Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take good care of my baby.

During my weekly visit to our neighborhood antique shop, a dealer mentioned another upcoming estate sale.  When I told her I was working that day, she said, "Don't worry, there's nothing you'd be interested in anyway."

As it turned out, I got the day off and went to the sale after all.  While I stood outside for 30 minutes in the cold waiting for the sale to start, I talked to a few older retired women who knew the owner of the house.  They said she had a lot of good stuff, but no antiques.  Huh?!  "What kind of stuff?", I asked.  Well, it seems she had a lot of health issues, so she had 3 or 4 of everything. Everything meaning walkers, bathtub/shower chairs, those grabber things for hard to reach items.  This was not sounding good.

As I entered the house, I quickly scanned each room and came to the conclusion that the dealer was right.  There was nothing I was interested in.  I had to push my way into a bedroom that seemed somewhat promising by the number of people in the room.  Hmmm, the big collection in that room was approximately 32 pairs of size 9 Easy Spirit white shoes.

As I was leaving, I spotted one lonely item that was totally out of place in that house.

This composition baby doll.

She was not in the best condition.

But, just look at that sweet face!  And those pretty turquoise eyes.

She even has a few pearly whites.

So, it just goes to show, you never know where you'll find your next treasure.  As disappointed as I was that there were no size 7 Easy Spirits, I did leave with a treasure, after all.  She was $14 plus tax.

She sits on a dresser where her raggedy dress is a perfect match to my dried hydrangeas.

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Well, she now has a good home! Great Vintage Treasure! Hugs, Diane

  2. She is lovely and those eyes are gorgeous. They look like they might be painted tin which I really, really like.

  3. Sorry they didn't have your size shoes, but think of this..... in all the non interesting stuff the old woman had left, for some reason she hung on to that little doll. She would of wanted her to find a good home.


  4. She's a cutie! I'm so glad you saved her and gave her a place of honor in your home. I'm sure she would have tugged at my heartstrings too.

  5. That doll's face is adorable. I'm just thinking of that older lady having kept that for all those years. It must have been something very special to her. OK, now I'm tearing up, gotta go.

  6. Hahahaha! That mouth! Seriously. Hilarious. ;)

  7. I think your awesome doll was worth the wait!
    Mary Alice

  8. You never know where you will find things. I love your new baby! She looks in pretty good condition to me. I only have one of these, and I suppose one day she will be on the blog too! Glad you had some luck!

  9. What a terrific find. Your lovely treasure would cost at least $200 here in Australia, even in that condition. I was told it is sunlight which makes the composition break down. Yes take good care of your baby.
    x jeanetteann

  10. You found a wonderful treasure. You were meant to have her.
    Be happy.
    Audrey Z. at Timeless Treasures.

  11. Such a great find! I love your baby doll and just had to pin it on my Pinterest board "Sweet old dolls"
    Sending you warmest wishes from frozen Germany

  12. she is just precious I seen a few at the antique mall I so wanted to give them a loving home until I flipped the tag over and not one of them were less then $40 not sure what you pd but I love her

  13. Forgot to mention I am a newbie here from Ohio and actually just read your post and seen what you pd for her I am a picture looker lol

  14. Hello! I saw your link on the Cowgirl Up party. Your doll is adorable, and I'm glad you're giving her a new home. It's obvious that she was loved and treasured by her previous owner.

  15. What a sweet doll.I found one similar at an antique store years ago.I love those sweet vintage dolls.Linking up from the farmhouse porch :-)

  16. You can tell the little babe isn't quite ready for that lovely lipstick she put on! ;0)

    I just read your 'Sign Post' .. wow .. nice collection! And creative b-day wish, Mom!

    Talk to you soon! Love you!

  17. What a cutie, she sure brings back memories. Was she mine once upon a time, probably not..I think maybe her twin shared my little girl life. Good to know she has a new special place.

  18. She is very cute. So glad she found a good home.

  19. Love it, she would have had to come home with me too! I am now a new follower of your's.

  20. What a great doll! She was supposed to come home with you~she needs a home where she's appreciated. :)

  21. Vickie,
    It looks like it was worth your wait! I've got to admit that I'm not a big doll fan but she does have a sweet, surprised face! Most of the ones I've seen are usually pretty scary! She definitely needed to be adopted into a "good" home!
    PS. I love Scotties too and do have a couple of scottie planters.

  22. Thrifting has got to be one of my favorite hobbies. Love your "find"! Thanks for linking up to "Cowgirl Up!"- hope you'll join us again.
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  23. She is seriously to die for. Such special eyes. Thanks every so much for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  24. OH I am so glad she came home with you...what a sweetie!

  25. What a wonderful find! She has the sweetest face! I'm so happy that I found your lovely blog!

  26. Very cute...much better than a pair of white shoes :)


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