Sunday, December 6, 2015

Red white & blue Christmas tour.

It's that time of year.

I love everything about this time of year.
I've spent this past week tweaking my decorations
while my favorite Christmas tunes play in the background,
and here's how it all

 Welcome to 911!

Let's start in the living room.
I dressed my recently painted Mora clock with a pine swag I put together
and a mercury glass ornament where a pendulum should hang.

My pie safe has settled in nicely now that I've cut an additional 3 inches off the legs.
I guess they're more like feet now.  As you can see, the piece has lots of flaws character.

After downsizing my holiday decor collection, I vowed not to buy anything new.
 To top the pie safe, I unpacked my Swiss chalet music boxes I've been collecting
 for bedroom number 3, since that project is going nowhere fast.

Several of the music boxes play tunes from The Sound of Music, including Edelweiss
and my personal favorite, The Lonely Goatherd.

  Children's part:
O ho lay dee odl lee o, o ho lay dee odl ay
O ho lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay

Miniatures and twinkle lights bring out the magic.

I found a mama Dala horse to go with my baby and they pair up nicely
with my Swedish candlesticks.  One or two little selfies (gifts to myself) are allowed.
  My old church window returns, but I nixed the glittery banner in favor of
old wool children's stockings hung from a string.

My basket of white wool yarn sits on the hearth next to the red clogs that claim this spot
 every year.  I can picture it unnamed 4 year old boy will slip his feet into the clogs, brandish his Ninja Turtle weapons (knitting needles) and tie up the bad guys with yarn.
(The 3 little bad guys will love the game, but please don't ask me how I know.)

Perhaps I should rethink the basket.

Nothing looked right on this table
 until I gathered up my old churches and added a forest of trees.

I only unpacked 3 of my vintage angels, because my decorating theme these days is....
Safe, Unbreakable, Replaceable & Washable.....and a glass of wine.
As you can see, the angel on the right has already lost her wings,
so we may have a matching set by the end of the season.

After 11 years of living with the furniture brought from our previous home,
I finally made some changes.  Our old upright piano was moved to our youngest
daughter's house, I sold our too large armoire to a friend, and I donated our
wicker coffee table to the Salvation Army.  That created breathing space in the room,
and allowed me to pick up a few old pieces that function better in the space.

I found this clover leaf table and my round coffee table at a local antique mall
for a steal.  I couldn't believe my luck to find the 2 pieces I wanted for the room
at the very first place I looked for well under a Benjamin!

 I painted over the navy blue base and my handyman stripped the paint off the top.

My round coffee table.

I love this table.

It was a full height newish kitchen table that was already painted and the top
 had been stripped.  We cut down the sweet cabriole legs (it was painful,
 but worth it in the end) to slightly higher than standard coffee table height
 and you'll see why in a moment.

  I applied a stain/sealer to protect the top from stains.
Psssst......Have you tried Candy Cane Hershey Kisses?

I am seriously challenged when it comes to making centerpieces.

Did I mention that I love this table?

We left the table high enough to accommodate the children's chairs
I've collected over the years.  Just right for a Christmas tea.
I know in reality it would be spills and chairs tipping over,
but let me have my Norman Rockwell moment please.  :o)

 Late afternoon in the north side of the room.

Running out of daylight.....

 The south side of the room with plenty of space for our small tree.

 Looking into the front entryway from the living room.

 Now for the dining room....
I made a red table runner to give my poor grain sack runner a rest.

 The pine cone garland was an autumn clearance item from Target,
but I think it works for Christmas, too.  The sneaky gnome is back to
ensure the children eat their greens...or no dessert!

The toy soldier lamp has found a new home on the buffet.

My sheet music wreath survived another year in storage.

One more recent find.
For only $2.50 he was too tweet to leave behind!

Whew!  This is the last photo.

Santa's elves were remiss on their toy making duties this year, so if you don't hear from me
 again this holiday season, we're knee deep in dollhouse building.

