Tuesday, May 15, 2012

End of My Rope: "Stripper" Part 2

I'm happy to report that after the fiasco of stripping the alligatored
primer and paint off the craftsman cabinet below, the next coat of primer went on
smooth as silk.

I followed up with 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Waterborne Satin Impervo in white.
I love, lovelove this paint.  It dries to a hard washable finish and won't yellow like
alkyd paints.  I used it on my kitchen cabinets and touch-ups are virtually invisible.

I kept the original hardware.

Do you remember the unsightly repair to the mullion?

I pulled it apart and removed the old glue.  Then I reglued the wood,
smoothed the surface with wood filler, and super-glued the mullion to the glass.
Good as new!

I left the interior as is for a reason.

Google Images.

If I had painted the interior white, the contents would stand out against the
light background as in the photo above.  One of the cabinets (did I mention there are 2?)
will be retrofitted for TV components, so I thought the dark interior would
camouflage those not-so-pretty necessities.  Julie and Jeremy can always
paint the interiors white in the future, if they like.

Photo from First Comes Love blog.
The cabinets will be placed under the windows that flank their fireplace.  This photo
is from a Christmas post of Julie's.  Did you notice the artwork ? 

Here's the vintage 1940's poster as I found it for $20.

For her Christmas birthday, I had it dry mounted on black matting
and framed in a honey colored wood frame with archival glass
to prevent any additional fading and preserve the piece.

By the way, the angel on the left was a 5th grade art project
 of mine and Jeremy just loves it.  :@

Here's the before and after.
Other repairs documented here.

So try to remember the next time you're in the middle of a seemingly
hopeless project.......

Google Images
Don't give up!

In the words of Minneapolis singer songwriter Mason Jennings, there's sure to be a tire swing baby
at the end of your rope! (Keepin it Real)

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  1. Vickie, you do such a professional paint job. The cabinet is soooooawesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, it turned out amazing!!! I'm assuming you consumed the two bottles of wine (in the after shot) during the stripping. I believe there is some sort of warning about mixing the two. Lovely job on the Grade Five angel and I'm torn between the shark and the biplane. I'll take the sturdiest model. For safety sake. :)

  3. I just read your text under the tire swings. I KNEW I was right about the wine. :)

  4. Terrific job!
    I like the airplane...

  5. Hehehehe. Hiccup....Now I have to leave the typo after reading Tracy's 2nd comment. Oopsie.

  6. I love them Vickie! They look so good and will be so cute flanking the fireplace. Cute tire swings. Love the plane.


  7. Vickie,
    Looks amazing girl!!!! What a transformation.

  8. I would go for the motorcycle swing. Great job on the cabinet. Well worth the headache. I'll check out that paint for painting my bathroom cabinets. Sounds like what I need.

  9. Hi Vickie! OH, I love your newly painted piece. It's gorgeous! Good advice too - don't give up! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. wowza! well, i just love a good before and after! great job!
    i can't decide which swing i like the best....

  11. Glad you got the problems turned out beautifully! I like the motorcycle swing...

  12. Wow! That turned out great. I like the horse :)

  13. Is that one a moose..yes please?

    Lovely job ... I wish I had your patience Mom! (or motivation)

  14. You played magic. GREAT transformation.

  15. OMGoodness Vickie, what a great job you did! It looks awesome!! I'm not sure I would have had the patience. I like the horse.

  16. I am stunned. I'm fairly certain I would not have tackled those pieces to begin with and then all the trial and tribulations...

    It's Fabulous!

  17. Your cabinet turned out lovely but what really caught my eye was The Golden Rule in St. Paul! My mom worked there just out of high school in the early 30's! I can still remember shopping there with her when I was a very small child. (Maybe it was called Donaldson's when I was little, not sure). Thanks for the memory!

  18. WOW!!!! Looks AWESOME, mom!!!! I am SUPER excited! Our living room is in need of some help!!!! {says jeremy} ;)


    {And we have the horsey.} :)

  19. Vickie,
    Are you faking us out into just thinking you're a normal working mom and not some super hero furniture fixer upper? Your cabinet is so cute, great job! You always do the most amazing things! Will have to check out that paint! (Been on a little unplanned break, will be back soon)!

  20. You have the magic touch for sure. You make it look so easy.

  21. Beautiful! Good to know about the BM Impervo paint - never heard of it, but will remember that when I help sis paint her cabinets.

    That poster is so awesome! Great deal too.

  22. After all your frustrations and hard work, your little cabinet turned out so cute. Mission Accomplished!
    Mary Alice

  23. You really do beautiful and meticulous work. And good thinking about leaving the interior dark. Gorgeous!

  24. You did a beautiful job...I want to try that paint!

  25. it turned out beautifully, vickie! your angel is too sweet! the poster looks great on the mantel:) have a great weekend:)

  26. The airplane!
    That cabinet turned out SO great! You really did a marvelous job on it. Good call on leaving the interior unpainted.
    I love the hardware, too!

  27. So glad that it worked out in the end. That little cabinet turned out great. I can tell that you take special care with your projects.

  28. Wow you are amazing! I sure love their space. Thanks for popping by and checking out my Creative Space. We have very small bedrooms too. My 4th bedroom I am renting out to a tenant right now to make ends meet. So no guest bedrooms here right now! Making lemonade out of lemons (:

  29. You did a wonderful job ... I'm definitely going to check out that Benjamin Moore paint. (it sounds wonderful) It will add so much character to Julie's fireplace, and by the way...I can see why she loves that little angel.
    Great Post!

  30. Really great job on the looks so fresh and almost like new, but better because it is old! Love that vintage poster too!

  31. I think I like the traditional horse the best.



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