Monday, January 30, 2017

Skip to my loo.

I made a list of things I want to complete before summer
and I've already crossed off number one.

It may not sound like much of an accomplishment,
but just imagine giving 6 of these chairs (1,000,000 spindles)
 2 coats of chalk paint.  Yeah.

This was the first thing on my list after I saw how bad they looked
when I set up my dining room for Christmas dinner.  They were all
different shades of white, and 2 of them had just a coat of primer.
There are only 2 chairs alike, but now at least they're all the same color.

August 2011
Our dining room in my early days of blogging.

What a difference a few coats of paint can make!

Since I had paint left over,
I gave the two dressers and drop leaf table their first
coat of paint and this is how they've sat for 2 weeks,
because I'm already onto a new project.
(I've completely given up on being focused.)

Number 2.  he he
  We are on day three of wallpaper removal.

I hated the wallpaper (already removed in this photo) in this bathroom from first sight,
but it's taken me over 12 years to tackle this project,
because I knew exactly what to expect.....

.......hours of scrubbing to remove wallpaper glue, followed by sanding,
priming, and a skim coat of mud on the plaster walls.
  Messy, messy, messy.

This photo is from a thousand years ago, and it's hard to tell,
but the wallpaper was a faux sponge paint purplish pinkish beige.  Yuck.
It clashed with the tile that I'm not fond of either and I'm currently
researching the pros and cons of painting the ceramic wall tile white.
 The truck is going bye-bye, along with all my turquoise thingies.

The beige floor tile is staying.

We installed the reproduction medicine cabinet, pedestal sink, and new toilet,
so it's just the walls and window trim that need work....
and the window that was installed a number of years ago will finally be painted.

All work and no play make this Ranger cranky,
so in the evenings I've been working on this......

 Making the squares is fiddly work, but crocheting them together
is sort of like putting together a great big puzzle.
It's very relaxing to do after a long day at work.

I'm pretty sure somebody in this house would rather see a different
sort of spread on the dining room table, but since it's
temporarily out of commission, I believe we'll be dining out tonight.

Works every time.  :o)

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  1. Vickie, the chairs look great. I love your dining room with that pretty wood table and fire place mantel. Wall paper removal is the worst, but you'll be sooo happy when it's finally done. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. You have been a busy bee. Love the crochet-it's always good to go out to eat-even if you don't have an excuse!

  2. Wow, I'm totally impressed. If you did nothing else the entire year, I'd still be totally impressed for what you accomplished in one month, let alone the year. Those chairs look so good with your table plenty of time before Easter! We are muddling through details of two big projects and it reminds me of career days full of stress after about two hours while working either of them. Not my cup of tea, but I love end results of a job finished!

  3. You are completing so much good creative stuff, Vickie! Seeing the photos of the wallpaper removal makes me know I shouldn't use wallpaper on any of the plaster walls at the lakehouse! Looks like a huge job!
    I love the charming granny squares!

  4. Wow, you've been busy! Back when I was in 5th grade I started making a granny square throw and I have not finished it yet. Godspeed to you :)

  5. BTW, are those acorns hanging from your mantel in the background of the 1st photo?

  6. wallpaper, what a scourge. I love it, but I have decor ADD so it's a no no for me.
    The chairs look fab, the granny squares are so cute, and now I'm tired just thinking about all those spindles!

  7. Woo Hoo girlfriend. You are so good with the white paint. Those chairs look amazing. It is so great how a coat of white paint can make such a big difference. Your bathroom is looking so good too. Wallpaper especially old glued on kind is hard to remove. So you are a real trooper to do that. I know this bathroom will look amazing. Good luck.

  8. I just painted the dining-room-turned-library about the color of that truck in your bathroom. I need some of that color to spread into the adjacent room, which is going to be the pale pink living room!

    Thank goodness that there is no wallpaper in our house. I've understood that if the paper was put up correctly, it wouldn't be difficult to remove. It involves extra steps, though, and when most people want a change, they want it yesterday! I think it is a sizing, or something, that must be adhered first. Since I've never put up wallpaper, I really don't know all the steps. Nowadays, there is wallpaper that can be put up and taken down easily. One company I've heard of is WallsNeedLove. It looks interesting, but I need to look at the site again.

    Love that you did your chairs. It certainly makes a cohesive bunch! Thank you for sharing your accomplishments with us!

  9. I do not envy you taking off that wallpaper. *worst job ever*, but wow, is everything lookin' good! You brought those chairs back to life!

    Way back in high school I took up crochet in home ec (remember that?) but never got good at it. The squares looked very much like yours, but I just used pink and white. Oh, I vote for keeping the squares on the table ;).

  10. "It may not seem like much of an accomplishment".... whaaat? Spindles are the worst to paint. Nice progress!

  11. Your chairs are lovely! I like their shape and the fact that they are different, but united by colour now.
    The wallpaper removal is a huge job, but I do know how it feels to live with an ugly wallpaper. In my staircase until last year was one with little people in different position and a friend of mine had nicknamed it the Kamasutra wallpaper...

  12. I love the chairs. They just look amazing in white. Oh yes changes all over the place this year. Love that truck! Hugs!

  13. Gosh Vickie, the chairs look fantastic! I bought paint last fall to paint my kitchen table and haven't done it yet. I was noticing the other day how the seats of my chairs are looking scratched too. Maybe a spring project. :) Love your granny squares. They just make me smile!

  14. Love the white chairs around the dark table! I have the same set-up in my kitchen, though I didn't paint my chairs - they came that way (white). So, I can't take credit for that. ;-) Lots of work to be done on your bathroom walls, but knowing you, it's going to look fabulous when you are done! Love your crochet squares, too. You are such a talented woman!

  15. Painting is the #1 thing I most need to do inside our cottage, but hubby and I disagree on when it should be done. I want to do it now because I have the time. He wants me to wait until spring so we can open the windows because of the smell. (sigh) Your photos inspire me, though. I love the white chairs with the stained wood table. I have antique oak chairs about that color paired with a newer farm table that I plan to paint white. The opposite of what you've done. Seeing yours inspires me! I've removed so much wallpaper in the past and have hated every minute of it. Even though wallpaper is back in style I will not use it in my decor. I'd much rather paint -- easy to change. Good for you for getting so much accomplished in one month. And still finding time to crochet! xo

  16. All that freshening up is so exciting and as always, I just love your style! I'm with you on the spindle painting though! Ugh what a challenge. They turned out beautiful!

  17. Wait, nooooo ... don't get rid of the truck ... it's so adorable! And it's the perfect color.

  18. Oh I know how hard it is to paint chairs! Spray painting is the way to go if possible. I will probably never wallpaper again. We had it in our house and later regretted it too. It's too much work to change out. I prefer painted walls anyway.

  19. Removing wallpaper, ugh. Every room in our house had wallpaper when we moved in 23 years ago. Glad those days are behind me. The chairs look lovely.

  20. That's why I don't like wallpapers..removing them is a pain ..

    Please visit:

  21. The bathroom is going to look so nice and already is so nice and bright with the big window. :) See you soon!!!!

  22. What a project. It is going to be amazing. The chairs look wonderful too. I love it.

  23. You've been busy, Vickie. No wonder your home always looks so beautiful.

  24. This is an impressive start. I'm really hoping that you keep this momentum up for everybody's sake! I know what I'm like, forever starting DIY projects and then getting distracted by the next one. There are cabinets waiting for second coating all over the place. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book and just get started!

    Richmond Gordon @ Water Loo Certa Pro


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