Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ebony and Ivory

Over a decade ago, an antique shop downtown had the cutest red painted toy piano for sale.  Unfortunately, it was quite expensive, and really, did I need one more old thing in our already crowded little house?  No!

That antique shop closed it's doors a few years ago, and then re-opened in the old train depot a few blocks from our house ( how convenient for me ).  I stopped in to browse during one of my Saturday morning walks a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, there it was again!

It was already priced much lower than I remember, but with this being the slow time of year for antique sales, I made an even lower offer which the owner accepted!  We now have a new toy for me the grandbabies to play with when they visit. 

I even downloaded simple instructions on " how to play Chopsticks on the piano" for Jeremy the grandbabies.


WHAT, you are probably wondering, is that thing sitting on top of the piano?  It is an adorable cat/skunk? as you can read on the price tag below.

What a bargain for only $3.00!  Cat/skunk even has a bendable wire in his tail for posing.  How cute!  I've noticed all the trendy popular blogs have weekly giveaways, so I thought I would follow along and have my own giveaway starting today.  And what better prize than cat/skunk ?! 

Drum roll please.  And the winner is..............

Congratulations, Julie!  He will look SO cute on your little red wagon shelf!

Meow meow kitty off to meow meow P baby nursery.

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  1. Welcome home, Skitty (Skunk - kitty)!!! ;) Hahaha. That was pretty funny, mom! Really cute piano! Guess that was a purchase that was meant to be!

  2. Meow Meow Kitty wants Meow Meow Milk ... watch out P-Baby ... you might have to share! ;0)


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