Friday, April 29, 2016

Last chance.

Our little town up north in the middle of nowhere hosts the last curling bonspiel
of the year called Last Chance Bonspiel, for obvious reasons.

As I've been dragging junk out from under the beds for my next garage sale,
I'm rethinking whether or not I'll ever use said junk and giving it 
one last chance to shine in our home.

Sometimes all it needs is a little refresh.

I asked my design assistant to remove the shiny black paint from this old window frame
and voila!  Gorgeous weathered wood hiding underneath!

I'm not completely sold on this arrangement yet, so I haven't painted
over the 49 nail holes I've filled from the previous look.

I picked up these sconces in July of 2011 and they've
been granted a temporary reprieve from the garage sale pile.

On May 7 (Just like the birth of our daughters, I remember the exact day they were delivered.)
our sofa and love seat will celebrate their 26th birthday.  Our daughters flew the coop
at 18 years of age, but our faded and worn furniture is reluctant to leave.  sigh

As you may remember, after reading her book last summer, Marie Kondo changed my life.
After selling a garage full of vintage items for pennies on the dollar, I'm much more discriminate
 as to what I'll fork out hard earned dollars for.  I actually went to an estate sale
today and left without spending a dime!

Lookie what I found in our youngest daughter's garage sale donations!
I violated Rule #625:  Do not look through items your daughters are giving away.

I held them in my hands and contemplated their fate.
Do I really need them?
Yes, I do.  No, I don't.
What to do, what to do........

Have you noticed that Pinterest seems to know exactly what you're thinking about?
I clicked on Pinterest last night and look what popped up....




That settles it.
Rufus and Barkley will be staying.

It seems I've still got some work to do before I'm completely cured,
but those dogs didn't cost me a dime!

 Well, actually, I did buy one of them.

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Vickie, love your new wall display over the sofa. The wood of the window is perfectly charming. Such a cozy and inviting living room space.
    Sweet finds too and I'm glad they came home with you. So cute!!
    Have a nice weekend. xo

  2. I know all about hesitating and giving things a reprieve. I've got to purge more stuff or soon I won't be able to get into my two closets!

  3. I love what you did to your living room. The window frame arrangement is so pretty.

  4. Love the new pieces in the living room. That window is fabulous. Glad you are keeping Rufus and Barkley. Adorable.

  5. Oh yes...Rufus and Barkley must stay...or come live at my house. Beautiful window!

  6. You always have me smiling or laughing through your posts because I often can so relate to your dilemmas. But I have to admit, I'm not a're a better Mom than I am, for sure. I think I need to be more sentimental.
    However, I am loving the leaded glass window...beautiful...definitely a keeper.
    Mary Alice

  7. Don't feel bad about going through your daughter's stuff! I learned the hard way; my dad had bought some vintage look die cast trucks for my boys. I saved them from a donation pile once, telling them little brother would love them, then I would want them for Christmas decorations. Next donation time, I resisted the urge to dig through their stuff. At Christmas, went to pull out the trucks, which are gone and lost forever! Waaahh!!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweet doggies !!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Vickie! Oh, that mirror is gorgeous. I'd keep it and I like your arrangement over your sofa too! Oh, the little dogs - I love them. They look so sweet and I'm sure they are no trouble at all.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Your posts are always such a delight and leave me smiling :). See?

    I love the leaded mirror, almost as much as I love Rufus and Barkley. They're adorable, and just think, you don't ever have to walk or groom them.

  11. Vickie, I know exactly what you mean. I've been doing fairly well this year, sticking to my mantra of purging more, buying less, but I don't think I could've discouraged you on either of your choices. I remember once sending my girls' first cloth dolls (made by my sister) off to the donation center, only to go back and tell them it was a mistake, I NEEDED those back (oh, yes I did!). I still have them tucked away, and my girls don't even know it. NEither does my sister. :)
    There is something about those little terrier dogs that really pulls at my heart every time I see them! One daughter has a Welsh terrier, and he is just so cute in his personality, maybe that's it.....

  12. I do believe Pinterest can read our minds! : ) I still have my favorite doll from my childhood and she's just sitting in a box in our basement. I know that no one will ever want her but I just haven't been able to give her up - some things are much harder than others.

  13. I'm sure you won't be surprised that I had to Goolge "bonspiel". Oddly enough they don't do that down here. We just use our brooms for our kitchen floors :) I'm still in the middle of my big purge, but I wouldn't have been able to resist the dogs either. Wonder if Ms. Kondo could write a book about using her methods when you have a vintage cuteness addiction?

  14. Love the dogs and so glad they are staying! I did the same thing when my daughter brought stuff to our garage sale. She had tucked in a couple of old Beatrix Potter animals and I was no about to let them go. lol! Love the window and the sconces as well. I just filled a table full of blue dishes that I planned on selling at fleology vintage sale next Sat. and then I visit Carol from Art and Sand and have second thoughts.

  15. I love the window! And the dogs are adorable.


  16. Vickie, I love that window-don't get rid of it! Love the whole wall vignette with the sconces. Sometimes you just gotta rethink stuff. The dogs-that would be a keep, no brainer, they are so cute. WE have a chair in our bedroom that we got when my oldest son was born-30 years ago. It now has a throw over it, but it'still the most comfy chair in the house! Have a good week!

  17. So glad you saved them and your daughters will be later when they have kids. I saved a special toy of my daughter's when she threw it in the donate glad I did because her kids love seeing it.

  18. I have boxes of the kiddos stuff in the attic and the trunk on our sun porch is filled to the brim with photos, writings, and artwork. I feel your pain!! Lol
    Love those sconces!!

  19. Oh my. I know what you mean. I passed by an estate sale the other day and didn't stop.
    It's time to finish thinning out my hoard. Your dogs are so cute though.

  20. I loe the arrangement above your sofa, which has the prettiest legs ever, by the way!

  21. I think those little dogs look perfect in your home. The Pinterest photos were wonderful inspiration! The window you hung above the sofa is so pretty. I like the raw wood frame. You sound like me with the millions of nail holes in the wall. I feel sorry for the next owners of our home. They're going to think some nut case lived here!

  22. I'm a hesitater...yes I am! I like the arrangement and laughed at the hole comment because I have them too...I use clone in picmonkey to get rid of! A very lovely room!

  23. Vickie
    the leaded window is gorgeous, the weathered wood frame, perfect! There is no way you could have let those adorable little puppies go, they are the cutest!! If you could only see my garage, along with all my stuff, (no cars), I have my 30 year old's G I Joes, his complete ninja turtles and accessories, who knew they'd be popular again, all both boys match box cars, Kate's favorite dolls & stuffed animals, some of which she's passed on to her 3 yr old, I could go on and on - but I won't!!
    Have stopped stressing about it all! I figure when I'm ready to let go, I'll know it and it will go!

  24. I'm the same - I want to declutter and donate and recycle but I know that at some point I'll miss the things that went away. I do like the reclaimed window, I think it's beautiful with the sconces and needlework.

  25. I'm doing fairly well right now in letting go of things. Now the challenge is to keep from acquiring stuff to fill the holes left by the stuff I got rid of. (sigh) I love that leaded glass window, Vickie! Hugs, Nancy


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