Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Scandinavian Knitting Pattern

Last year I posted a photo of the Scandinavian Christmas socks that I knit for all of our family members.  Since then, I've noticed many web searches for knit Christmas stocking patterns on my blog. This particular pattern is from a 1979 issue of McCall's Needlework & Crafts, so I'm pretty sure it's safe to share it with you.

Here it is, slightly worn from years of use:

The changes I've made:
  • Rather than embroidering the names, reindeer, paper dolls, and snowflakes with a duplicate stitch when you are done knitting the stocking, I knit them right into the pattern.
  • I leave a long tail of yarn when I cast on to be used for a crocheted loop for hanging.

As you can see, it's been written on and repaired, but I think you can still read it.  If you can't, just leave a comment and I can mail you a copy.  The accompanying photo went missing years ago, so you'll have to use my photo as a guide.  Beware, these socks hold a lot of loot!  The socks pictured above belong to these two who are celebrating their 2nd anniversary tomorrow!

Happy Anniversary Julie and Jeremy! 
(Photo courtesy Craig Dirkes Photography)

I'm baaaack!

No, I didn't keep the display shelf for myself.  But, I did have some fun playing with it before we brought it to Megan and Dave two weeks ago.  IF I had a studio for my craft  art ( my girls know how much I hate that word ) supplies, I would have a storage shelf like this just for my yarn.  No more tangled yarn to pull apart.  Sigh.

Now that you've got your knitting needles out, you might as well whip up a few hats from my favorite book.  Here are two of the hats I made for our grandbabies.

 Megan used this little red hat to transform Finley into a garden gnome for Halloween.  Isn't she sweet!

Here's Mack sporting the striped stocking hat.  Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?

All of the items pictured above are really quite simple to knit.  The stocking pattern looks daunting, but if you just jump in and start ( that's what I did ) it will all make sense!

Happy knitting!

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  1. These are so cute!!!! What big smile with a big hat! ;-)

  2. Mack can't wait for his stocking!!!! ;) Hehehehe. (Also he says thank you for the puppy hat!!!!)

  3. Vickie, I am glad you visited me today, because that lead me right back to you! What a beautiful spot to visit. I enjoyed reading through your past posts. You do keep yourself very busy indeed. I am now your newest follower. Have e a great week! Hugs from California, Diane

  4. Vicki,
    you are really talented! The stockings are fabulous! The kiddies look adorable in their sweet hats. I have to say, your yarn looks good in that cabinet! Another one will surely come your way!

  5. Hello These socks are amazing ! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. Love the baby hats! My daughter may want to try these! I have enjoyed my visit - Your newest follower,

  6. Knitting is one of those things I've wanted to learn to do for a VERY long time. I just can't seem to find the time to learn. The hats you created for your grandbabies are just precious. And your grandbabies are absolutely adorable, Vickie!!!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  7. Oh my gosh you made these? Wow! They are so pretty! I can do a basic knit square, but that's pretty much it. This is kind of amazing!

  8. Wow, these are super cute..Very neat and creative idea :)) Love it..I am officially following ya with smiles, loving your space here, so much inspiration..Would love for you to pweeease share this at my Pin Inspirational party happening today if you can..Thanks again..I'm Marilyn & wishing ya a sweet start to your weekend..

  9. I am soooo very excited to make the Christmas stockings. They are just what I was looking for. I am a newer knitter (1 year) but look forward to the challenge. Thank you for sharing. Your children are just adorable.

  10. Upon looking on your vintage pattern. It makes me feel nostalgic bringing back my memories back then when I was younger doing knitting.

  11. Thanks...I was looking for my copy of this pattern, which looks as worn as yours, as my daughter wants me to make a few for her husband and dogs! Just couldn't find the magazine, but I'm so happy I found this!!


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