Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Da Ranger" 911 Christmas Giveaway

When I started up my blog, I was ready to go live only to find out that a website named Ranger 911 already existed!  Go figure.  I was not about to start from scratch, so I just added da to my blog address creating

If you've seen this address and wondered why, there is a method to my madness.  In the 1970's somebody coined the phrase "I'm from da Range" to poke fun at the Iron Range dialect.  Well, we Rangers took it all in stride and embraced this idea.  We proudly wore our T-shirts with the phrase emblazoned across the chest and slapped stickers onto the rusted out bumpers of our homemade El Caminos.  Picture if you will, a beat-up old junker with the rear passenger seat and part of the roof removed to create a unique car/truck.  Quite ingenious, actually.  You might even say the ultimate repurpose.

So, now you know the story behind daranger ( not to be confused with deranged).  It's time to get to the point of this short history lesson.  I'm embracing my Range roots and hosting a Minnesota Iron Range themed Christmas giveaway.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to the prize.

Meet Lena.

As you know by now, I have a collection of vintage sock monkeys and I create new vintage inspired monkeys from the original Rockford Red Heel socks that are still manufactured today.  Lena loves to shop at Rummage in the Park, our local vintage clothing shop, but unfortunately they had nothing available in her petite size. So, off to my artist studio ( kitchen table ) to design a stylish winter coat and hat for her.

She is wearing a festive red corduroy swing coat accented with faux fur collar and cuffs.  When her hands get cold, she warms them in her fur-lined muff.  She is feeling very "Jackie O" in her retro pillbox hat edged in the same fur with a black feather peeking out.

To keep her tootsies warm, I made her a pair of Steger Mukluks.  For those of you unfamiliar with these boots, they are manufactured by the Will Steger ( most famous for his polar expeditions ) family in Ely, MN, gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  They are guaranteed to keep her feet warm in even the coldest of weather!

There are many styles and colors to choose from, but Lena thought the blue Navajo design brought out the pretty blue color of her eyes. So stylish and warm!

I considered making her some leggings or snow pants, but there's always the problem of what to do with her tail.  And, really, would you cover up this cute tushie?

I almost forgot to show you her thrift store find!  She is quite a savvy shopper as you can see by this vintage suitcase she found at the local Goodwill.

And to complete the prize package, I'm including a 1 pound bag of Minnesota wild rice along with the recipe for Lena's favorite hot dish.  After all, this is Minnesota, dontcha know!  And you can put away your deer rifle.  There is no venison in this particular recipe.

Before I finish this post, I have a few disclosures to make.
  • Lena does have those button eyes, so she is definitely not a toy for small children.
  • She has already picked up the Range dialect, but don't worry, I've been working with her.

Me:     Now Lena, you must remember to say yes, not yaw, and no instead of nope.  Got it?
Lena:   You betcha.

As Uncle Uno always said, "You can take da Ranger outa da Range, but you can't take da Range outa da Ranger."

Lena's got her suitcase packed and she's ready to go!

To enter this drawing, simply leave me a comment to this post.  If  you are reading this post, you are eligible to enter!  The random drawing will take place on Sunday, December 18.  Alrighty then, let the game begin!

My name is Vickie and I'm from da Range.


  1. Oh, yah, der hey! Dat der is a great sock monkey! Lena loves da Range, so she wants to stay close to home and come live with me! I want a pair of dose great mukluks too, ay. :)

  2. Posted about it on WhisperWood Cottage's FB page for you, Vickie! :)

  3. Man! Now I am regretting my choice of Mukluks. HAHAHA. ;) Those boots are adorable!!!!

  4. OMG Lena is beautiful! My mom has loved sock monkeys for many years but she has never had one as special as Miss Lena! Thank you so much for the chance to win her for my mom! :) Have a Blessed Holiday

  5. This is the cutest most stylish sock monkey I've ever seen. I have the perfect place for her in my home. I have an old wooden high chair that was my Mom's and all her sisters and brothers sat in it, I and most of the Grandkids sat in it and both of my children sat in it. Being My Mom was the oldest she inherited this chair and now I have it...waiting for my Grandson to sit in it very soon....anyway..It is painted red (always has been my Mom says) and Lena would look grand sitting there...whew! So anyway please put my name in the hat! Thanks!! Linda

  6. Sweet Lena, if perhaps I win you, there will be snow for you to frolic in and you can make all the sock monkey angels you want. I'll even join you.


