Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Eeny meeny miny moe.

I've always had a difficult time making decisions,
but my problem seems to be escalating as I get older.

For example....
Here's my latest window treatment in the works.
You have no idea how many fabrics I tried before I decided on this one!
Lace, ticking, painted grain sack, drop cloth........

Two weeks ago, we finally removed Too Big Armoire from our living room.
I plunked the big dinosaur of a TV onto the dry sink borrowed from the dining room
 and called it a day.  I really thought I could live with this for a while.  Silly me.

My stereo speakers joined in the loveliness.

After only one day of UGLY staring me in the face, I hoisted the ancient TV
all by myself and lugged it out to the garage.  I've since joined the 21st century and I
now own a small flat screen TV.  Although it's small and lightweight,
it's still an eyesore to me, so I tried to think of ways to camouflage the thing.
I couldn't come up with a practical solution, but a vintage cabinet I saw
at a local shop came to mind.  I paid the shop a visit to see if it was still there.

It was.

#1 Pretty in Pink
It's exactly what I envisioned for the room.  Two cabinets, one for each side
of the fireplace would be better, but one would do.  It's only 11" deep, so it 
would look custom built for the room, and my small TV would easily fit inside.
This is the most expensive choice and transporting it would present a problem.

There was another option.

#2 Pine a' la Mode

This pie safe has been altered somewhat, hence the low price.
It's a little taller than I'd like and would reach the window sill, 
so no treasures could be displayed on top.  But it would not only hide my TV,
there would be plenty of storage for afghans, laptop, stereo, etc.
It would easily fit into either of our vehicles.

To add to my confusion, daughter number one offered up one of the pair of cabinets
I painted for them a few years ago that's momentarily sitting empty at their house.

#3 Sweet Petite

Here it sits in the exact spot where I'd be placing the cabinet of choice.
My TV would fit between the top of the cabinet and the window
and it's already bought and paid for and nicely restored, too.

Time is of the essence for the first 2 because they're marked 40% off
and they're going to sell quickly.

I've made my decision.....I think.......I'm pretty sure........
but I'd like you to guess which one it is,
and tell me which one you'd choose.

2 centuries years ago.
Excuse the historic colonial era photo.

April 2014
Transitional phase.
Armoire gone.  Piano gone.  Chair moved.
TV cabinet would be placed under the window on the left.

2 months ago.
The arrangement looks far less awkward here than it does in real life.  I'm sure it breaks every
 feng shui rule, whatever they may be.  The armoire is gone and both chairs have been relocated
 to the opposite side of the room out of camera range.  The sisal rug was a trial run 
and my old red rug is back.  The love seat now sits adjacent to the couch on the window wall
 and my curtains (not shown here) are hemmed.  Woo hoo!  Mission complete.

  The wicker coffee table also got the heave-ho, but we'll talk about that some other time.

  Remember, my word for 2015 is focusSo let's stay focused, girls, and choose a TV cabinet!

 Eeny meeny miny me,
which should I choose, one two or three?

Thanks for stopping by to cast your spell vote!

*I'm joining the party at:
Let's Talk Vintage  Bella Rosa Antiques


  1. Pinkie. Not because of the color but it sort of looks like it came from a house like yours. But don't let me sway you (just in case you didn't pick that one)!

  2. I do love the first piece..however the "free" pieces would work nicely. Have fun deciding!

  3. you're going to hate me, but I really really love that armoire in balances out the room and still gives you tons of storage. ok, but I know any of those cabinets would look great!

  4. I think given the scale and location of the loveseat and couch, cabinet #1 would suit you best. I know exactly how you feel over making decisions. I am the same way. I can have total conviction on many things, but the smaller the decision, it seems, the harder it is for me. This one would rate somewhere in the middle of the difficulty scale.

  5. You are so funny, but I totally understand! I too suffer from the lack of decision making. Some rooms in our home look empty because I can't decide what "goes." I love the pink cabinet!! However, the pine cupboard has solid doors which is nice for hiding clutter. Good luck!

  6. I would go with the white cabinet that is already restore, bought and paid for. I do love the pink cabinet and think you should get it anyway .... I'm sure you can find a spot for it SOMEWHERE.
    Tee hee! Thanks so much for joining with "let's Talk Vintage!" this week... my LTV email account is currently locked so I could not get into it yesterday to send out the email alert. Hoping to have it fixed soon! Enjoy your week!

  7. I'm with Jillian, I think I'd go for #3 since it's free and also very cute. I do like the pink one too, putting the TV inside would be nice, but it might be a hassle to open the door every time you want to watch TV.

