Friday, October 21, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard Found 2 New Cupboards

On my weekly Saturday morning visit to my favorite one of my favorite local antique shops, the vendor working that day was telling me about 2 bookcases she found at a garage sale for $25.  She was moving into a new house that Monday and hoped there would be room somewhere in the house for them.  They were once built into an archway of the house where she purchased them.

Imagine my surprise when I spied these in her space the following week...

One side of each bookcase is unfinished where it was built into the wall.  And the tops need to be patched where the pillars were attached.  AND she only marked them up to $25 EACH !!!

So, I have absolutely no place for them in my house.  But for that price I just hate to pass them up!  What would you do?  Would you buy them anyway?  What if your oldest daughter and her husband live in a bungalow with this fireplace wall.....

Picture from realtor.

I think you know what Old Mother Hubbard did.

Don't forget to check out the DIY Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness that starts Oct. 22!!!

This little monkey needs a home.

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  1. Awesome find! Made me think of Korrie over the Red Hen Home. I think she has been wanting to re-do a front room using something like those, but painted white. Nice snag and at sucha great price. I am sure we might be seeing what happened to them.;)

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Yes I would have bought them and for that price how could you not!

  3. I would have bought them even though I have no room. I would get rid of something to make room though

  4. Those will look perfect in your daughters room! I am always looking for bookshelf space in my house, it is always needed! Thanks for sharing, and being such a good mother!

  5. I have two very similar to those cupboards that we bought YEARS ago and were going to build them into our new house. Well, we built the house but it just didn't work to incorporate them. They are still up in the barn. I finally decided I could part with them and was going to sell them and then my son said no....please keep them. Not really sure why. He hates my junk and couldn't remember me buying them. He didn't have to talk to hard to make me keep them. They are unique pieces. I'm glad you bought them!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Those are so cute! Lots of potential!

    ♥Linsey@ farmhouse porch

  7. I hope you consider buying them. They are wonderful and for that price it is a no brainer. Would they be the right height for nightstands? Love them.


  8. Oh yea, they are worth it! GREAT score! They will look perfect in your daughter's bunglow!
    Will you paint the wood or leave it natural? You did good, dearheart! OH, btw, love your haircut!!!! I've been vascilating over to cut mine all off. Had it short, like yours, before and love the ease of it.

    Happy new week!


  9. Vickie,
    that was a great deal, and yes, I wouldn't have been able to pass them up either! Like you, if I see something I think would work for one of the kids, I get it and store it if I have to. Those look like a perfect fit for your daughter's house!

  10. Old Mother Hubbard did exactly the right thing...these were a steal and will be perfect on either side of your daughter's fireplace. What beautiful pieces!

  11. I wouldn't pass on those cupboards for $25 each either! Great find!

  12. Oh, they'll be perfect there! What a good mom you are!


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