Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Easter

If Elvis (and Porky Pig) can sing about a Blue Christmas,
I see no reason I can't create a b-b-b-b- Blue Easter!

It all started when I came across this old print while cleaning out a closet.

I bought the framed print last year for our youngest daughter whose husband grew 
up with dairy cows.  Well he didn't share a room with them, but you know what I mean.
The print is part of a 1915 advertising calendar for the De Laval (cream) Separator Company.
 Before I give it to my daughter, I'm planning to add archival glass to preserve the pretty colors,
but until I do, I may as well enjoy it on my mantel!

I found these 3 chicks still in their original packaging just last
week and perched them on top of some eggs. ( Actually, all of the eggs in our
refrigerator.)  I added a few blue and yellow malted eggs for color,
 and the chicks seem happy as can be in the basket.

  I hope nobody wants scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I filled my wood caddy with Pottery Barn plants
 and, of course, a few blue canning jars.

My blue ice cream maker has been
 transplanted here for the season.

My Blue Easter mantel.

Yes, that's a blue egg carton I used to elevate the picture.  Recycling is good, right?
Sometimes you just have to make due with what you've got available when the decorating bug bites.
If you're wondering why there's no candy in the jars, our girls our spending the holiday
 with their in-laws, and I know I'd just gobble up the candy all by myself.   oink oink

Around the corner on the dry sink, sits my 1940's American Bisque cookie jar.
Just a few short days ago, the canning jar was filled to the brim with pastel M & M's.
 Now who do you suppose has been eating them?

"N-n-n-not   m-m-m-me!"

Hmmmm.  I have my suspicions,
after all, she is a pig!

These two are each keeping a close blue eye on the
temptation right in front of them.  
 They have a lot more will power than I do! 

Well, ble-ble-ble-that's all folks! 
 I wish everybody a Happy Easter!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Bean Theory

Let me introduce you to The Bean Theory.

When you plant beans,
 you get.......beans!

One of our grandbeans talks incessantly.
Her mama bean does, too.

Another has quite a few...ah, mishaps?
His daddy bean?  Likewise.

You've heard similar adages like:

*The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
*A chip off the old block.
*The meatball doesn't roll far from the plate.
*They're cut from the same cloth.

yada yada yada...

Our family likes to quote the "Bean Theory", so when
Carol of Art and Sand  notified me that I won a handcrafted
pillow from her blog giveaway, I immediately chose
the Little Beans design.

My vintage organ grinder monkey points to letters on the pillow.
(Me thinks he watched way too many episodes of Wheel of Fortune.)

Not too small, not too big, but just the right size to cushion our 
little beans when they're rocking, climbing,
 or standing on the antique chair.
 Supervision required. 

Isn't it adorable?!

Thank you Carol!

Be sure to stop by Carol's blog, Art and Sand, if you aren't already a follower.
 While you're there, you can view her charming bungalow
filled with vintage treasures and gorgeous paintings by
Carol's husband Steve.

I love Carol's bright cheerful style!

And don't miss her gardens in sunny California!

Ah, summer.

So there you have it.  That's why I chose the Little Beans pillow.
Now tell me, do you have a favorite old adage?

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Explosive discovery!

The jury's still out on this old cupboard I painted 
this past weekend.  I'm not sure if I love the color, or if I've
convinced myself I love it because I don't want to repaint it.

Here it is.  The Jolly Green Giant.

I bought my primitive cupboard at a garage sale
over 30 years ago for $10, and it's served me well.
For now, it's tucked into a recessed area behind the door of the
Never Ending Bedroom project.  If you're counting, that's now
two finished corners!!

Here's how it looked one week ago.
  I know!
Who would paint a century old cupboard with black semi-gloss paint?!

Well, that would be me.

In my defense, I painted it over 15 years ago so it would match yet another
old cupboard in the basement, also painted with black semi-gloss paint.
There is no accounting for taste.

 I brought a piece of original trim from another primitive cupboard to be color matched
at Lowe's, and they nailed it spot on!  So, I painted my cupboard with the flat green
latex paint and gave it a raw umber/Johnson Paste Wax aging treatment.

I'm still not sure.
It sort of sticks out like a sore green thumb, but I'll see if it grows on me.
The chair will be used elsewhere in the room,
 but the black pleather seat has got to go.

The top of the cupboard is a good place
 to stash extra quilts for guests.......

...and a state of the art cooling system.

Since the bedroom is where our grandchildren will slumber,
it seems only fitting that  Auntie Googie resides up there, too.
She loves to read bedtime stories to children and I think you can guess 
why The Princess and the Pea is her favorite!

When I removed the three hundred or so decorating magazines
 inhabiting the cupboard, I made an amazing discovery!
 No, not the petrified dog treat crumbs from over a decade ago. (Shame on me.) 
I actually unearthed a piece of local history!

The yellow paint inside has worn away in places from years of pulling
out stacks of magazines out for my daily read. (pre-Pinterest)

It may be hard to see, but the interior shelves are made from
 the DuPont Company explosive/dynamite crates.
The embossed lettering also showed up as I was painting the exterior.

The DuPont explosive plant closed its doors in 1918,
 but the shell of the power building stood as a local landmark at nearby
 Carey Lake Recreation Area, formerly known as DuPont Lake.

 Many of the DuPont buildings were destroyed in a devastating explosion in 1912
and the rest were burned down to prevent further catastrophes
 caused by the ignition of residual black powder left behind
 during the plant's productive years.

Sadly, the powers that be
 had the landmark building demolished this year.

So, I'm assuming whoever made my old cupboard out of DuPont wood crates
probably worked at the plant and brought home the discarded crates, dismantled them,
and built the cupboard approximately 100 years ago!

DY - NO - MITE!!!
Thanks for visiting.  It's been a blast!

It feels like I'm sitting on a pea.
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Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post
and may very well be just as long before I publish another.
It's a very busy time at work and that leaves
little or no creative time for moi.  Sad face.

My newly acquired vintage bunny is holding the inspiration
for my latest project.  The hello card is actually part of Finley's
birthday invitation that our daughter Megan made.

I thought it would work in the top part of my trumeau mirror,
but it was a bit too small.  It did, however, give me an idea for
a spring insert to replace my Valentine's button heart.

As you can see, buttons came into play for this insert, too.
I drew leaves and stems on my fabric with an embroidery marker,
and stitched along the line with my sewing machine.
The marker comes off easily by dabbing the fabric with a wet cloth.

The flowers are yo yo circles cut from fabric remnants
and stitched to the background fabric along with the button center.

I attached the fabric to a square of foam core with double-sided
carpet tape and inserted my new art into the mirror frame.

On the shelf below, I filled my silver teacup with malted eggs, and
wouldn't you know, along came a pair of fuzzy chicks in
just the right colors!  
  peep peep

I'm trying to think spring, even though we just got
another 8 inches of snow!

I hope you're enjoying spring-like weather!
Thanks for hopping by!


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