Thursday, January 5, 2012

Professional Shopper

I'm always dreaming about "fun" jobs that would have me jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to go to work.  What would you consider to be a fun job?  Last year, with my Five Little Monkeys post I tried my hand at creating a virtual book for children.  Not only was it not profitable, it actually cost me money, since I made the post into a book through Shutterfly and bought 8 books, myself,  for friends and family!  I now get an email every day from Shutterfly.  It seems I'm their all-time best customer.  :@

I've got a new plan in mind.  Professional Shopper!  I think I would be excellent at this profession.  I love to shop.  Okay, we all do, but that's beside the point.   If somebody is having trouble finding a particular item, I can usually come up with several shops that carry said item.  If it's a vintage item in question, I'm your man woman.  Case in point, we have a daughter looking for a vintage dining table on the cheap.  What she really wants is a farmhouse table, but I've been looking for one for our other daughter for several years with no luck whatsoever.

But, look what I found...

Look at those legs!

Looks like a farmhouse table to me.  Slightly worn, mellow finish.

Center legs to hold the weight of Thanksgiving dinner. 

It comes with 4 chairs.  Nothing special, but old and sturdy.  A little paint, new muslin skirted cushions....

It may be missing casters, but those are easily replaced.

As you can see, the center leg is a little wonky, but I don't think it's anything serious.  Once it's straightened out the table won't sag in the middle.  I've got just the expert to check it out for me.  AND, the table comes with 6 leaves to expand from 42 to 102 inches long!  The leaves don't have an apron piece, but that is the way these tables are made.  The chairs will be in front of  that area anyway.  It is very similar to my dining table pictured to the right on my sidebar.

This is a trial run at my new fun career.  What do you think, was I successful in finding a cheap vintage farmhouse table?  But more importantly, will my daughter new client go for it?  If you look closely, you can see the price on top of the table, which includes 6 leaves, and 4 chairs.  $350.  It's on hold until Monday.

So, that is my 2012 fun career idea. 

Wait a minute!  Deja vu.   Once again I'm not going to make any money shopping for our daughters.  What was I thinking?!   I better keep my day job.  And keep contributing to my retirement fund by pitching in with coworkers for our weekly lottery tickets.  I'll be sure to write a post about.....

duh,    WINNING!$!

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  1. Oh I would love to be a shopper! lol...but alas no one wants to pay me to shop for junk for them...yet!! Hugs, Linda

  2. Sounds like the best job to me! You ought to see if there are any auctions in your area. Down here in Houston they have two big antique auctions and everything is pretty inexpensive.

  3. Hello there. I wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the Liebster Award.
    I love what you do and you have inspired me.

  4. Great table, Vickie! I've never seen a table with ends like that!

  5. Great post Vickie... I too keep coming up with professions that are fun but not profitable. It's nice to dream though... Have you started your shorter work week yet?

  6. Bargain! I think its a real gem.

  7. vicki,
    that table is amazing and what an unbelievable price! You did good! Girl, would we have fun shopping together! Professional shopper would be the ultimate dream job, my family already thinks I am one, only problem, everything comes home and stays, that means money out, none in! In my defense, I have to say I have pretty much furnished our house and 3 apts on the cheap (and they look good) so, who are they to complain, right? Now, if I could only make some money!!

  8. Love it, Vickie! I have heard of that before. Keep us posted on how it works! I hope that your 2012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday!...hugs...Debbie

  9. gorgeous table and the price is awesome compared to indy prices:) you did good!

  10. Hi Vickie,
    I think you'd make the perfect professional shopper if that table and chair set are any indication...great pieces! You'd have to learn to actually charge people for the service though:-)

  11. I am feeling a bit uneasy about my decision! I know it is a great table, great chairs, amazing price! Just have to go with my gut. But yes, professional shopper is YOUR CALLING! Keep your eyes open for all those wonderful finds that always find a wonderful home in our home!


  12. oh my gosh Vickie, I sure hope you went back and bought that treasure!
    What an amazing table at that price. I'm embarrassed when I think how much I paid for my antique oak dining table. I made the fatal error of falling in love with it and couldn't walk away. And the chairs weren't even included!
    Yep, you could be MY shopper, only I'd have to trade services. Need anything built? lol

  13. LOL! I have so many jobs that I don't get paid for! :) I love this little table and its so versatile. I wonder what your best client will say???


  14. I love the spindle things by the legs on that table. Very cute. and you are so right about the apron not being on the leaves. Mine is like that also. BTW, I'm loving that green transferware dishes on the table too.


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