Monday, December 5, 2011

Mini Me

I got an unexpected day off today and I was bound and determined to get the tree up and decorated.  The tree, unfortunately, had other plans.  It's one of those "pre-lit" ( and I use that term loosely ) trees that are supposed to be so convenient, but this year 2 of the strands of attached lights aren't cooperating with moi.  I'm tired of wiggling and jiggling wires and handing the whole mess over to Bill.  Maybe he'll have better luck than me.  I can only hope.

Plan B.  Finish the outdoor decorating.  Hmmm, it's nine degrees above zero.

Plan C.  Find something else to decorate.

Here it is.  I bought this little barn earlier this summer and put it up in the attic for the grandbabies to play with when they are a little older.  I was browsing through old Country Living Christmas issues the other day and saw a similar barn decorated for Christmas, so I hauled mine down and shopped around the house for accessories.

I had some leftover Princess Pine, so I made a little wreath to decorate the roof.  It needed to be flocked with snow to pop against the green roof, so I used wall spackling that I have on hand for filling the many holes I pound into our walls.  Underneath is an old crocheted dresser scarf that looks like giant snowflakes.

I have an abundance of trees from my Christmas boutique days, so I placed a few near the side doors.

This side has a more ornate gable end.

The barn fits perfectly on this table that is in need of a makeover.

The table has two sides that can be propped up to make room for tractors and farm animals.

The roof opens to reveal stalls for the animals which I will be scouting for at upcoming sales.

For now, Frosty will guard the main entrance.

As for the post title, this barn bears a striking resemblance to.......

Time to check if Clark Griswold is having any luck with the tree lights.  

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  1. Sweet little decorations. :) Everyone I know who has the pre-lit trees seem to be complaining this year of malfuntions. Go figure. Funny how something so pretty can be such a pain in the butt!!! LOL

  2. I love the Old Barn great idea, glad you brought it out for your Holiday Decor it is just perfect. I have to set up my little make shift village the grands just love looking at it and yes touching it! LOL HUgs, Diane

  3. Well that little barn is adorable and I like how you decorated it...too cute! Oh I hate lights that don't work!

  4. Cute cute barn. Wouldn't it be fun to fill the animal stalls with reindeer?


  5. that barn is darling. so glad you thought to get it out for christmas.
    I've actually got 3 christmas trees, all curbshopped. One was a prelit that didn't light anymore and I just cut off all the lights and add my own strands. It's a really full and beautifully shaped tree so I was psyched to get it. I don't mind adding my own lights, I always had to anyway with the real trees I used to cut.
    Good luck with yours, hope a little more jiggling will get it going again!

  6. That is the cutest little barn... Someone did a great job building it and it's lucky to live in your home. Your grandbabies will love it, but until then it looks wonderful all decorated for Christmas! I LOVE it! You've inspired me to drag out a little house I found hears ago... it might need some Christmas cheer! Thank You for this post! Always fun!

  7. Super cute, Mum! :) Love the little wreath!

  8. 9 degrees!!!!! eeeekkk thats cold!!! you stay warm...and how cute is that barn!

  9. I love that barn!! We only own Christmas ornaments for the tree. I need to do better next year! This is my first visit =).

  10. This is so cute, Vickie...and your grandkids are going to love it!

  11. This is just too darn cute! I adore it :)

  12. The wooden barn is so cute! I love how you decorated it.

  13. Vicki,
    your barn is adorable, so glad you decided to "play" with it this year! I'm having a horrible time with my lights also, and there are none to be found in the stores here so far, all gone, what's with that? I'm faking it, moving them around as much as possible without undoing them!
    On with the decorating!

  14. That is so cute and I know exactly what photo in Country Living you were referring to. It made me want to go out and find a toy barn. Of course I forgot about it until I saw yours! Good luck on the lights.

  15. That barn is wonderful! Oh, I simply have to start looking for one for my little grandson! I never thought about a barn for a boy, oh what great fun!
    Thanks for the inspiration, I know the kids will love and appreciate the thoughtfulness of putting it all together. It looks so perfect for the holidays!
    Hugs and Happiness,

  16. 9 below!? i hope you are warmer now! your little barn, trees, wreath, and snowman make such a cute scene, vicki!! love that little table, too:) stay warm!

  17. How cute! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  18. Oh this is cute! I'm seeing a gimpy sheep in it's future! I have been on the lookout for an old barn for ages; no luck. May have to build me one. Yours is so cute. Hope Clark got things working for you... :)


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