Sunday, January 31, 2016

I need to vent.

As a middle child, I tend to avoid conflict, and my blog
most definitely would not be the place I'd choose to publicly vent my frustrations.

 On the other hand, it's the perfect place to show off my new vent.  :o)

I first saw it at an antique shop I visited in October, and I was shocked to find it
still in the same spot on the floor when we stopped back in December. 
(No, I did not hide it behind other merchandise.)
 With the discount I asked for, it was only $25, so I bought it
 and stashed it in the basement until after the holidays.

The wood was originally almost black, but my assistant
sanded it down to the pretty wood tone it's sporting now.

The only other change in the kitchen is that I switched out my beige buffalo check shades
  for my red & white table runner valances before Christmas,
 and they'll remain hanging on the windows through the summer months.

 Of course, now I've got to rearrange the plates hanging on the soffit,
but there's no need to vent about that.

We've been enjoying a few spring-like days up north,
as you can see by the sun streaming through the dining room window below.

Enough playing around in the kitchen.
  It's time to get outdoors and feel that sun on my face!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hi Vickie, I adore your vent!! Such a great treasure and it looks wonderful in your awesome kitchen. Love all your special vintage touches. So bright and cheerful!! I especially love the old board with the pitchers hanging over your door way.
    It's warm here this weekend too and the temps are around 75 degrees. We've been working in the garden all day and loving it. I'm not counting Feb. out yet however. We may still have some cold days ahead.

    Have a nice week ahead. xo

  2. Thanks for venting! Love that piece.


  3. It's so unusual. Never seen one like it. I just adore your kitchen! I've been working out on the patio much of the day. Warmer here too.

  4. Love, love, love it, Vickie! Your kitchen is so beautiful! Enjoy this bit of warm weather!!

  5. I love your vent! So cute. I'm glad you got it at a discount. WE had a beautiful weekend in Texas. We even cooked out on the grill last night.
    Your kitchen look fantastic.

  6. Your kitchen looks great! I love white with vintage goodies, including the cool vent!

  7. The vent is very nice but I LOVE the pitchers that are hung over the doorway. I may have to borrow that idea.

  8. I love your kitchen, Vickie, and the [new] old vent (also the mug rack over the doorway and that, oh so cool, wicker scoop of a thingamajig). We hit near 70° today (!), but the yard is still covered with snow (but the courtyard to yard entry gate is now clear, yippee).

  9. Cool vent :) I'm with Anonymous up above, I didn't notice the pitchers over your doorway before. Cute idea and I have a old piece from a doorway that would be perfect for that. Count that idea as stolen!

  10. Your home just says, "Come on in and make yourself comfortable." I love all that you do!

  11. I just love your kitchen so much, Vickie. The vent you found is a great addition too - very unique!

  12. Great find, and it looks cute up there! Love the mint. xoxo Su

  13. I love your kitchen and I love that cool vent. I think you did hide it under something else so it would be there for you. lol. Glad you got it-looks perfect hanging up there.

  14. Your kitchen is so light, bright, and pretty! The vent looks like it belongs up there. Perfect way to add a little industrial touch.

    Your title really caught my eye, by the way. I thought uh oh.... :)

  15. Your placement of the vent is perfect, Vickie! Your whole kitchen is so charming and bright and cheery...Love it!!
    Mary Alice

  16. The kitchen is so pretty and bright. There's a lot to look at and I was trying to take it all in while looking at the handsome vent. lovely

  17. Well aren't you clever! :) Love the vent!! I have a couple old ones I picked up at a vintage flea that I use for vignettes. Hmmm, you've got me wondering.

  18. Vickie
    the vent is the perfect addition to your kitchen which is so charming a
    and cozy! I too was a little worried when I saw your title! So glad to find you were only "venting" about the vent!
    PS. love the board with pitchers over the door, I have a arched architectural piece over the entry from my family room to my kitchen.

  19. That's a very interesting vent! I like how it's been painted. It's always fun to stumble across something unexpected like that and bring it home to enjoy.

  20. I just love your kitchen!! It's so charming and the vent is a lovely rustic touch. How lucky to get such a deal!! xo

  21. That vent is a perfect addition, and the red and white really lights up the kitchen. I must get one of those assistants!

  22. That vent is awesome - looks perfect in your kitchen. I just love looking at pictures of your's so bright and cheery. Makes me want to grab a bucket of white paint and start painting my cabinets and walls white! I am so tired of blue walls and oak cabinets - stuck in the 80's! We're so lousy at painting and home projects though, so this will have to paint for professionals.

  23. Our Vickie...always the comedienne!
    Very, very cool and unique addition to your kitchen.
    I always love the whimsy in your decor- it's so cheerful.
    Get outside and get that sunshine on your pretty face!
    xoxo T.

  24. Your home is just charming!!! Don't you just love when the sun is streaming in making you smile?

  25. I love the new old vent :)

    Your kitchen is so cute, that every time I see it I almost want to paint my cabinets white again. Almost, but not quite ;)


  26. Very cool. I love that vent. Your assistant did a great job on the finish. The valances are so pretty, Vickie. Your kitchen is very charming. xo ~ Nancy

  27. The vent is a really nice find. I'm in love with your kitchen!

  28. wow you have one beautiful kitchen!

  29. What a gorgeous kitchen! And who knew that a simple vent could be such a work of art - fabulous!

  30. Wow--Vicki this is so creative. Not only do I think this vent adds so much personality to your kitchen---I'm so impressed how you found a way to transform and find a perfect spot for it. Also--I had to come here right after my computer got fixed to tell you thank you for your tips on font sizing while posting. I'm having a terrible time with Blogger--I guess I was spoiled with Windows Live Writer which is now gone forever. I've seriously thought about quitting blogging--it's been so frustrating. Plus my computer went kaput last week which didn't help...I'll try your tips on my next post.
    thanks for being such an awesome support!!

  31. The vent is awesome, but I really need to paint my cabinets white, I love your whole kitchen. And who would have thought to use a table runner for a curtain! Great job!


  32. We're all family here...You can vent all you want :-) Great find Vicki. Love it. Happy Vakentine's Weekend....Oh, and I'm a middle child too :-)


  33. Cute Kitchen and perfect place to "vent". It seems so many bloggers have so much to vent about lately! I like your vent and hopefully you won't need to use it very often. Just found your nice blog. Will return again.

  34. I love your adorable kitchen :) along with it's new vent. Vicki could you tell me the brand of your microwave? I can't seem to find one that's all white or offwhite with no stainless on it. Your's looks perfect!

  35. I was reading all the way through your entire blog (and loving every minute of it) when my computer did something and I lost my place. Boo! But I love your style, both decorating and your tone and humor - delightful! Keep writing, and you can vent to me anytime you like ;)

  36. Wonderful d├ęcor! Who wouldn't love being in the kitchen with all of that charm? :)

  37. I'm a bit behind with my blog reading so have only now saw your vent :-) Gosh, I love your kitchen, Vickie.

  38. Can I tell you how much I love your kitchen?

    It looks wonderful!

  39. Love your beautiful kitchen and your new found vent is awesome.

  40. Love your beautiful kitchen and your new found vent is awesome.


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