Monday, August 24, 2015

Rainy days and Mondays.

It was a gloomy wet weekend, not at all the weather
I ordered for the last 2 days of my vacation.

The only good thing about rainy weather is that it gives me plenty of time
to work on indoor projects.  I've got a huge pile of old junk in the basement
in preparation for the 3rd and probably last garage sale I'll ever have.

Forgive me for saying this, but I would rather visit the dentist than go to garage sales
 and the thought of all those wasted hours having one of my own...ugh,
but every 10 years or so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

The unknown animal on my clock now has 2 ears.
As I'm looking at this photo, the thought that comes to mind is,
"There's a sucker born every minute."
Is that what you were thinking, too?
I thought so.

I propped it on top of my medicine cabinet while the clay cures,
and even my coffee cups are smirking about my foolishness!

Enough about that.

As you can see, I've hung valances on my kitchen windows.

They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but they were quick and easy.
I bought three 16 x 90 table runners from World Market and sewed 2 together
for the bay window and hung the 3rd one on the window over my kitchen sink.

WM also carries napkins and towels to match.  In fact, the towel hanging
on the drawer pull was my inspiration for the valances.  I went to buy more,
thinking I could piece them together, but I was pleasantly surprised
 to find the runners instead.

Now that they're up, I have to curb my temptation to adjust the folds.
As my Baba would've said, "It's put near impossible to get them even!"

The table runners were $12.99 each, so for around $40 I've got window treatments
that required very little work.  I ripped out the finished edges on two sides of each runner
before sewing them together for this window.  Then I stitched a rod pocket on the top edge,
 pressed them, and that's it!  Easy peasy!

 The runners are available at World Market in...




and red,
and now they're on sale for only $9.74!

I've been given a piece of crocheted autumn inspiration that's tempting me
 to make another set of valances in orange.

What do you think?
Should I go for it?

Red striped valances for December through mid August,
 and orange stripes for the autumn months.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, candy corn.....hmmmmm......

Well, today it's back to work for me, so no creative time for quite a while, I'm afraid.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Are you sure this isn't a sponsored post? Kidding! I LOVE your new window treatments and if I lived in the states I'd be over to that shop in a flash. Well done for spotting their potential.
    The cows ear looks perfect! And I can't read that post title without singing it. I'll have that song in my head all afternoon now so thank goodness it's a great song. It's totally peeing it down here too! Good old British summer time. xx

  2. I love how you made valances out of table runners! I never would've guessed thats what you used. I wish I had a World Market close to me. The closest one is about 45 min away. I always enjoy browsing that store. they have such good prices too. I do think the orange ones would be a neat change for the Autumn months if you feel like making them. The nice thing is that it will still match your kitchen.

  3. Hi Vickie! Oh, I love your valances and I think the gathers look pretty even to me! Oh, I just love your sweet kitchen. God for it! You're on a roll.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Vickie - Love your valances. Just the right touch of red.


  5. LOVE your new valances...and yes, go for the orange, too! I've been adding it for fall, too!

  6. Love your valances, Vickie! They add just the right amount of color to your kitchen...which BTW I'm loving!! I would do almost anything to avoid going to the dentist...including having many yard sales!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Vickie your kitchen is so darn pretty!! I love your valances--what a great idea, makes me wish I could sew ..And as far as garage sales go I have a love hate thing with them. I love to go to other people's but I hate having one. We had one recently and after all those low ball offers it made us wonder why we just didn't donate everything to our local animal shelter thrift store.
    sending you lots of SoCal sunshine

  8. Love your valances Vickie. Yes, go for the orange. I'm adding it in with a rusty tone and love it for fall.
    Just got those same red towels at WM. You kitchen is gorgeous. Love it and gathering so many ideas.
    Have a great

  9. I just love your kitchen - it is so pretty! Those valances you made are fabulous. I saw the runners at World Market and was going to get one for my kitchen table, but it's too long. And I don't/can't sew.

    I don't go to garage sales anymore, only because the ones around here never have anything "good". Just lots of junk and baby stuff. So maybe one day if I ever have a grandchild, I'll be going to garage sales, but for now - nope. I don't dare have one either, as our neighborhood never does well with sales. Last time I had one with a neighbor, we barely made any money and we did a ton of work. Not worth it for us. I wish you a lot of luck with yours!

  10. Love your kitchen. Red & white is so clean & cheerful. Please do the orange valances too. They are genius made of runners!

  11. Vickie, love your runner valances. So not only are you a savvy shopper who buys maimed cow clocks and runners for valances, but you can even sculpt ears, I'll bet you can make that cow moo again. (Btw, you should see some of the vintage purses I've bought in the past. They would make you feel a whole lot better, trust me). Besides, your cow is really quite handsome.

  12. Nice valances and love what you used to make them. I love "easy-peasy"! Yes, have different ones for the seasons!

  13. Those are absolutely adorable. Orange would be so cute for the fall. Have a wonderful week. Your kitchen is looking fabulous.

  14. You gave him a new ear?? How resourceful! And you took that skill a step further with those cute valances. Just the right touch of red and yes, go ahead and make another set in Orange. It will be a nice change for just a few months.

  15. Very cute valances. You have to go for the orange for fall! As a matter of fact I may run to the store to buy an orange one and actually put it on my table :)

  16. The valances are charming and yes I think Orange would be fun... but again more work so I would opt out.. Wow I'm getting lazy in my old age! Enjoy your work week~

  17. Love the valances. I just saw an article about tea towels, so I think you are very on trend!

  18. Your valances turned out great! What a great idea to use the runners. I think orange would be great for fall. I vote go for it. Hugs, Dianne

  19. I love the valances! Maybe you should make some in every colour available!

  20. Oh my gosh Vicki, I love the new curtains and your shelf is just darling with all of your cute treasures. I say, "YES" orange would be fabulous and could be used for a long time, like you mentioned. The clock is a lot smaller than I realized. That makes it even more darling. The story behind it makes it precious if you ask me!

  21. your kitchen is full of cottage charm, vickie! fun little clock and the runners make cute curtains! and the pop of orange for fall would be perfect for you:)

  22. Great idea for the valance and curtains...I love, love, love how they turned out. And I love the idea of changing them to go with the different seasons. Oh and I think your little clock is muy simpatico :-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  23. Oh I love your kitchen Vicki. Love the curtains and I see the nice open shelves. Everything is so bright and cheerful. Very pretty. Hope you have a great week end.

  24. For being runners, I think they turned out great!!!! Your kitchen is lovely!

  25. Your kitchen is so pretty, magazine worthy.

  26. Exactly what Amalia said... magazine worthy. The curtains turned out so cute, Vickie! I've been putting off making some for my kitchen, but you make me feel inspired. Does that mean I'll do it right away? Probably not, but it's making me think about it at least ;)


  27. Love the curtains, and in fact your whole kitchen, it's just wonderful (as is your whole house, so inspiring. I'm still spray painting things the same green you have on your guest bed!) Your creamer appears to be getting some significant enjoyment from your unidentified animal clock! I'm just glad the dear creature got a good home and some friends at your house, as well as some medical intervention. Life is always better with two ears.

  28. Everything looks lovely.

    Thanks for the tip on the runners.

  29. I have those same little tea cups of winking lady faces with random butterflies on their face. I detest them, but they belonged to my late MIL. Sigh. They look cute how you have them displayed. they don't work anywhere at my house, tho...and I so need to purge a lot of these "treasures"...


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