Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Blue Room

Have you ever named a room in your house? In our previous house we had a room we called the Blue Room. You are probably picturing a room that looks something like this....

Ohhh, no. The room above was featured in Country Living magazine. This was OUR Blue Room.

The photo above has faded with age, but the wood grain paneling was a lovely shade of baby blue, accented with royal blue shag carpeting and floral foam insulated curtains. As only Phaedra ( Atlanta Housewives )  could say,"Mmm, hmmmm!" The room did have two redeeming features;  the original French doors and leaded glass window. We quickly learned not to close the doors at night during the winter months because if we did the paneling would have a light coating of FROST in the morning! Eventually, the room was remodeled and became The Den.

In our current house, we have two bedrooms that our daughters have graciously named for us. Today you will be viewing room number 1 aptly named......

Sweet Sixteen.

The room was obviously decorated for a young girl. It even has glow-in-the-dark stars on the cracked plaster ceiling.

I have been hesitant to strip the dated wallpaper because underneath I'm sure to find more cracked plaster! I have been dragging my heels long enough, so here goes........

Ba-bye lace valances.

So long 80's wallpaper. Hello cracked plaster, my old friend.

Progress will be chronicled in upcoming posts. I'm thinking I'd like the room to look something like this...

Photo also from Country Living.


  1. Ooh! I love the inspiration room! Dave, Finley and I will surely enjoy our stays in that room someday! ;0)

    I am sad to see Sweet 16 go away...that was my room for a couple college summers ... oh the memories!

    Oh...I also like your sidebar photo "Smiles are contagious" Oh boy are they! ;0)

  2. I'll be sure to save a piece of wallpaper for you- OOPS! Already at the landfill feathering some rat's nest.
    That grade school photo has been in my web album just waiting to make people smile. :@

  3. Hahaha. Yeah, mom love that sidebar photo. ;)

    Oooh! Yes...I am kinda sad to see that room go, too! Although I think the other bedroom is "mine." ;) Will look really nice. Wanna come over and work on our house? ;) I can't seem to find any motivation.

  4. I'm trying to make more use of my dwindling time at home. BooHoo.
    I've got all of your grade school pics if you want them. :)

  5. i cant wait to see the progress!


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