  Do you remember the dollhouse I showed you last January
that we planned to build before Maggie's December 26 birthday?

We started it December 1st.

Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!

Thank you so much for visiting and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

I'm joining the parties at:
The Wicker House Create Share Inspire
Essence of Home Share Your Style
Come as you are Christmas Open House
hosted by Common Ground and Cozy Little House


  1. Vickie, you just really have the knack for making a room beautiful. I love your pretty but uncluttered look.

  2. LOVE it all!! Love the church window, great idea with the coffee table to serve as a tea table for the grands.Pretty tree, table runner... It's all GOOD!

  3. I love your unique take on Christmas decor. Just the type of home visiting grandchildren will always remember!

  4. Your home is so charming!! I'm enthralled and love seeing how you decorated for Christmas!

  5. Hi Vickie! Every thing is so very charming - love the pops of red, especially the cute truck. Jane

  6. LOVE it all. Vickie, that Mora Clock is such a showstopper! Please come by and link up with the party on Tuesday night!

  7. Hi Vickie! Oh, how I've enjoyed my tour of your lovely home! You have so many whimsical things and I love that!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. The clock looks so sweet, and I love your village on the mantel. xoox Su

  9. Love The Sound of Music movie! Your Christmas treasures are beautiful and so is your home. Kathleen in Az

  10. This is all so lovely, Vickie! Your little church and tree display is charming...and I am in LOVE with your music box chalets...

  11. Oh Vickie just swooning over your Christmas decor. I want that stocking garland. Oh my that is awesome. Love it. Love your little church scene gorgeous. All your treasures look wonderful.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  12. Vickie I don't even know where to start! Love the tree in a bucket. Love the church and tree scene on the table. Love the toy soldier lamp. Love it all!!!

  13. Oh Vickie, your red white and blue decor is perfect. The living room looks great with all the new pieces. Love it all. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home. Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  14. It's all so adorable, Vickie. All of your red touches and vintage items are just perfect. And that table with the children's chairs is so, so sweet!

  15. You have such pretty Christmas touches throughout! I love all of your vintage collections.

  16. Beautiful Vickie!! Your sweet home looks like it came straight out of a Christmas cottage magazine. I love the red table runner and all of your charming details. xo

  17. Vickie you home is gorgeous for Christmas. Every little detail is so charming.
    Love the little cottages and the red white and blue is wonderful. Your collections are adorable. This surely should be in a magazine. Simply fantastic! xo

  18. Oh Vickie, your home is divinely (minus a pr of wings) styled for Christmas! Of course, I love all the textiles, but that little table and chairs is definitely special. You do small arrangements perfectly, and your photography is awesome (love the wooden Santa with the snow babies - he looks as if he has a flashlight in his hand with the light the way it is). And it's too late - I've already gotten into the bag of peppermint kisses - but only AFTER my husband & I finished off both a 5# bag of each holiday M&M plain and peanut candies. Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo, indeed! Merry Merry!

  19. Everything looks so pretty and perfectly ready for the holidays Vickie. Love the runner, the garland, and your vintage touches. Oh, and that clock! LOVE it all year round :).

  20. I always love seeing your church window. Love the Mora clock, the color looks great


  21. Your home all dressed up for Christmas is absolutely delightful and magical for all your sweet littles who I'm sure can't wait to arrive! Loving the living room coffee table with those darling vintage chairs...what fun!
    Mary Alice

  22. I love it all. You have the most amazing vintage pieces. I love, love the Swiss Chalets. So cute.

  23. Your decorating and vignettes are fabulous. I'm "in love" with those red Swedish candlesticks...wherever in the world did you find them? Your grandkids will love sitting at that table - perfect height! As long as they leave the weapons; i.e., knitting needles in the basket, maybe all will be peaceful. ;-)

  24. Ahhhh...that is SO cute! And LOVE the little table. ;0) And can totally picture Ninja Mack and his knitting needle weapons. Hahaha. ;) I was so confused by the living room photos...I had to look at them a couple times to picture the living room! Looks so different and awesome!

