Sunday, October 2, 2016

This and that.

Other than a photo for Mother's Day, I haven't published a blog post
 in almost 6 months, and how quickly those months have flown by!
I will say, it was rather freeing to unplug my laptop over the summer.

In August I held my very last garage sale.  I no longer change things up for the seasons
to the extent I have in the past, so it was high time to get rid of all that stuff.

Now that summer's over and there's a chill in the air, I brought out what remains
of my autumn decor.  I knit up a few more mini acorns and strung them across
the dining room fireplace for a little pop of color.

During my hiatus from blogging, I finally got around to painting my dry sink.
  The drawers are stuck shut, but I'm hoping a coat of clear wax will remedy that.

The woven tray sitting on top was one of my last purchases at our local
Salvation Army before they closed their doors for good last month.
Sad, sad day.

The pale bluish-green paint on the dry sink brightens up the corner of the room
which I'll appreciate even more when the gloomy gray days of late autumn settle in.

Can you spot a new treasure in my secretary?

My sister made the adorable felted wool sheep for my birthday in June.
She's knitting a wee little scarf....with toothpicks!

I haven't joined up with my knitting group all summer long,
but now that it's too dark and cold for evening bicycle rides,
me thinks it's time to start again.

The old straw hat is another recent Sally Ann purchase.
How I'm going to miss the best place in town to shop for
vintage straw hats, baskets..........

......and purses!

I've actually been known to use these purses, much to the dismay of my coworkers.
They have no sense of style.   :o)

I've made some progress upstairs.
Terrible photo, but all that's left to do is sand and paint the trim
and I've got a blank slate to work with.

I'm in the middle of building a piece of furniture for the room,
but until I uploaded this photo, it hadn't occurred to me that I installed
the 2nd vertical divider backwards with the big knot front and center.  ugh
It's a good thing I'm styling it after a primitive piece,
because there's no way I'm taking it apart to fix that particular boo boo.

Our kitchen looks pretty much the same as it did last fall.

One small change is the simple sign I painted to fill the empty space
over the kitchen doorway.  Next up is to paint the rest of the walls, and if you 
look closely, you can see a sample of the warm white color in the corner
right above the clock.  I just have to figure out which gallon of white paint it is.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining, so I'm headed outside to enjoy
one of the rare warm sunny days of the season.

Also, I hope Mr. Sun will work his magic on my bad DIY hair color
before I have to face the general public at work tomorrow.
I never learn........

Thanks for visiting and I hope you're enjoying the autumn colors, too!


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