Sunday, November 16, 2014

Magic moments.

Winters around these parts can get long and rather depressing at times,
but there's something magical about the first snowfall of the year.....
especially when viewed through the eyes of a child.

Free Holiday Mouse pattern by Barbara Prime available on Ravelry.

Our two city mice spent almost a week with us while their parents vacationed, and
as luck would have it, we received our first dusting of snow during their stay!
Before they braved the weather, I shared a tradition with Maggie and Mack that I carried on
 with our own girls when they were small.  They were serenaded by Christmas music
 during lunch while we watched the beauty of the snow falling outside.

  I don't rush the season in any other way, but year after year my Christmas cd's
 are dusted off and played on a regular basis as soon as we have snow covering the ground.
  Even the drive to work is a whole lot merrier when I've got Bing along for the ride.

 After lunch they were each given an Oreo for Frosty's eyes, but
one little elf felt the need to take a bite out of hers first.

What big eyes you have Frosty!  And I guess there is no
"right" way to insert his carrot nose.

Snow day.  :o)

Meanwhile, over in Beaverville (my pet name for their home in the country)
Finley and Willie are busy decorating the oh-so-sweet homemade dollhouse we
found for Finley's 4th birthday.  If they're anything like their DeeDee, they'll
be entertained for many years with the wonder of life in miniature.

I managed to snap a few photos while they napped,
but once they were up, my camera was set aside for snuggle time.

the birthday girl was sick during her party, but she soldiered on and hopefully
she'll enjoy some quiet play time with little bro today.  Sending hugs and kisses your way, Finley!

If you look closely, you'll see that whoever made this house even added
rubber doorstops to the handrails.  Don't you love the doorknobs?

A big smile for her invitation photo taken in their woods
with a deer friend.

I haven't had a chance to do much around the house these past few weeks,
but I did carve out enough time to make about 10 yards of fabric twine.
You can find an excellent tutorial to make some for yourself over at My Poppet.

It can be used for all sorts of things, like embellishing gifts,
Christmas tree garland, string bikini, tying kitchen cabinet doors shut, etc.,
 but I machine-stitched mine into an oval shape to make.....

a sweet little braided rug for the dollhouse!  It took all 10 yards
of twine to make this 9 1/2 inch rug.
Tutorial for rug making can also be found here at My Poppet.

The rug warms up the very pink floors of the dollhouse.
*Note: I bought a lead paint testing kit and the dollhouse tested negative.
You can find the testing kits at Lowe's.

And lastly, my mother turned 75 years young last Sunday.
(I hope I'm as young as her when I hit that milestone birthday!)
She had plenty of help blowing out her candles from 4 of her 5 little elves.

One little elf woke up with the stomach flu the next day.
I think we all know how this story ends.  :o)
The gift that keeps on giving......

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your magic moments while they last!

Four balloons tied to the mailbox.

*I'm joining the party at:
Cozy Little House  Tweak it Tuesday


  1. Vickie I love reading your posts. Your sweet creations and finds for the little ones will most certainly be some of their very best memories. If you fell victim to the 'gift', so sorry, but if it's the only time you get it this year (and I hope so), that'll be a good thing. That rug and that mouse are totally adorable. Now, I think I'll go refresh my play list to include my holiday songs. It's time.

  2. You have the cutest stuff AND grands! What a fun time building frosty...even with a cracked eye. So joyful and sweet. And that twine? I'dve given up after one yard! The rug is perfect on the pink floor. What a fun doll house to play with.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. That snow is so pretty and I'm in love with that little mouse! Kids in the snow are the cutest ever!! I miss those days.

  4. The mouse is so cute. I love your snow pictures with your adorable little oes. Snow is headed our way.
    I have a doll house shelf....but looking for a small house. My granddaughter has her mothers unfinished one. I was to do the inside after her other grandpa did the outside. She even has the furniture. But other grandpa hasnt done it yet.
    I am making peg doll people for her. I have been in minature swaps. She is five and loves all the swap items.

  5. What precious little ones! They seem to be loving the snow and imagine how much fun they will have with that dollhouse. Love the braided twine.


  6. I know the first snowfall is the most exciting! I bet it's pretty. Your grandkids are so cute playing in the snow. Happy birthday to your mom too. She's young!

  7. Your Grands are adorable and I know it's so much fun to see the first snow of the year. Love the scrap twine! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. Hi Vickie,
    Ohhhhh so sweet this post. Love the doll house and the rug you made is too cute. Your grandkids will have such beautiful memories of you making these sweet treasures for them. We got our first snow yesterday and today. It did make me in the mood to push on through my holiday decor. Stay warm. Love the oreo's eyes for Mr. Snowman. Too cute.

  9. I feel better just for reading such an inspirational post! Beautiful little ones and the doll house is adorable, so much care and thought went into it!

  10. Oh, you did have a special week of memory making! Such adorable little are blessed! Love the wonderful dollhouse, and the rug you made is so charming!

  11. Oh my goodness - what memories you bring back. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the little red snowsuit. It was February 22, 1960 when it began to snow. I had a two year old and a five month old, and we were a working family with very little money. My husband came home from work and we went to Weiner's Department Store and bought a little red snowsuit exactly like that one. All three of our children and most of the six grandchildren wore it, usually in only a few flurries because it doesn't snow often in Houston, Texas. It is still hanging in my closet after all these years, and I don't remember what we had to do without in order to buy the suit; but whatever, it was so worth it. Thanks for reminding me of good times, and enjoy those sweet babies!

