Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gold Rush

Autumn has arrived in Northern Minnesota in all it's splendor.  In a matter of days, the leaves have turned from green to vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and red.  The changes that have taken place outdoors have inspired me to add some Autumn touches indoors as well.

Faux crystals from Michael's fill an amber bowl.

This figurine has had some repairs, but she is charming nonetheless.

The jewels in my stained glass windows sparkle in the early morning sunlight.

My collection of brown bottles blend with the tortoiseshell glass border of the window.

I created these windows for privacy, rather than hang curtains that block the light.

This old jug got a new Pottery Barn inspired jute twine wrap.

Candy corn colored candles and "Cupid" print dress up the mantel.  The shoes belonged to an old neighbor.

My favorite Annabelle Hydrangeas are already dried and will last through the winter until next year's harvest.

Colorful wreath to brighten up a dark wood door.

Here it is, my very first sheet music wreath.  Don't worry, girls, I didn't use "The Little Mermaid" piano book.  In fact, I think one of the books belonged to your piano teacher......too late now!!!!

Artichoke and berries add a pop of color.

I bought this old church window for Megan and Dave's lodge wedding.  It sat atop a stone fireplace flanked by wildflower bouquets and pillar candles.  I think I've found the perfect spot for it in this corner of the dining room.  The orange toned clock is one of many in my rotating clock collection.  The ceramic pumpkins are from Bath and Body Works.

Now that I've shown you what I've done indoors, let me show you what Mother Nature has created outdoors.

Heading out in our kayaks last evening.

Mirror-like reflection on the water.

Small ripples create a watercolor effect.

Mother Nature is treating us to a last burst of color before winter sets in.

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  1. Now I am inspired! I love both wreaths and that church window is oh so sweet!

  2. Wow, your post today is incredible. There is so much to see and admire and just plain enjoy. Love your header.
    - Joy

  3. Love the first photo! :) Very beautiful! And super cute wreath!!!!

  4. T H A N K Y O U !!! For sharing the Fall Joy of the Iron Range.......I so miss it.

  5. How absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE your music wreath and window and your photos are beautiful! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  6. It won't let me comment as me (Megan) ... but I LOVE the wreath!!! and the lovely fall photos!!!

  7. I stopped by to see your blog after your wonderful comment on my marble topped server I refinished. What a delight for my eyes! I loved the wreath on the dark wood door (I would love a wood door, but in Florida, it is just not common or practical), and then I scrolled down...that sheet music wreath is so inspiring! I have one I made in spring/summer and I was just thinking I wonder if I could change it up for fall, now I have an inspiration! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. I'm blown away by your post today - so much to love! Especially love the church window and amber glass. New follower!

  9. thank you for stopping by. i love the wreath you made. its beautiful!

  10. How lucky to have that fall foliage. We get about one week here in Texas, and maybe just one tree actually changes color. Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine. What would you do with my lovely little patriotic case?

  11. What a fabulous post! Your wreath is awesome and your fall decor is just perfect! Heading out in your kayaks, what a place! I'm still not believing my eyes, what beautiful photographs or an enchanting place! New follower :)


  12. There's your wreath!!! WOW, so much better than mine. I love it with sheet music! That turned out awesome. And your pics of the fall leaves reflecting in the still water is breathtaking. I'm so jealous. Thinking of Minnisota always makes me smile...I snuck there on a road trip with some girlfriends in college just to go to a "Ho-down" ( sp?) it was a blast and the warmest, sweetsest people on earth! I lived at home at the time and told my mom I was staying the night with friends. She somehow tracked me down up there and found out! I came home to one mad mama. Hahaha, we laugh about it now though.

    Linsey at Farmhouse Porch

  13. Your fall arrangement is lovely, fabulous window! I'm so jealous, out on the water, lucky girl! There is nothing more gorgeous then the leaves bursting into the wonderful colors of fall! Beautiful photos, makes me want to be back in Green Bay on the lake!

  14. Hi Vickie,
    I love your sheet music wreath and the colors of the foliage there in Minnesota are beautiful! Love the autumn photos...both inside and this post.

  15. The trees are simply beautiful! Happy Autumn!

  16. Goodness! Your stained glass windows are awesome! Where did you get those? I've been dying to change my windows with ones like yours. I'm so envious of your brown bottles. This is such a lovely space you have, Vickie.


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