Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow...NOT!  Really, who would paint a bedroom bumblebee yellow? This is a progress report on the rehab of the room formerly known as "Sweet Sixteen".

Just in case you are contemplating any wallpaper removal in the near future, I am posting some pictures of what you may find lurking beneath.

On the plus side:

  1. Somebody sanded most of the texture off the plaster ( aka CONCRETE ) finish before wallpapering, so we won't have to apply as many coats of drywall mud for a smooth finish.
  2. No black gooey adhesive used to adhere carpet, so removal was relatively easy. Well, I'm guessing it was. ( Carpet removed by Mr.Ranger 911.)

On the minus side:

  1. The bedroom furniture is now crammed into bedroom #2 and basement for duration of remodel.
  2. Our sawzall wouldn't cut through old box spring and mattress ( yes, I tried ) so I could transport them to the dump in my Butchiemobile, so this is the view out the bedroom window...

Howard Street Hillbillies.

Next on the agenda:  chisel out all the cracks in the walls and ceiling, tape and mud,mud,mud.

You've seen the back yard, now for the front yard....

Beauty AND brains! You go girl!!!!


  1. Go CARLY!!!! :) Wow! Nice sign! She better keep some of those for decoration in her house.

    OMG, Mom. Come work over here. ;) I tried to run errands to accomplish some stuff today, and absolutely zero got done.

  2. Anybody need an old mattress and box spring? FREE! Haha..I don't think we have the same Craig's List readers on the Range.

    I always told Carly she'd be the first female president!

  3. dont you think the yellow and cracks add character? ;)

  4. Mmm,Hmmm! I'm afraid critters will come a crawlin' through the cracks during the night.

  5. You know that yellow that you despise? I think that's the color that I just painted the computer room-must have been a trainee that was working at Home Depot-I couldn't have possibly picked a color like that-or maybe it was those energy efficient lights, or the time of day...

  6. Beware of those paint specialists. After the 9th quart of paint for our kitchen, I had #1 remixed and what do you know- the guy added the wrong amounts the first time. Ugh.

  7. Hmm...listen to all of you talking about your wonderful projects! Ha - someday we'll have a house ... and by then, probably 3 little rugrats running around! (or being carried around ... since I can't seem to put Finley down!).

    Can't wait to see it in person Mom! (To let you know how lazy I am, I am typing this comment from YOUR basement!) HA!


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