Thursday, August 16, 2012

Riverside Parade of Homes

We just got back from a little road trip.  This is the last week of 
vacation for both of us this summer, so we took a drive to some fun waterside towns 
populated with amazing historic homes.  Since I'm trying to decide what cut out design I want 
for our wood shutters on the front of our house, I brought my camera along
to snap some photos of them on old houses similar to ours.  
This is my kind of water walking.
(Lots of photos to follow.  Click on images for a closer view.)

Small yard?  Who cares?!

Huge shade trees in these old neighborhoods help keep these homes cool.
Between the big old trees and the breeze from the nearby river,
 there's usually no need for central air conditioning.
Good thing, because these houses must cost a fortune
to heat during the cold winter months!

This pretty green and orange painted door adorns the home pictured above.

I'd love to own this wood door with beveled glass window and sidelights.
Look at the trim detail on the upper windows.

Unlike new neighborhoods, the electrical wires (like ours) are overhead.
It's more noticeable in photos than when you're viewing it from the street.
(That's a flag pole to the right of the stairs.) For you youngsters, the little guy
 in front of the french doors is a lawn jockey.  Tess at Willow Manor published a blog post
with the interesting history behind this piece of American folk art.

All white exterior.  The grounds are surrounded with a wrought iron fence
that unfortunately didn't fit in the photo from where I was standing.
Next time I'll use the landscape setting on my camera.  (Thanks Jennifer.)

Look at those curved windows accented with stained glass panels!
  And there's more.....

The garage with living quarters above.  No doubt rented out
to offset the cost of the groundskeeper, window washer, and painters.

Painted lady.

I wonder how long it took the original owners to decide on all those
paint colors?  Probably less time than it's taking me to decide on one
color for our fence and shutters.  If the owner had been outside, I'd have
been tempted to ask what brand of exterior paint they use.
It must be durable.  This is not a paint job you'd want to tackle
every few years!

Inviting entry, gold lions and all.
Hanging baskets of ferns are a must on these covered porches.

I love this color combination.

Look at those doors!  Tall blue glazed pots filled with flowers
add an unexpected pop of bright color
alongside the old doors.

Oodles of stained glass windows can be seen on these homes.  I'd love to
see the colorful glass from inside.  These homes are located in Stillwater, MN situated on the
St. Croix River.  For a small fee, you can attend a progressive tea on weekends before Christmas
 to see these homes dressed up for the holidays.  (On my to do list.)

*Notice the original beautifully restored wood windows.
And how about the fish scale roof shingles?

There's nothing run down on this house, but it has a haunted appearance due
to the weathered cedar shingle roofing and widow's walk on top.
I'm convinced there must have been a horror movie filmed here at some point.
(Maybe this is where my rusty old bike originated.)

Colorful house surrounded by trees.  I only got one shot of this beauty.
(The owner was pulling into her parking lot just as I snapped this photo.)

House atop a hill with interesting corner stairs leading up to their wraparound porch.

A good spot for a time out.

My computer is giving me fits and I've only shown you half of my photos.
But as you can see, I've gotten lots of great ideas for........... what was I
looking at?  Oh, yes.  Shutters.

Oops!  Not a shutter to be seen.  I'm sure I must have some
photos with shutters on the other half of my pictures!

To be continued......
stop back for part 2 of the home tour biathlon, and don't forget your water shoes!


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  1. Vickie,
    Beautiful homes!!! Oh how I love those historical homes! And that first one with a little yard would be perfect for me.I would love to have less to deal with outside someday.

  2. HI Vickie! Oh, what lovely homes! Don't you just love driving through neighborhoods, especially ones with such character like these! I love these olden homes.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  3. Oh my, what a treat!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous, gorgeous homes! I cannot imagine seeing them all on one day... heaven. My favourite was the blue with the tall glazed pots at the door - I'm ready to move in! I've got my shoes at my desk... I'm all set for round two! :)

  4. Ahhhh....someday I will live there, Mom. And you can have your own guest quarters atop our garage. ;)

  5. as i was reading, i was wondering about the shutters:)

    they are all so charming, not at all like me cookie cutter house...would love to have the victorian in a country setting--sigh, maybe, someday!

  6. I LOVE the old neighborhoods with so much charm and wonderful architecture! I can a girl can dream.
    Mary Alice

  7. Thanks for bringing us along on the tour! Those house are amazing and full of inspiration.

  8. Oh, wow! I'd take any of those homes in a heartbeat! Gorgeous! I'm really partial to the white ones, though. So classic.

  9. I so love vintage homes! Just not all the work to restore them or upkeep!

  10. Every house you picked is fantastic, well cept maybe that haunted looking one, but even that one has it's charms.


  11. Love visiting Stillwater! Great homes, shopping and the river!

  12. Omigosh, Vickie! You've been holding out on me! These homes are all so beautiful and I truly enjoyed the tour. One house was better than the next and honestly, I can't choose which one I love most. I'm looking forward to part two of the tour. I've never been to Stillwater. The only place I've been to in Minnesota is Winona and it was a work related trip. I was able to talk my boss into letting me stay at a cozy bed and breakfast instead of the boring hotel they usually put people in. I think I saw pics of Stillwater in a magazine once ... probably Midwest Living. It's gorgeous. Would love to see it at Christmas. Thanks so much for including a link to my blog. That was really nice of you!

  13. very charming! I love looking at older houses...I'm going to bring my camera next time too :) can't wait to see more! Laurel

  14. What a great tour, thanks, and I didn't even have to walk, you brought back the best of it. Adore the house with the round bay and the red roof ... all charming!!

  15. Love a bit of house-stalking, especially when it's in the US, as the homes are so different to those in the UK.
    I long for wrap-around varandah's and large porches and lots and lots of wood. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love looking at older homes like that (especially in a historic neighborhood). They just don't make them like that anymore, do they?

  17. Beautiful homes Vickie. Love those porches and the Victorian styles. *Sigh* Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  18. Very beautiful photos Vickie! I enjoyed them.
    I'm waiting for part II!
    Besos, Silvina

  19. I loved seeing all of these homes except maybe the haunted one...I think it just needs a fresh coat of paint. This was a post filled with eye candy! Thank You!!!

  20. Such lovely homes, Vickie! I really need to explore more next time I'm there!

  21. I just love Stillwater. It's such a charming town. I'm usually focused on the shops though, so it was nice to have a tour of the neighborhoods. Hope you have a good weekend!

  22. Vickie, Thanks for the sweet comments. Oh-I could stare at these photos for hours. That's one of my favorites past times-driving through pretty old neighborhoods and imagining myself in those beautiful vintage homes. Love the front doors and porches.

  23. ohmygosh, these houses are so amazing!! love the colors, and architecture. thanks so much for taking us on the tour!

  24. Love these stately old homes! Thank you for joining me at HSH!

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