Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Very Special Delivery!

Our first grandchild was born today. Her name is Finley Elizabeth and we can hardly wait to meet her!

We'll  be leaving at dawn tomorrow to travel the eight hours to Sioux Falls, SD where we will visit that little bundle of joy and her proud parents. We have already heard her excellent set of lungs over the phone. Hopefully, she will soon find her thumb like her mama did.  :@ 

   We will have pictures and details when we get back home. Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Bill, hmmmmm.....I guess we'll figure that out later.


  1. :0) excited to meet lil Finley!!!! A girl! Such a surprise!!!!

  2. safe travels! congrats to megan and dave..and gramma and grampa ;]

  3. congratulations vickie and bill, time to assign some new titles, glad to hear everything went well and Finley is healthy and fully equipped with good lungs. Save Travels and see you soon
    dennis and jacky

  4. ;0) Finley sure loved meeting everyone! She is excited for next time (really wants Auntie and Uncle to be able to hold her)!

    Mom and Dad, Julie and Jeremy - THANK YOU so much for making the long (and awfully boring) trip down to Sioux Falls! We were thrilled to have visitors at the hospital - so was Finley! Mom and Dad - thanks for sticking around until we were out of the hospital too --- it was nice to have someone at home the first couple of hours!

    We all love you very very much - see you soon! Talk to you sooner! ;0)


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