  7. I'm Lesley and I am dafollower. ;)

  8. I love her...and Lena would feel right at home here in the Twin Cities!

  9. such a fun post and give away:) she's a sweetie, vicki!

  10. She's precious! I've just started a new love and fascination of sock monkeys. Never seen one with so much style and story though! You'll always be that crafty lady that I'll never be! Can't wait to be entered!
    PS- Miriam absolutely LOVES the calendar. The jingle bells receive quite the amount of attention (at least I know how to sew them back on....) but we're having fun using it this season. Many Many Many thanks!!

  11. I'm hoping Lena can learn to speak a little Texan... ":o) She's Adorable!!! Loved your post as always ... full of humor...Thanks for keeping us smiling!

  12. "You can take da Ranger outa da Range, but you can't take da Range outa da Ranger." This is so true!!! Once a Ranger always a Ranger, even if you've left darange! I was just chatting with a few of my classmates from Eveleth today on facebook, always nice to catch up on the news up that way.
    Lena is absolutely adorable.

  13. Oh Mother ... so cute! (Do those mukluks come in about 13 month size?). I have a little girl here asking!

    See you tomorrow! ;0)

  14. How cute is she, Vickie! Gotta love her little outfit! Hope you have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  15. She is so sweet!! You did a fantastic job with her clothes and shoes! The last picture is my favorite!!! ;-)

  16. You have no idea how much I want to win her. Not only do I LOVE sock monkeys, but my 19 year old son adores them, too!!! She would have a special place in my office, right on my wing chair!! sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  17. She is absolutely the most stylish sock monkey I have EVER seen! You did a great job on her wardrobe!

  18. You would make my month if I won this little cutie pie!!

  19. Vickie"
    Lena is quite the stylish girl! Even though I'm sure she loves livin up North, she looks to me like she has a little "Southern Country" in her just dyin to come out and is ready to trade in her mukluks (as cute as they are) for a pair of cowgirl boots! I think she's ready to kick up her heels down here in Nashville! Hopefully she'll be on her way here soon! (if I were lucky enough to win, that is!)
    PS. Her mukuks are much cuter then the ones I had as a kid!

  20. OMG, Lena simply MUST come stay here in Central New York, she would be such a trendsetter!
    Cute sock monkey and even cuter post, never noticed the "da" at the front of your blog address before. I feel smarter now that I know why too. ;)

  21. Oh! How cute is that!? I would love to give sweet little Lena a warm new home here in AZ. : ) Thank you for hosting such a sweet give away. I'm following you back now!


  22. Lena is so cute. My granddaughter would make a great playmate! She could come here to FL to warm up a bit and then head to SC to her new home. A sock monkey would be the perfect new item to add to her collection.What a sweet giveaway!

  23. I am in love with Lena!!! I could give her a very, very happy home. I hope she gets to come home to me :)

  24. Lena, Sukka Apina (sock monkey)
    I'm assuming Lena is of Finnish heritage?!?!?
    mina olen hyva tytto (I am a good girl)
    I can only imagine all you thought of when you were creating Lena! She
    shows her Ranger Pride like no other, really like no other Sock Monkey
    ever before! I salute you on your latest Sukka Apina & would like to
    mention one unknown fact to you...I have fallen head over heels in
    love with Lena. She's a Sock Monkey after my own heart, to which helps
    heal my phobia of the little critters!! I wish you & yours many happy
    holidays greetings & may you all create new memories & long lasting
    traditions for all time!!--
    Tessi Stolp

  25. What a cute little sock monkey she is and a fun story to go along with her!



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