Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Blues

Maybe it's just me, but this time of year puts me in a melancholy mood.  It should be about the start of a new year, but it feels like the end of one.  It seems like yesterday we were sending our girls off to grade school, then junior high, high school, and finally college.  Now they are married with children of their own and before you know it, they will be sending their little ones off to school.  The circle of life.

Labor Day weekend also signifies the end of the lazy days of summer.  The temperature has already dropped dramatically,  preparing us for the long winter ahead.  One morning soon, Jack Frost will nip the last of our summer flowers.  This year, I'm not in such a hurry to put summer to rest.  I'm leaving my autumn decorations in their bins for a little bit longer, except for a few back to school items.

The picture above is actually part of my kindergarten report card.  Don't you love the simple stick people?  I'll bet today's report cards look nothing like this.  Here's a peek inside:

As you can see for yourself, I won't be joining any choir groups in the near future.  But, I did get one
outstanding grade in coloring and painting!  In case you're wondering, it's dated 1964.

On a brighter note, I'm leaving you with a "complimentary"story that has absolutely nothing to do with back to school.

Anybody who knows me, knows I'm never satisfied with my hair.  Never.  There is a very fine line between short and sassy and matronly.  My hair has a mind of it's own, and I never know what it will look like from day to day.  A few weeks ago at work, a cute young mom said she LOVED my haircut.!  She had a very trendy cut with chunky highlights and yet she liked my hair, and even asked for the name of my hairdresser. was one of my better hair days.  Then she asked if she could take a few pictures with her phone.  So, I let her.  I turned around so she could get a good picture of the back of my head, too. Ha!  I could hardly wait to tell my girls!  Then she had to go and spoil it all when she said,

"My mom's been wanting a new haircut and I think she'd really like yours!" 


  1. Ha! Sounds like what happened to me when I had my bob!

  2. Sorry, but I LAUGHED SO HARD at the punchline to your post!!!!!!!! You drew me right in and drop it!! Funny stuff. lol:)

  3. Hehehehehe. ;) Well I love your hair always, Mum. That is the cutest report card! I don't think I've ever seen that!

  4. Got a little sad even thinking of the day of sending Finley off to school! I will probably just home school her..heh heh.

    And on the hair note, I just had a girl at work tell me she was going in to get her hair cut to make it look more professional. I saw her glance at my foufou curly/frizzy ponytail/bun ... pause ... and say nothing. Hmmm...was that a hint?

    ;0) Fall is a lovely season - just think, soon Christmas decorations! ;0)

  5. Having spent the majority of THIS summer out in the intense heat, I am MORE than ready for fall. I've never seen a report card like yours, Vickie; it's fabulous...a keeper, for sure! By the way, the story you ended with is a hoot. ;)

    I would love to have you join the fun at my weekly party...Time Travel Thursday. Just click the link in the sidebar to join.

    Your newest follower...
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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