Friday, November 18, 2011

Something Old, Something New

"When you plant beans, you get......beans."

In our house, we call this "The Bean Theory".  I'm sure you've heard many versions of this old adage, but this is our personal favorite.  We use it in a joking manner to make fun of negative traits that our girls have inherited from us.

As I was shopping for birthday gifts for Finley's first birthday, I wondered if she has inherited a love of all things old like her girlie relatives on our side of the family.  I decided to put my theory to the test and buy her something old and something new and see which she preferred.

Something old.

I spied this toy stroller hanging from the ceiling at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo, MN.

Can a 1 year old possibly see the beauty in these well worn wheels?

Does she see the patina that time has created?

Will she wonder who it belonged to before her?

Let's sweeten the pot, shall we?

Look at this face!


Can she sense that he was very important to another young child long, long ago?

 Megan asked each guest to bring a book for Finley's library.

I found this century old classic book for just a few dollars in an antique mall.  Will she appreciate the beautiful illustrations and think about the others who have read this book in the previous 100 years?

Something new.

Somehow I don't think this will still be around for another generation of children to play with.

So, which one did she choose?

The jury is still out on that one.  She really took off walking with the security of  holding onto the bright yellow plastic handle of the shiny new toy.   She also loved the vintage stroller.  Until she flipped it over on top of her, and tried to climb into it, and almost got her fingers stuck in the wheel spokes.  It has been put away up high, out of reach until her beans develop.

Happy 1st Birthday Finley!

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  1. I'll bet in another year she will love the old stuff more. You found some really neat things. I love vintage toys. Can't resist them.
    Happy Birthday to Finley!

  2. I've heard that saying somewhere before...haha.

    What fantastic gifts...we are horse lovers so I really love that black beauty. Love the stroller too...I just sold a big black antique pram in my booth this week.

    What a wonderful grandmother you are!


  3. Yes, I would agree...what a wonderful Gwamma you are! I'm going with the bean theory FOR SURE! This morning she was playing with her new/old puppy. She just sat there looking at him so quietly - I know she was wondering all about his history. Also, if she's anything like her Gwamma or Mama (well, when I was a child), I'm sure in a few years she'll be snuggled up with an afghan reading her Black Beauty book! As for the stroller - kids need to get hurt sometimes to learn the importance of hrmm...well, to learn something, right?

    Finley thanks you VERY much! + gives you + Gwampa sloppy, open mouth kisses! ;0) See you soon! -Meg

  4. Hilarious! Never test theories that you want to be wrong! But let's hope that one day she will look up with loving eye and say "Yes please, Nana I want that one!".
    Happy birthday Finley!

  5. Looks like that unfinished bedroom is serving a purpose as a photo studio!! :) See you soon!!!

  6. Hi Vickie~ really love all of your wonderful finds! I am from Minnesota, too, but have never made it out to Second Hand Rose...I really must do so! Hopped over from Common Ground...I am a new follower!

  7. I think she will love both the old and the new. If she doesn't love the old I bet you could give those toys a good home. ;)


  8. I always love reading your posts! What a clever writer you are. Your granddaughter will cherish that little stroller when she's a little older...but until then, I"m sure it looks wonderful on display. Isn't it fun to be a little girl again through our granddaughters eyes ":o)

  9. Ohhh, love that antique toy stroller... wonderful patina. They sure don't make them like they used to, but at least they're "safer" now... lol.

  10. Keep working on love of all things vintage came from my grandmother...she bought me a lot of antique toys.


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