Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

We've had a one day reprieve from the scorching heat,
but now the blazing sun is once again turning up the temp.
Our kitchen is the last place I want to be in the middle of a heat wave.

I know most of us have a patio or deck where we enjoy our meals
in the summer months when the weather cooperates.
Our daughter Julie and her family are lucky enough to have a large screen porch
where they eat most of their meals.  In Minnesota, it's almost a necessity when
our state pests, the mosquitoes, are out in full force. 

 I painted this sign to hang in their screen porch.
I've had the page below bookmarked for a while, so when the hot
weather finally hits us northerners I find it's the perfect time to
sit in the cool basement and paint fun projects on my to do list.

As you can see, I pretty much followed the photo, but changed
out the name to personalize the sign for their screen porch.

It's cut from 1/4 inch plywood to keep it lightweight and base coated in off-white paint.
I printed out the words using various fonts, traced the letters onto the sign,
and painted them with a flat artist brush and acrylic paints.

I added metallic silver highlights to the black lettering and
red shadowing to the dark gray letters.

I glued the brass eyelets (which were left over from windows we replaced) over
holes I drilled in the sign.  The black hooks are pot hooks from IKEA, and the chain
was removed from the basket I attached to my old bike.

I've got the chain doubled over this trellis, but the sign will
hang from the black curtain rings I found in my hardware stash.

Total cost = Not a dime!

I used what I had on hand.
 I guess it pays to hang onto all that junk!

Here's to getting out of the kitchen!

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  1. what a beautiful job you did, looks amazing!!

  2. LOVE this -- and I bet they did too!! You have amazing painting skills (was admiring the shading in your BEACH sign too); I'm signing up for classes with you... when it cools off. :) Enjoy the rest of your week off!! :)

  3. LOVE it, Vicki! It turned out fabulous!!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. Love the sign! We have a screened porch and its the only way I get out sometimes in the summer. I want to decorate it and the sign is a cute idea! Hugs, Linda

  5. That is very cute. I bet she will love it.

  6. Why do you need to cook when you can make your own signs! I love it!

  7. You did a great job on this Vickie. I love it! Cute!


  8. Vickie,
    What a fun piece!LOVE this! This looks better than the one you used as inspiration!

  9. Wow! You are talented too! I always see signs I'd like to make, but my poor handwriting skills always do me in. Your daughter will love it!

  10. You hit it out of the park with that one, Vickie! I love it!

  11. FABULOUS! I love your sign and how retro it looks. Perfect for summer and the screen porch. So so cute. You are very talented, Vickie.

  12. Vickie!! What a great looking sign! I like yours better than the inspiration you bookmarked. This is just adorable and you could totally sell these!

  13. You did good! Julie & her family are going to be so proud to display it on their porch. You are quite an artist...I loved the whole process. Great Job Vickie!

  14. That is such a great sign! I love the colors and the fonts you used. Cute!!

  15. You must have a very steady hand. It looks perfect. It has a 50 vibe about it.

  16. LOVE it, Vickie! You are so talented at painting! Your daughter will love it, too!

  17. I love this sign! You did a great job and yours is even better than the original!

  18. I love it! I love it!!!! I'm pinning it!


  19. Awesome and very FUN sign.
    I'm trying to have a MN Blogger gathering in Sept and would LOVE to have you come!!!
    What do you think???

  20. i remember when you said you wanted to paint this sign! it turned out so wonderful, you did such a great job on it!!

  21. you amaze me, vickie! you have wicked painting talent! she will adore this cute sign! this is the best free project i've ever seen--happy weekend to you:)

  22. Most excellent Vicki! I love this. I'm looking for inspiration for signs for some boards I recently acquired - this provided some. Thanks!

  23. Oh my gosh this is so adorable! I don't think I would even attempt something like this, you are a real artist!

  24. So fun! I need to paint some cute signs like this for my cottage!

  25. I love it! and the cost is perfect...NOTHING!

    While you're getting out of your kitchen..I'm spending more time in mine because we got a new counter top! Stop by to see it if you wish!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  26. Hi Vickie,
    It's been on the hot and humid side here...Yuck! So I know what you mean about staying out of the kitchen...Hee, hee, hee. Your sign turned out awesome. I'm sure your daughter is going to love it. Funny, I just worked on a sign too. Not as big and nice as yours however...I'll be sharing about it soon. Hope your weekend is a bit cooler. Have a great one.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  27. I LOVE it!! Fun to find another MN blogger :) Laurel

  28. Vickie, this is the coolest sign of the summer. I just love it. Thanks for sharing it at our link party, Hot Fun in the Summertime.

  29. SO cute, Vickie! You are so talented!

  30. Yay! Love it!!1 You did a great job! Love that you personalized it for you!

  31. So cute, and perfect for a screened porch. You did a great job!

  32. Vickie what a great job you did! And how nice you made that for your daughter's screen porch. I'm sure she's going to love it.

  33. Wow Vickie, you did an amazing job!

  34. LOVE the sign, mom!!! I am super excited to hang that and a mirror out there this week! Hopefully it will cool off a bit, so we can actually eat out there.

    THANK YOU!!!!! :)

  35. Super Cool sign, Vicki!! You are one talented woman with great ideas!
    Mary Alice

  36. I love this did a great job! So talented!

  37. You are so talented! You did a great job on that. I love it! I don't like hanging out in the kitchen cooking too much either (in the summer). Isn't that what grills are for? Oops! Wait a minute, too hot outside for grilling too. Hmmmmm.....what to do. Eat out. Let someone else cook! Ha!

  38. Lovvvvve the sign you painted! And thanks for the how to on the lettering. I remember the need for a screened in porch from our day in MN. The sign looks perfect there. Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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