  12. Cute, cute post in every way. Love the tradition of Christmas music when it snows! Adorable doll the darling rug you made.
    Mary Alice

  13. The little mouse pattern in so cute and so are your grandkids!!

  14. How much fun to have grands stay with you! I know we love it. They look like they had a great time in the snow. I love the dollhouse and the fabric twine rug is adorable. I am going to have to make some of that.

  15. great pics of the grands and the snowman, vickie:) i would love to find a cute vintage dollhouse--i''ve been looking for the perfect one. what a sweet house you found! and i love the little rug-adorable!

  16. The doll house is adorable and the rug is perfect for it. Now when do we see your twine bikini?

  17. I love your first snow photos; they bring back precious memories with my own kids. What lucky grandchildren to have you in their lives.

  18. The first snow is always magical. Ours came on Nov. 13 -- my birthday! We went for a walk at dawn with the snowflakes falling. It was special.

    Love your twine.

  19. Hope you are feeling better soon Vickie. The little rug you made is adorable. The dollhouse is so similar to the one that I have. Your grands are so cute and I am sure that it must of been hard for them giving up those oreo cookies for the snowman, but I am sure that you provided extras for them to nibble on.

    xo Danielle

  20. You just can't beat a bit of Bing or Frank, puts one right in the mood, as do your wonderful pictures of the grandkids playing in the snow. I'm sure your Mother must have had a wonderful birthday with some of her great grands.
    Love your little mouse and the rug is so cute - perfect for the adorable dolls house.

  21. Your grands are so cute. I love the snowman with the Oreo eyes and the carrot stuck in just the right way. ;) The dollhouse is a great find. Homemade is the best, and what could be more fun than arranging furniture in a dollhouse like this one? Thanks for the links to the tutorials. I'll check them out. xxx ~ Nancy

  22. Oh my goodness- I am DROOLING over that dollhouse! Such wonderful soft colors! I love it! I hope your granddaughter is feeling better to appreciate it soon! And the snowman is so fun- my kids have never seen snow- we must make a point to find some snow for them to play in this year!

  23. That doll house is adorable as is the invitation. I'm so sorry that the flu went around. I hope all are feeling "as right as rain."
    Last night we had a dusting of snow here is North Texas. That is the first time that's happened since I've lived here.
    Have a great week.

  24. Snow, snow, snow! Kids in the snow! Looks like a perfect day to me.
    I love your little mouse and I wish I could make one...haven't learned yet. Your tiny rug is the cutest! You make the sweetest things- they just make me happy. :)

  25. Hi Vickie, Oh the first snowfall is so pretty. Love the pics of the little ones making a snowman. So sweet. The little mouse sitting on the sill is too cute. The tiny doll house rug is adorable, Love the doll house too. Years of fun and enjoyment with that treasure, I am sure.

    Thanks for stopping by. I think I got that tinsel at Hobby Lobby. I am out of it know and need to get some more. I loved it in that size.

    Have a great week.

  26. LOL I'd probably want to eat a bit of Frosty's eyes as well. The children are just adorable as are your little mice and that braided rug much work involved but how sweet it is in the end. A very enjoyable post here. I started smiling at the wee mouse and don't think I stopped all the way through :)

  27. Oh that is too cute. I still have my dollhouse that my dad made for me when I was little.

  28. I bet it was a lot of fun to have little ones in the house again! I had my nieces here this weekend, but they're now 16 and 18. It was so wonderful to have them here though...gave this empty house a cheery lift.

  29. Vickie I love that first snowfall too! Makes everything look so magical. We haven't had any that has stayed on the ground yet, but it sure has gotten cold. The little ones are so cute and I love the doll house. The rug has got to be just about the cutest thing I ever did see. lol! I want to make some of that twine. Just looks cute on the spool. Love your sweet little mouse too. Happy Birthday to your dear mother!

  30. Oh Vickie, what a happy post. Did you hear me chuckling through the computer when I saw the Oreo cookie with a bite out of it? SO darn cute. And what a way to relish the special times...I loved how you played the Christmas music before the play time in the snow. I'm also one of those who has the Christmas music on whenever possible. Drives my boys crazy, (too bad I say) but I absolutely love the season and music brings back all those good memories. I'm so happy for you that you've got the grandkids to see it all through their eyes again.

  31. I downloaded the mouse pattern and now I am headed over to find the twine tutorial.

    I don't live in snow and only like it when we are skiing, but I find it magical every time we are skiing and it begins to snow.

    You grands are adorable.

  32. Hello Vickie! I see you spent very nice moments with your grands and that was wonderful for your daughter too. First snowfall must be a fantastic moment and nice memories for kids...
    That dollhouse is lovely. I guess grands are a very good excuse for us to continue playing and buying these beautiful toys, aren't they? Ohh, do we need an excuse? haha.
    The fabric twin is so sweet, I'm going to visit the tutorial just now.
    A big hug for you Vickie!

  33. OK, I don't know where I've been because I just now noticed that you had posted! Like last week! I adore the birthday party invitation though. That deer was so well behaved for the photo shoot! Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving week festivities.

  34. Look at those cuties hanging out with gramma. You get that turkey cooking, then start painting, and always leave time for snuggling (minus getting the flu).

  35. OH my gosh....I just saw this now. What a sweet post. nice. :) The kiddos had so much fun staying with gramma deedee and grampa, and they said they want to do it...every...single...year. ;) Hehehe. What good memories.

  36. I think that's the sweetest dollhouse i have ever seen! Love the colors, and I can imagine how much fun your beautiful grands will have decorating it. Or maybe you will be the lucky one in that regard? I know I would ;). A friend of mine has been decorating doll houses for many years, and each year goes to Cherry Hill NJ for a miniature convention of sorts. It's such a fun hobby!


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