Sunday, June 5, 2011

Morning Glory: Man vs. Beast

Last year's blooms.

Memorial Day has come and gone and so has the threat of Jack Frost nipping our flowers and vegetables.  One of my favorite flowers to plant is the Morning Glory, even though we northerners have to wait until late summer or early fall until the flowers actually bloom.  They are such a pretty sight in the early morning hours and the perfect solution to camouflage ugly chain link fences. Today I will pass on a little trick taught to me by my mother to give your seeds a jump start.

  1. Empty your seed packet onto several layers of wet paper towel.  Pay no attention to the packet directions that instruct you to "nick" the seeds.  Impossible.
  2. Fold wet towel over the seeds and seal in a ziplock bag for several days until they "sprout" just like those taters you've kept in your pantry a few weeks longer than you should.  Now they're ready to plant.
  3. Whatever you do, do not fertilize!  If you do, you will grow humongous leaves and very few flowers.

These are the seeds, not mouse droppings.

Night, night.


Heavenly Blue is my favorite variety.
(Google Images)

Mix in some Moonflower seeds for large evening blooms.

Lil' sprouts.

Once you've turned over the soil and planted your sprouts, there's just one thing to worry about.  SQUIRRELS!!  Yes, those cute little varmints love nothing better than freshly turned soil to bury their winter snacks.  Well, maybe they like my pots of flowers better.  They watch me leave for work in the morning ( I see their beady little eyes watching me) and signal their friends to let them know it's time to.....

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

Look out squirrels, this year I am ready to do battle.  I am armed and dangerous!  I've got me a....

Gen-u-ine bobbing head owl!

Not only does he add cottage charm to your garden, he is absolutely guaranteed to protect those seedlings.  You see, the owl ranks higher on the food chain than rabbits and squirrels, so Mr. Hooter, do your stuff! 

Whooooo goes there?

Happy planting!


  1. Ooooh pretty. I better show Jeremy, the little gardener. He'll want to plant some.

  2. I love your owl! What a fierce face!! But then again, I'm not a squirrel. lol

  3. So glad I read this, AFTER I tried a special bloom specific fertilizer and I think you are right, loads of beautiful green heart shaped foliage ravages my mailbox but not one bloom from these yet! Please let later August and September be my friend, please, they are so beautiful I wouldn't mind seeing all
    My hard work get paid back 😉😉


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