Sunday, January 22, 2012

French Nordic Prize

We've finally hosted our belated Christmas celebration at 911.  It was a fun, chaotic weekend and now it's time for me to pack it all away.  Why is it so exciting to unpack Christmas decorations, and such a chore to put it all away?

I'm taking a little break from packing and cleaning to show you some pictures of the gift I bought for the dice game we play on Christmas Eve.

Cute button nose.

Big brown eyes.

Mona Lisa smile.

Meet John.  John Deere.

Now who wouldn't want to win this prime piece of French Nordic decor!  I went slightly above our price limit of $25-30 for the purchase price of $33.  I couldn't resist his charm!  And neither could the winner, Jeremy.  He has plans to hang him over their living room fireplace.  His wife has other plans.   :@

 Congratulations Julie and Jeremy!  Hehehe.

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  1. nice 8 pointer for only 33 'buck'a roos...sorry could not help myself.
    merry belated christmas!

  2. Hahahaha. I guess it will be a surprise as to where it will end up! :)

    Thanks for the lovely Christmas.

    P.S. The ham was delish!

  3. Love "John Deere" DH would love him too. Not sure I'd hang him above the mantle but...who knows? Cute post...glad you had fun. I bet you can't wait to finally put all the Christmas stuff away now...

  4. Now I want to see the other presents! It sounds like a fun time.

  5. Vickie,
    you always make me laugh! Mr. Deere is very cute, and, I'm sure he'll be very comforable in his new home, where ever he lands or I mean hangs!
    Yeah! Christmas is over, finally ready and am in the process of taking down the tree!

  6. Well, that's good that the winner of John Deere was happy. Sounds like you had fun :)

  7. I am even more sad the Zothman Family did not win him! He photographs so well ;0)

    Yes, X-Mas was lovely Mom! ;0) AS USUAL!

  8. OH! That would be quite a prize for the dice game...can't wait to hear where it ends up!

  9. Nice choice for the game. I have had a deer head hanging in my living room for five years now. My husband hung it as a joke in a place that I can't reach it. Silly me thought he'd move it eventually. Glad your Christmas is over now.

  10. I would arm wrestled for John if I lost him at dice!


  11. Too cute! I know Jeremy must be thrilled. But I can identify with Julie. I have John's distant cousin hanging in my mudroom. lol

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  12. what a dear deer!

    mona lisa are so funny!!!



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