Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love Spring

Nothing says spring like sitting on our new cedar swing in the back yard.  Who put the white cushions on it? Oh, yeh, Mother Nature.

The above pictures were taken on Sunday when the temp was around 60 and sunny.

Today is the official opening of Mesaba Country Club. :@   I guess Bill won't be golfing tonight, so maybe we'll have dinner on the patio instead.

We better get the patio umbrella out to keep the snow off our plates.


  1. Oh my. How depressing!!! AHHHH! The winter will never end!!!!!!!!

    Like the swing!!! Looks like it would work well for rockin babies!

  2. that what we're moving North to? Boo! And yes...I second the baby rocking idea! ;0) Finnie will be holding that sweet little P-Baby!

    Nice music!!

  3. Also must add ... what a nice background and banner. Your blog looks so 'professional'!

  4. It was time for a long overdue bloggy makeover.

  5. Yes! Like the background and banner!


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