Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalk Talk

I've been tripping over these frames in our basement for quite some time now.  I decided it was high time to either get rid of the things, or do something with them.  And we all know it's not very often that I get rid of old junk!
So, I had one of my assistants cut 1/4 inch hardboard pieces to fit each frame.  I then primed and painted all of them with 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  One can never have too many chalkboards, after all.  Not only are they useful, but visitors seem to have fun leaving messages as well.   

Chalkboard paint.  Great stuff!

This small, but elegant chalkboard is a very belated birthday gift for a friend.

Beautifully detailed frame.

To distract her from noticing just how late I am with this gift, I am including a vintage map.

This is a map of Lake Vermilion where she and her husband have a gorgeous lake home.

The large rectangular chalkboard is now mounted in our basement stairwell that leads to the "man cave".

Sorry for the dark photo, but it is a cave after all.

What better place for a "honey do" list?!

The arched top gilt frame once held a lovely beveled mirror (may it rest in pieces, right Mom?).  I wanted to replace a Michael's discount picture in our kitchen, and this frame fit the bill.  I added the chalkboard to the frame, but still felt is was missing something.  I decided to make it into a menu board and found the perfect lettering at "The Graphics Fairy".  She has thousands of vintage designs to pick from.  Check it out!

I painted the letters with off-white acrylic craft paint and added metallic gold shadowing.

Here is the finished piece propped in the window for better light.

Hanging on the wall.  Perfect fit!

FYI:  My new camera arrived a few weeks ago, but I haven't had a moment to play with it yet!  The battery is charged and ready to go, so today, my last day of vacation, I plan to experiment.  I'm hoping the quality of my indoor and people photos improve.  Consumer Reports gave it excellent reviews for picture quality and low-light pictures, so we'll see. 

Maybe I can plug it into my brain while I'm sleeping and the info will transfer by osmosis.

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  1. Cute! Chalkboards are a must have! ;)

    Have fun with the new camera. I bet you'll learn stuff that Megan and I are too lazy to teach us!

  2. I'm going to buy the Canon Rebel for Dummies book. I'll share the knowledge. :@

  3. Good job1 Love the frames, where ever did you find them?

  4. WoW! How much do I love those chalkboards...and as for the new camera, how fun. I just got one last month...I feel like an idiot using it still but one day I'll be a photo wiz, or something like that...

  5. I LOVE this! That frame just goes so perfectly with the Menu lettering. You did a great job painting it on there, too. Shh, but I think this is my favorite project using the Menu graphic!

    Visiting from Brag Monday! : )

  6. congrats on being featured on Brag Monday - you really did a nice job on this frame!

  7. i just your transformed chalk frame for your kitchen. STUNNING! Well done!

  8. oh I just LOVE this menu board!!! The frame is spectacular and I love the 'menu' painted on it. Awesome job! Visiting from Brag Monday! :) P.S. I have camera envy...

  9. This is a fantastic project! Love the frame; love the lettering. A perfect combination!

  10. says this is fabulous! Amazing job. Thanks for the how-to. I love chalkboards. I just bought some chalkboard paint a few days ago. Now I have some ideas what to do with it. You are an inspiration.

  11. What a wonderful tutorial! I discovered your chalkboard frame via Brag Monday at Graphics Fairy. This would be such an elegant additio to a wedding reception. Thanks for sharing such great inspiration!

  12. Hello Vickie
    This is Gorgeous! Your Painting is Perfection!Thank you for sharing! Visiting from the Graphics Fairy. Congratulations on being featured!
    Have a Wonderful Week

  13. I think this is just fantastic! Love it and Graphics Fairy!!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  14. Love all your cute chalkboards, but especially the 'menu' one!

  15. Oh I especially LOOOVE the "menu" chalkboard...just perfect!!!

  16. This is the loveliest chalkboard I have seen! Great job!

  17. I love the menu one, but I'm addicted to looking at chalkboards. Seriously, I can't google them or I will read about chalkboards all day! The frames you started with were perfect, and how smart is that to put your honey do list right where it can't be missed!


  18. LOVE THAT MEMO BOARD.....great job!!


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