thought I'd make it more enjoyable for myself by decorating a
shelf I hung over that awkward space between the stovetop and the microwave.
(This is what I do under pressure when I should be cooking and cleaning.)

I found this adorable tea set recently and it fits perfectly on the shelf!
It's missing the teacups, but who cares?

I needed a few smalls to fill up the shelf, so I added a
cinnamon scented pinecone, and in keeping with the cow theme....

an old cowbell.

I think that old cowbell is going to come in mighty handy to signal the cave dwelling
 football fans that dinner is served....or it's time to take out the trash, or make a quick trip to the convenience store to pick up something I forgot.  :o)

Autumn is the one time of year that I still like my wall color, but I'm truly hoping
to use my vacation time wisely and get this kitchen painted before Christmas!
*Deja vu.  Haven't I said that every year for the past 3 holiday seasons?

Time's a wastin', so I better get busy with my baking and cooking!

Now, where are my Google instructions from last year?

It should have been thawing in the fridge 2 days ago?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We'll miss you Julie, Jeremy, Maggie, and Mack
and we hope everybody feels better soon!   :o(
xxoo, DeeDee

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Magic moments.

Winters around these parts can get long and rather depressing at times,
but there's something magical about the first snowfall of the year.....
especially when viewed through the eyes of a child.

Free Holiday Mouse pattern by Barbara Prime available on Ravelry.

Our two city mice spent almost a week with us while their parents vacationed, and
as luck would have it, we received our first dusting of snow during their stay!
Before they braved the weather, I shared a tradition with Maggie and Mack that I carried on
 with our own girls when they were small.  They were serenaded by Christmas music
 during lunch while we watched the beauty of the snow falling outside.

  I don't rush the season in any other way, but year after year my Christmas cd's
 are dusted off and played on a regular basis as soon as we have snow covering the ground.
  Even the drive to work is a whole lot merrier when I've got Bing along for the ride.

 After lunch they were each given an Oreo for Frosty's eyes, but
one little elf felt the need to take a bite out of hers first.

What big eyes you have Frosty!  And I guess there is no
"right" way to insert his carrot nose.

Snow day.  :o)

Meanwhile, over in Beaverville (my pet name for their home in the country)
Finley and Willie are busy decorating the oh-so-sweet homemade dollhouse we
found for Finley's 4th birthday.  If they're anything like their DeeDee, they'll
be entertained for many years with the wonder of life in miniature.

I managed to snap a few photos while they napped,
but once they were up, my camera was set aside for snuggle time.

the birthday girl was sick during her party, but she soldiered on and hopefully
she'll enjoy some quiet play time with little bro today.  Sending hugs and kisses your way, Finley!

If you look closely, you'll see that whoever made this house even added
rubber doorstops to the handrails.  Don't you love the doorknobs?

A big smile for her invitation photo taken in their woods
with a deer friend.

I haven't had a chance to do much around the house these past few weeks,
but I did carve out enough time to make about 10 yards of fabric twine.
You can find an excellent tutorial to make some for yourself over at My Poppet.

It can be used for all sorts of things, like embellishing gifts,
Christmas tree garland, string bikini, tying kitchen cabinet doors shut, etc.,
 but I machine-stitched mine into an oval shape to make.....

a sweet little braided rug for the dollhouse!  It took all 10 yards
of twine to make this 9 1/2 inch rug.
Tutorial for rug making can also be found here at My Poppet.

The rug warms up the very pink floors of the dollhouse.
*Note: I bought a lead paint testing kit and the dollhouse tested negative.
You can find the testing kits at Lowe's.

And lastly, my mother turned 75 years young last Sunday.
(I hope I'm as young as her when I hit that milestone birthday!)
She had plenty of help blowing out her candles from 4 of her 5 little elves.

One little elf woke up with the stomach flu the next day.
I think we all know how this story ends.  :o)
The gift that keeps on giving......

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your magic moments while they last!

Four balloons tied to the mailbox.

*I'm joining the party at:
Cozy Little House  Tweak it Tuesday
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