Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fans & Fannies

Have you heard about the latest design trend?
 Ceiling fans are tres chic!

So take down those outdated chandies and get with the program girls!!!

While you're at it, you may want to update your loo with
a gen-u-ine padded toilet seat because, wouldn't you know,
they're back in vogue, too! 

All joking aside, I bought both of those items.
  I have a lovely vintage chandelier in storage that I fully intended to hang in the guest bedroom,
 but now that summer has arrived, I realize it will not do.
  Our house is OLD.  As in no central air.
That bedroom gets darn hot during our 9 days of summer, so I had to
change my plan and go with a more practical fixture.

 My mission was to find a farmhouse style ceiling fan.

Surely there's a company out there that manufactures a
vintage looking fan that won't break the bank?

Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.

Fast forward several months, because that's how long it took me to find.....

While this bubblicious fan might look adorable in a sweet little girl room, it wasn't quite the 
look I was going for.  Desperate to get something on the ceiling, I bought it anyway.

$35 worth of bling (, a dollop of trim paint on the blades,
and it's gone from Barbie Dream House to a simple country fandelier.

(Ella 48 inch ceiling fan just under $100 at Menards)

The arms were given a few coats of Martha Stewart
gold acrylic craft paint to tie in with the original
wall sconce in the room. (I didn't want to spray paint in the room,
or dismantle the light fixture to paint it.)

The glass bobeches were attached with
E6000 adhesive to keep them in place.

After my nap, I also replaced the wood pulls with glass fluted pulls and
the silver chain was painted with the same gold craft paint.

Easy breezy transformation!

As for the cushy toilet seat in the basement,
sorry to disappoint you, but photos are unavailable for your viewing pleasure.  :)

Stylish or not, I'm feeling cool and comfy
from top to bottom here at 911.

Thanks for visiting!

For Sale:
3 pink satin lampshades (never used).
 Cold hard toilet seat (used quite a bit).

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  1. I must thank you for sparing us the view of your cold hard toilet seat, Vickie! I've been cleaning today and I've seen quite enough of that view. ;)
    Smart thinking to change out the parts of the fan you didn't care for.
    I am thrilled that your top and your bottom are happy campers now!

  2. I remember ceiling fans. We don't get hot enough for one, but I wouldn't mind something cute like the one you revamped.

  3. Your guest room is stylish and comfy! What more would any guest want?

  4. Well, I think that is a charming fan re-do! And I have a couple in this house that could use the same treatment!

  5. WHAT??? I've said it before, you're BRILLIANT!! I cannot live without a ceiling fan. call it postmenopausal whatever but I just HAVE to have one going every night. Now, where's the padded toilet seat!

  6. I love the transformation! Actually I kinda like ceiling fans. Especially fandeliers!

  7. I used to get tickled when the first thing on Trading Spaces to go out the door was the ceiling fans. Obviously these folks aren't from Texas. They may not be in style and a bugger to keep clean, but there's no way to survive the summer without 'em!
    Great job making yours so cool...pun intended!
    Try putting the old toilet seat on Craig's List. I hear tell folks will buy anything there!

  8. That it cute. I guess you could call it a fandie!

  9. Hahahaha. That was a funny post. ;) LOVE how it looks, mom!!! Very nice, very nice.

  10. Vickie,
    U are so clever, who'd have thunk it! From Barbie pink to farmhouse fab! I trust you won't come up with some unique idea to use that "hard" seat anywhere in your designing ways!

  11. You crack me up (which is what padded toilet seats do after much use). I'm a southern girl and we love our ceiling fans! Glad you found a way to turn the Barbie dream fan into a gorgeous work of art!!


  12. This really is adorable. I love what you did to this, love the bling!!


  13. Vickie, I just love it and have thought about this so many times. You are so smart. Gotta love beauty with function.
    Now about the padded seat, seen those and not so great.
    Love your room with the fan. Perfect.
    Only 9 days of heat. I can send you some if you want~~~~ LOL
    Have a great 4th of July.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  14. I hope I'm not too late to get in on the bidding on that cold hard toilet seat! With the mercury soaring here to record temps yesterday I'm looking for anything cold!! Great transformation on the fandelier too. The room is looking so darn cute. Of course I'd still be looking for cow udders instead of crystal balls for the dangly bits. :)

  15. What a fun post, I laughed out loud! I'm here in HOT Miami and that blinging fan looks just perfect for me! Great job!
    Have a happy and COOL 4th of July!

  16. Wow, you sure turned that Barbie fandalier around, everything is perfect, down to the cute little chain pulls.
    The room is looking great, loving the original sconce and those white shutters.
    Padded toilet seat - seriously ?

