Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot-diggety Dog Days

We just returned home from a short stay at an old resort in the Brainerd Lakes area where we've taken many of our family vacations over the years.  "Making memories" as Bill would say.  We were scoping out cabins for next year in hopes that our extended family can all get together for a few days and make some new memories.  We'll see how all that pans out.

There were far fewer resort guests than in years past.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the economy or the fact that our reservations are usually earlier in the season.  A little of both, I'm sure.  I guess the dog days of summer have arrived.

Of course I had to squeeze in a little junking along the way.  :@

As we were heading to Brainerd, we stopped at the teensy lakeside town of Crosby.  It's population is a mere 500 something but boasts oodles of antique shops on the main street.  I really didn't find anything outstanding, just a few small items for moi.

I bought this enamelware bowl thinking it could be used as a sink in the play kitchen I have yet to paint, but it's way to big!  Remembering size is like trying to remember a color without a paint swatch.  Never works!  Oh, well, as you can see it's the perfect size for apple picking.

I found this dainty little vase on the left to add to my "white" collection gathering in the bay window of our kitchen.

To the right is another pottery vase to place on the piano.

On the journey home, I hit the jackpot at a shop in downtown Brainerd.  I only stopped at one place and that was enough for me!  The minute I walked in the door I saw this.......

It was only 25.00!!!!!!  Oh, I should mention that it is a children's play cupboard.

This ruler found inside should put things into perspective.

I think this piece will be the perfect addition to the stove and sink I found last year.  Call me Grandma Hog-all-the-good-stuff-for-my-house. (Winter project for Mr.Ranger.)

A pretty, but worn tablecloth to be used for future sewing projects.

And this sa-weet' tray for Finley's room.
This was a splurge at $16.00, but look at that dog!

Last, but not least, was The Find of the Day.....

Excuse me while I wait for my pulse to return to normal!  I love, love, love this piece!!!!  I love everything about it.  The color.  The artwork.  The subject matter.  The price.  Prepare yourself.  $20!!!   It will need to be professionally framed to preserve it, of course.  While I was thinking what color of picture frame would work best, I walked from room to room until I found the perfect spot to hang it.  In Julie's house.

This poster is advertising a Christmas display in a St. Paul department store, the "Golden Rule"  (the event took place before 1945 when the store would become Donaldson's Dept. Store).  Julie is my daughter born on Christmas Day.  And she lives a hop, skip, and a jump from St. Paul  And she was mentioning that she needed some large art for her living room.  So, Julie, it's yours for the taking.  Just call it an early birthday/Christmas (one and the same for her) present!

Ah, the good 'ole dog days of summer.  Woof, woof.

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  1. Ooohhhhh!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! :) SO cute! Yay! I'm so excited! I was just thinking that our living room / dining room needs some serious help.

    And Jeremy mentioned something about using some funds he "won" at work for a farmhouse table. ;) We'll see if he remembers he said that. Hehehe. I'll never forget.

  2. Lots of treasures, wow! Love your enamelware basin, they are so versatile and also make wonderful planters.

  3. cool finds! especially that little hutch! isn't Branaird the town that is featured in the movie "Fargo"? i might be wrong about that....happy friday!

  4. Vickie,
    Love all your finds! I have some red and white enamel ware also but sold some nesting bowls at my old store and am Sorry! Your little cabinet is very cute, can't wait to see photos after you paint it! So glad you visited so I could find you,I lived in Green Bay WI for 3 years and loved it "up" there! I am your newest follower and will be back, hope you drop by often!

  5. MOM! I love the 'prancing dog' on that tray! ;0) woof woof is right!

    Ohmygosh! I was trying to think of how to make a 'farmhouse' sink for Finley's kitchen ... great idea ... and yes, I am stealing it! I am on the lookout for an old white bowl!!! Good thing I'm in Brainerd once a week now! ;0)

  6. hi vickie!
    i LOVE the poster. that is one awesome find and the colors are so vivid for its age. i have a black and white vintage poster that i found and framed. it turned out to be a great accent piece for our diningroom wall. i'm sure this will look great in your daughter's home!
    thanks for stopping by the 1829 farmhouse. i love meeting new friends. ;)

  7. Fewer guests at the resort may mean people have just found another suitable place for relief during the hot summers. Or they just had the initiative to save for future vacations. Anyway, that ad somehow reminds me of old comic cover pages.

  8. Yeah, you really hit the jackpot with the children's play cupboard! Hmm, the economy can explain why you have less visitors this year. But then again they probably have other things in mind for summer. I hope that your resort improves its visitor count this summer!

    [Darren Gersol]


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