Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tick tock, a little pink clock.

Just when I thought my 35 years of collecting vintage alarm clocks
was enough already, I came across the sweetest clock
that literally stopped me in my tracks.......

Okay, one more won't hurt.

 Bluebird is missing most of her paint, but that's okay.

The star rotates to count off the seconds.

I think it has an Art Deco look, but after researching the clock via Google,
 I discovered the clock and I are the same age!
The clock was manufactured in West Germany
by the Sheffield Company around 1959.
A very good year indeed!

Until just recently I would have passed up a pink clock,
but since I've got some pink accents in the master bedroom,
it practically begged to come home with me.

The clock is sitting on a shelf next to my father's wool baby booties.

  Did you know that up until the 1940's
 pink was the signature color for boys and blue was for girls?
So for those of you that were thinking this display is somewhat
girlie and contraire my friends!
Now you know it's actually quite masculine.  And how could it
possibly be childish when the clock is as old as moi?   : )

I know you're thinking this shelf must be a
rare hand carved European antique   hehe
but it's actually a syroco (fancy name for molded plastic)
 Home Interior shelf from the thrift that I painted with homemade chalk paint.

Do you remember Home Interior parties?   I still remember the advice one of the
sales reps gave us party goers.  "Never, never, never hang photos of your
family on your walls." (aka there's all the more room to hang her product)

  I finally started turning down invitations to H.I. parties
because I could sit there for hours and not find a single thing I wanted to
hang on my walls!  Well, I guess everything comes back in vogue eventually,
because here I am hanging a molded plastic shelf on my newly painted wall!

The openings in the shelf make a handy spot to hang
this sweet yellow and white baby dress....

Well, that's enough playing around for now.  I've got just one week of vacation to
paint or stain the bedroom windows (ehem.....installed over 3 years ago) and
sew up 4 sets of curtains out of fabric I've yet to choose,
 along with a boatload of miscellaneous items on my to-do list.   Whew!
 Will I get it all done in a week?

My adopted ancestor looks doubtful.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. My first thought at the first picture was that you need a pink princess phone now :) I had thought this was on a little table...whew, good thing that it's on a shelf phone needed, ha ha :)

  2. That clock is the CUTEST! There is no way you could have turned that down...just seeing it makes me want to go antiquing right this minute. Love the entire vignette...great job & Love Your Taste! :)

  3. I am so in love with that clock! I've never seen one like it but this would be in my home in a heartbeat! I love pink I must admit!!


  4. The pink clock is simply adorable and makes a great display with your father’s booties. In the early 1900s little boys wore dresses for the first couple years of their life. I have some that belonged to my grandfather and his brothers along with a pair of their May Jane type “Sunday best” shoes. I should put the shoes on display and let people guess who wore them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Your new found clock is soooo adorable!!! If ever you don't know what to do with a pink clock, can I be first in line to take it off your hands?? :-))
    Btw, love the new photo of you!!!
    Mary Alice

  6. What a special clock, especially next to your father's booties. No wonder I like you so much -- I was also born in '59. : )

    My mother used to get invited to Home Interior parties. I never would've guessed the shelf was HI.

  7. Oh my heart goes pitter pat! I let my pink clock go and I am so sad. Oh the things we do for a dollar to buy even more junk. Love the Art Deco. I have never seen a pink one.

  8. That little pink clock is the sweetest - LOVE! Your display looks great!

    xo Danielle

  9. Love your little pink clock with those sweet little birds! How cute! I just signed up as a follower - I can't believe I hadn't done that a long time ago!


  10. I didn't know that history about the pink and blue colors. I like your new pink clock. It's nice that you were able to find the history about it. I remember those Home Interior parties. I went to one at my neighbors house before. I use to have some of their things too. They were big on wall groupings weren't they?

  11. While I did know the color scheme of days gone by for boys/girls were opposite of today, I can honestly say I have never seen a clock like the one you found - good decision to buy! It is so, so cute and it looks wonderful with the HI shelf (yea, I remember those too. They're still around at many, many of the estate sales I go to - tells you most everything you need to know when you walk in the front door. But now you've confused the matter!). I always fall for baby dresses (sweet!), and maybe what your adopted ancestor is saying (back at you as you were taking the photo, "Hey! Snap out of it! You've got work to do!") Have a great week getting it all done - or rearranging the to-do schedule for upcoming breaks. ;)

    Your profile pic is so good - I love your haircut! It's so attractive on you!

  12. Hi Vickie, oh this clock is darling. Isn't it special to learn the history of pieces like this? Love it and how wonderful it looks along side your father;s baby booties. I had heard before the info about the pink and blue. When my son was born in 1976 my grandmother crocheted him a little pink sweater. I could not put that on him to save my life but would never tell her and accepted it with the love she had put into it. I guess she knew so much more then I at the time, that pink was for a boy in her days. LOL Not so much in 1976. LOL

    The shelf is fabulous. I too remember the HI parties and my sister in law used to sell it, so you know I had to give her a party. LOL Now I see all the syroco in thrift shops and antique malls just waiting for a makeover.
    Love the sweet dress you added too.

    Have a great week.

  13. That is seriously the cutest clock I've ever seen. And I've seen my share of clocks, Lady! Do you and Henriheada have the same hairstyle? I was just looking at your two photos on your sidebar and they do look similar.

  14. Love the cute little clock!! Never been invited to a Home Interiors Party :(

    Pretty photo of you on the sidebar!