    1. P.S., I'm currently agonizing over rugs for our condo in Florida.

  8. Since you said that #1 was what you had envisioned...I'm going with it.
    Now fess up, Vickie...what did you choose???

  9. I feel the same way you do, the older I get it seems like I struggle to make a decision. It's arduous over the simples things? I'd go for #1 just love it and wish I had one for myself. Free is always good to!

  10. Number 1, number 1, rah, rah, rah!!! Number 1, number 1, siss boom bahhhhh!!!! (number 3 is cute and I'm sure you could find something darling to do with it elsewhere-it looks like a bedside table to me- but I LOVE number one for your purpose. Number 2 just isn't right, I feel like it will annoy you just like the (I can't spell it apparently, so I'll just describe it) large thing did. Though….you could display glass on top of it if it's even with the window, and that would be quite lovely and if you paint it it won't take up so much visual room…..I dunno…….what did you pick? (number one, right? It's number one. Right? Am I right? Aaaaakkkkk….must know now……)

  11. I'd take the free one. Then whatever I did to it wouldn't make me feel like I wasted money. You know, I have readers that are like you and can't make decisions. They send me photos of stuff and I pick for them! I find it easy to make decisions. I just see what I want and I'm off. I have a daughter that is apprehensive about every little decision about her house and everything else, including what to eat for lunch too. Heck, if you want to join my free little group that let's me make their decisions, color, style, etc., I don't charge anything!

  12. I really like the white armoire that you had in there Vickie! What did I miss? Why did you remove it and where is it? *sign* Ok, I'm not helping. I like the design of pinky, but not so sure about the color. The free one is cute, and since it's free you can always change your mind if you don't like it. No harm, no foul. Not crazy about the pine one, but that too has potential.

    What did you pick?

  13. I'm all confused lol. I know you can make any of them look great, but I am guessing you'll work out your transportation issues for number one (maybe the shop will deliver...we did sometimes, when we were in a shop)'s on sale...and you did say it would look custom built for the space. So, now we all want to know what you did!

  14. Ok Vickie I really like the white armoire!!! Sorry I think it looks so great in your room. I know you want change and any of the choices would be good ones. I love #1 Pink or #2 cabinet. Both would be great choices.

  15. Vickie, you are hilarious! I go through the same mind games on every little decorating decision. What's up with that? Anyway I love the transformation your room has gone through. I really like all 3 cabinets, but if it were me, I'd probably go with number 3, just because it's free. I know -I'm a cheapskate-um I mean thrifty gal. Can't wait to see what you chose. Love the window in the kitchen too!

  16. I am indecisive so I can't tell you! I would probably take the free one. Looking forward to which you chose!

  17. I think that you'll either go with #3 which is free or #1 which you probably dearly want :)

  18. I like the first option of the glass cabinet. It has a lot of character and I like that it has a thin profile.

  19. One! Go get it quick!
    You are not alone with the decision thing. Absolutely not. x

  20. I like #3 - the white cabinet - the best, but that's just me. I have a feeling you picked #1...Pretty in Pink! I can't wait to see what you chose and how it looks...

    1. PS - And, like you and a lot of the other women that have comment, I agonize over every little decision, too! You are definitely not alone in this. Heck, I can barely pick out towels for the bathroom. Don't even get me started on rugs. I think one reason is simply because we have too many choices these days.

  21. I LOVE the pink one, I'd probably get that and still wonder what to do, haha! I'm currently planning something different for our tv, which is in a tv armoire that we made shallow when we got a flat screen. I still hate dealing with the doors! Unless the doors slide in, they are a pain in our house (we watch a lot of tv/movies, hubby is a super geek and also loves gaming, so they're pretty much always open). I'm planning to haul our old buffet table out of the laundry room and make it into a hutch type of thing. I think. I still cringe at *actually* having the tv unalterably permanently exposed. Decisions, decisions. I can't wait to see what you do!

  22. That is a tough one. My favorite is the top one. I can't wait to see which one you chose.

  23. Oh, I don't know which one would work best, I'm like you, every decision takes me forever to make. I've been meaning to change my TV cabinet for ever and still haven't found anything because I hesiatte too much and once I've made the decision, the piece I wanted is gone! I can't wait to ee what you chose.

  24. know me and my vote is for the pink cabinet ;-)

  25. All three are great choices but if you ask me, my favorite is the pie safe. I think it will hide the tv better which is what you want, right?


  26. I love the photo from two months ago! The white, blue, brown colour scheme works really well, and the room seems well lit and open with the chairs and couch arranged in that fashion. I don’t know how the TV would alter that dynamic though, so maybe that’s something to keep in mind.

    Jeanmarie @ RVM


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