  17. Ah ha ha ha...I feel like I have inside knowledge about this post. Oh, and fandelier, you heard it first here folks. Lastly don't think I didn't notice that nap part.

  18. Hilarious! But seriously, your solution/transformation is genius!! :)

  19. You are so usual! But I do love your dressed up fandie!!
    Mary Alice

  20. Who would've thought of this? It is not only creative, it looks wonderful!! And I can SO relate to wanting a pretty chandelier but needing a fan because of the heat. I have a fan in my office that needs an update and you've given me a great idea.

  21. Great transformation Vickie! You and your so creative ideas...fantastic! I love ceiling fans and have one in my bedroom, nobody -family and friends- can understand how can we sleep without central air...
    Cushy toilet seat?? or my English is not enough to understand it or it hasn't been used here?? I'll do a little research, haha.
    When will the room-tour be?

  22. i LOVE this, vickie! it looks so elegant from the original--i need to make a run to menards now:) happy 4th!!

  23. Vickie you just crack me up!!!! Fandelier!!! My favorite new word. You need to get a patent on that!!!! Love your Fandelier. I have to have fans in a couple of my rooms to keep air moving when it is hot so this is such a great idea to dress up the fans. Love this!!!! Happy 4th my friend.

  24. Heh heh heh. I am still considering for Finley's room! LOVE IT!

  25. Well that is the prettiest ceiling fan I have seen!Happy fourth!

  26. I don't blame you for transforming the pink fan into an elegant white one! Much better! I like how you painted the arms of the light fixture part in a gold finish.

  27. I've never seen a ceiling fan like that. You took it from Barbie to beautiful. I love your make over. Looks perfect in your guest room.

  28. You never cease to amaze, and amuse, me. Those passe' ceiling fans will make a big comeback with the advent of the Fandelier! Padded potties - not so much maybe.

  29. I have to admit that I am in the fan fan club. We have three. Nope make that four now that I think about it. They come in handy when we need cooled off, but don't want to blast the AC. You are all alone in your padded toilet seat club though. I'm afraid if it was too comfy I may just fall asleep and no one wants to see that picture.

  30. It's as they say, Vicki! I like your fandelier! Haha! Anyways, you transformed it into a more elegant and luxurious-looking ceiling fan and up lights with some crafty ideas. Well, didn't that wait pay off? Your guest room looks lovelier now with the new fixture. Congratulations!
    Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company

  31. Very pretty! I live in the South and we really have to have ceiling fans. So it's nice to know that they can be prettified!

  32. Love the look of your new fan. I have ac however I still have ceiling fans too which I love. Is that stained glass piece in photo?

  33. Who cares if ceiling fans aren't "in"...they are wonderful inventions and certainly do help you keep cool! And that's a must in the summer. :-)

  34. Oh my gosh Vicki too cute! Very, very clever. Love the added bling. Your for sale made me chuckle. Would love if you shared it with SYC.

  35. Vicki - you rock. I've always wanted a pretty chandy in my bedroom, but like your bedroom, mine tends to be 180 degrees by bedtime because it's on the 2nd floor of our old farmhouse. Our fan is a must. So THIS Fandy is just fabulous!!! lol I don't want to purchase a new fan, so I'm going to steal this idea and somehow (with hubby's help) attach a small chandy to our fan. :) I WILL have a chandy in my bedroom one way or another!

    xoxo laurie

    1. We have several ceiling fans also and I have looked everywhere for a shabby chic looking fan with lights to no avail. I had seen the pink Barbie fan before and agreed it was for a little girls room. I have also thought about putting some kind of pretty light kit on our existing fans and could not find anything that did not look dated. Now I have inspiration and like you Heaven's Walk, I am going to try this and see if I can get it to work!

    2. I have looked closer at your fan and see that you did not put a special light kit on it and just painted the lights that came with the pink fan and bought the crystal bling to put on them. So I guess I am back to square one, because I can not find any light kits that look like chandy arms. I just hate to have to spend the money to replace our current fans, but guess that is what I will have to do. Thank you for this post.....I have searched high and low like you Ranger 911 and the fans out there just don't look like antiques or shabby chic. Your idea was brilliant!

  36. It's hard to enjoy all the beauty and great decor if you are sweating to death. You got the best of both worlds. Tres chic for sure!

  37. That is adorable. I wish I'd seen one like it when we were looking for my room.

  38. Just too cute!!!!! I need to do this to our fans, which are stuck in the 80' Angel Flights of the 70's. :)


  39. yep, i know all about the lack of vintage style fans out there :(
    you did a great little makeover on this, looks perfect now!!

  40. That ceiling fans look as it is for something regal, really awesome vintage design, my mother will love something like this!

  41. Great looking ceiling fans thanks for sharing. Get the Hercules fan from Hover at affordable prices.


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