  25. It's just beautiful ...I love the swiss chalets, little table, all the perfect little touches everywhere :)

  26. Vickie, my mouth is hanging open. You are the master of using vintage stuff the right way. I love the red touches with the blue. The new tables are awesome, especially with the kids chairs tucked in. I have 1 swiss chalet-I didn't know that was what they were.Love how you displayed them.My favorite display, although it's hard to narrow them down, is your sweet and simple mantle with the red candlesticks. Just perfect!

  27. Love the way you decorated! I can just picture the tea parties around that table. It all looks so cozy.

    xo Dianne

  28. Your home looks beautiful. I love the little table and chairs. So cozy.


  29. I so love all your blue you live with every day and the red, just makes it pop...from a Blue Lover, Sandi

  30. Vickie,
    love your simple, uncluttered style of Christmas decorating. You know I'm a fan of all your adorable vintage decorations, so cute! Everything looks amazing! Your coffee/children's table is perfect for them to enjoy everything Christmas at your house!
    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season!

  31. Enjoyed the visit and hear about your village music boxes and cutting back. I am not finding that easy some days and other...out the door in a flash! We still have 3 at home and 2 married plus 4 grands. The lovely miniatures you have collected are so sweet. Love the valance in the dining room. visiting from Create-Share-Inspire. Merry CHrsitmas, Linda

  32. Started here and went back in time to July. My coffee is gone now, guess I better get another cup.

  33. It's stunning Vickie! Do you have Swiss blood in your family? I'm just thinking of your cuckoo clocks and Alpine village. They're just delightful.
    I have to get my ass (or arse, as we say) in gear and finish my decorations. I'm struggling this year... xx

  34. Every nook and cranny of your holiday-decorated home is just magical, Vickie!

  35. You did an amazing job recreating a magical Christmas decor in your house.

  36. Everything looks absolutely darling, Vickie! I'm especially in love with those Swiss chalets and that sweet little birdie. Your cottage is wonderful no matter what time of year it is though :)


  37. Vickie, you have the coolest, and prettiest collections! I love your chalet collection! I have never seen those before, who knew, but they are perfect in your home. Your home looks so cozy and inviting! Ha... cute that your grandson has an imagination ;-) Love your new table too! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, best wishes in the new year!

  38. Vickie you have become the most amazing creator of vignettes. I looooove gazing over your photos they are so pretty. I think you made some great moves changing out your furniture, you've inspired me to let go of some of my big bulky items too. Love that entire cozy room. Blue and white is so classic...are your daughters close by? Are you hosting Christmas this year?


  39. Don't know how i missed this, but I found it now! Your home looks so pretty and love your vignettes. I would of had a hard time cutting down that table but it does look adorable for the children. I love blue and white....any time.

  40. Oh, Vickie, there are so many things I want to comment on and I know I will forget some of them.

    the tiny socks ... the red table runner ... each vignette ... the color scheme ...


  41. It's all very charming, but I think my favorite part is the village and angels on the little table. I'll echo Art and Sand -- it's perfect.

  42. What a fantastic tour, Vickie. I don't know where to begin, it is all so lovely and vintagy and charming. Happy holidays!

  43. Oh, Vicki! I know I"m going to fail miserably in expressing in words how much I love your home decorated for Christmas. Of all the homes I've seen in blogland so far, yours is the one I love the most. It's just perfect. I love all the Scandinavian touches. The miniatures are all delightful. Not just that, but the way you put it all together. I had to scroll through several times to take it all in. Love your furniture, the colors and every single detail of your home. It's just very, very wonderful! Did I say I love it all? I do! Merry Christmas, my friend! ~ Nancy P.S. I pinned a lot!

  44. Thanks for inviting us in, it was such a pleasure.

  45. you have a round coffee table that is so beautiful. looks awesome and luxurious


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