    Take care~

  15. That's an adorable clock, Vickie...I've never seen one like it! Love how it looks on the pretty shelf with the sweet little shoes!

  16. Oh Vickie,
    That pink clock is too adorable. I have never seen one so cute. What a great find. Love the star second hand too. Sweet, sweet sweet! Have a great week.

  17. Love that sweet clock. The shelf looks good your way.

  18. You had better get busy doing all that work... I think your adopted ancester is spectacular.

  19. that is a gorgeous clock, never seen anything like it! your shelf looks great and not like plastic at all! Hope you accomplish all you want to... It takes me forever these days to complete a home project it seems! Just painting 2 walls is taking about 2 weeks, ha! ;)

  20. I love that clock. It was meant to be and I would have brought it home too. You and I are the same age. Have a great week of vacation. You can do it all but take time to relax and read a book too.

  21. Oh, you just have the best eye for antiques and for creating vignettes. Is it an alarm clock? Those little birdies look like they want you to rise and shine. Too cute.

  22. Oh my word, that pink clock is spectacular! Good luck with the list of jobs. Doesn't sound much of a vacation!

  23. the pink clock is adorable, vickie--great find! the booties are sweet, but, your adopted cutie looks a little grumpy:) have a great week!

  24. This clock is jus too and that star as the second hand is priceless.


  25. Oh my goodness, I am in love with this pink clock! I've never seen one like it. I don't have any pink decor in my home, but heck, those little birdies on top would've done it for me. BTW, I saw you changed your profile picture on the side of your are so pretty! Love your hair. :-) Enjoy your vacation time...don't make it all work and no play!

  26. Love that little clock-it's so unique! The whole vignette is simply adorable, for boy or girl :)

  27. Love the clock, the booties (and I had heard the pink/blue thing!) and your adopted ancestor! They look lovely with your revised shelf...just right. :) I'm betting you get it done, Vickie!

  28. Hi Vickie! Oh gosh, your pink little birdie clock is just to precious for words! What a lovely find, and it looks perfect next to your dad's felt booties. Such a charming display! ... I love your hair too! xo Paulette

  29. That is the sweetest clock! And one you didn't have....and needed! I love it! I collect pretty things like that for my doll room! It's funny how we can always get one more on the shelf! Hugs!

  30. Vickie, I love the vignette. That pink clock is so sweet!

  31. Vickie, the pink clock is precious, but I can't stop staring at your father's little booties. wow. what a precious heirloom. You always seem to know how to incorporate those small, eclectic pieces. Items I might love on a thrift store shelf, but not know where to put it... By the way, thanks for your recent comments, you're always so supportive and just so you know. You motivated me to seek some balance in my life again. I went back to yoga last night--and I'm going back to the gym today. One day at a time in this crazy house. hahaha

  32. Oh, my WOW!!!! That clock is the most adorable, perfect bit of vintage I think I've ever seen! How's that for some gushing (I'm not a gusher!)? The shelf does look wonderful, and having your dad's booties is just the best. I love family treasures like that!

  33. Oh my Vickie, You hit the jackpot with that ADORABLE PINK clock!! What a look~~~I'm jealous. (not in a sinful way) Your Daddys booties are priceless~~~how blessed you are to have a keepsake like that. And as for the Home Interiors......we all have loved it!! The shelf looks fabulous! Blessings~~~Roxie

  34. That is the cutest clock I have ever seen! Perfect by your dad's booties too. I did not know that about the colors pink and blue. How interesting is that? Boy do I remember H.I. parties. Went to a gazillion and I think I even hosted one. The shelf and dress are perfect!

  35. Hi Vickie, so fun to stop by again and revisit this fun post. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you find what you need for your shelf. The log cabin sounds great. I know I will change mine out often or with the seasons.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  36. Thank you for visiting for the Saturday Spotlight! Which pieces to we have the same of???
    Your pink clock is very sweet! We should get together sometime soon! My daughter is getting married next Saturday...Maybe in October!

  37. I love those adorable baby booties and they are even more special because they are a family heirloom. I'm swooning over that sweet pink clock myself. What a find.

  38. The clock is wonderful! I had heard that about pink and blue before but it still seems awkward. Almost awkward as pink meaning girl and blue meaning boy! By the way - your new profile picture is gorgeous!

  39. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest little pink clock I have ever seen. Swoon!! ~Angela~

  40. Vicki that clock is adorable and it looks perfect with your fathers booties.The shelf the dress ,clock and adopted ancestor make a pretty vignette.

  41. Vicki, I'd love to feature you tonight at RLTLT! Thanks for sharing with us. This is fresh. :)

  42. I think the little clock is just adorable! I love the way you incorporate all your treasures.
    The shelf is a real keeper with those booties!

  43. I will forgive you for the plastic shelf because you and I would of been the hated two at the same HI party. I never found anything I liked either. And what is that beeeeauuuutifullll new photo I see on your sidebar??? Hot mama!

  44. I am behind in reading so I missed this post. I love your little pink clock. As usual, you have created a sweet vignette.

  45. I love the syroco shelf! I like some ornate with my vintage and junk!

  46. Hi Vichy! I love your house and your blog !!,

  47. Oh my! That clock is just absolutely perfect! The pink, the birds, the star, just perfect!

  48. The clock is sooo pretty, it's easy to see why you couldn't pass it up.

  49. Love, love love this little clock!! It is just whimsical and wonderful!


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