Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The little ghosts and goblins have come and gone and now it is time to start thinking about...............Christmas! My favorite time of the year. Not the trudging around malls, wracking my brain to come up with "clever" gifts, but all the rest. Decorating, cranking up my favorite Christmas tunes, baking, getting holiday catalogs and cards in the mail, etc. As a matter of fact, the new Pottery Barn Christmas catalog just arrived in the mail the other day. LOVE THAT CATALOG!

This is a photo from that very catalog. See the antique skis leaning against the wall? You could own your own pair for a mere $299.00 plus S&H. Mmm, hmmm. Look what yours truly found at the last estate sale.

The photo of the skis alone was much too skinny for my blog, so Bill helped out by posing with them. He is sporting my red scarf to give it a more festive look. :@

Since I already have a pair of old skis, these will be heading to the Paciorek household to lean next to their newly painted front door. Oh, by the way, I purchased them for $16.00.

 Next is another treasure from that same sale. I thought it would look charming on the Zothman front porch filled with gifts, or wood, or an old wool blanket, or a BABY! It is getting a little structural reinforcing and cleaning, but love the chippy white paint!

Sorry, Bill couldn't fit in the sleigh. It was another bargain for only $25.00! Once again, Butchie will be bursting at the seams when we travel to Sioux Falls for our early Christmas celebration.


  1. great modeling pics--the enthusiasm is beaming!

  2. We must be encouraging to Bill, as he is exploring his post-retirement options. He will be available in the near future. He is also considering taste testing, so save some new recipes for him to try.

  3. HAHA. That is a great photo of dad. ;) That scarf does add the perfect touch. LOVE the skis!!! So excited to decorate!!! Thank you!

  4. Great bargains and love the ski pic. You could have added the watermelon beanie (if it had been made then) in case the scarf alone didn't keep him warm.


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