Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swiss Miss

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you've probably noticed that I have an affinity for
all things medical.  I'm not sure if it's because I work in the medical field
or that our house number just happens to be 911.

A vintage Red Cross flag hangs as art in the home of HGTV's Emily Henderson.

Google Images
Fashionable girls having fun.  Note the cigarette on the right.

Charming vintage advertising art by Jessie Wilcox Smith.

Stylish pillow created by Amandajean of Crazy Mom Quilts and featured on Sulu Design blog.

Do you see a theme here?

The images above were inspiration for my latest project.

Do you remember this medicine cabinet I bought for $24 at last September's Junk Bonanza?
Well, it finally recently underwent a minor facelift.

The nail studded wood was replaced with beadboard and the interior painted sterile white.
I still need to have 2 new glass shelves cut to fit inside.

I didn't do much to the exterior.  I left the glass knob, latch and hinges in place.  After a good
disinfectant cleaning, I lightly sanded the cabinet to expose previous paint colors.  Done.
As for the garish blood red spray painted glass.....I kept it!

I used the red as the background color for this design found on Google Images.
This logo pays homage to Switzerland where the Red Cross symbol originated
and also adds international flair to my cabinet.

I cut a circle stencil from Contact paper and applied it to the unpainted side of the glass.  I also
adhered a cross in the center of the circle and sprayed the surface with 3 coats of paint designed for
glass and ceramics.  I peeled the stencil off and transferred the letters to the painted portion of the
design with tracing paper.  Then I painted the letters with 2 coats of black acrylic craft paint and
after much sanding and drybrushing I sealed it with matte acrylic spray.

Painted glass panel.

Refurbished cabinet.

I mounted it on the wall between the two guest bedrooms where it will store baby lotions,
shampoo, bandaids, etc. that we may need when the grandbabies visit.  Now, everything
will be conveniently located in one place.

Here's a wide angle view of the space.  If you stand in front of the cabinet, you are at the perfect
distance for a quick vision screen.  The light fixture came from my great-grandparents house, which
was probably built about the same time as ours in the 1920's.  With the dark trim and doors this hallway resembles a boarding house, don't you think?  I've started to paint the trim, but I'll leave the doors as they are.  The door you see here leads to the bedroom we are currently working on. 

I do love old metal beds, but Infirmary Chic is not the look I'm after.

This is more like it!  I love this quilt!!!

The pattern is available at Kelly McCaleb Etsy.  I even have a similar full-size bed!

Last, but not least, I found this WWII pin in a local shop for just a few dollars.

AND the previous owner of our house worked for the
 Red Cross when she lived here.  Coincidence? 

I think not.

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  1. Vickie, I love your red cross theme and you did an amazing job on medicine cabinet. It turned out so cute!! Have a great week:)

  2. I love it! It's fabulous! Plus it's hanging in the perfect place and storing just the right things.

  3. I love your cabinet. You did a wonderful job on the painting and it looks perfect hung on the wall. I love that you are actually using it too.


  4. You turned that cabinet into a work of it!!! Your medical themes are interesting that's for sure. I do love that quilt! hugs, Linda

  5. Oh my gosh... the cabinet looks as if it's had the decal on it from day one! Brilliant... love how your using it and the connection to your home's previous owner. Very cool. :)

  6. Vickie! You did such a fabulous job on your cabinet! It looks SO great...LOVE it! And I love the space you put it in, too!

  7. Vickie - it turned out fabulous! I really love it!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  8. what a fabulous job you've done on your sweet cabinet, vickie! the painted glass is so seriously amazing!! love the ggmom's light, too! great post:)

  9. OMGoodness Vickie, I love your cabinet! What an amazing make-over!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day, Gail

  10. Vickie, the cabinet is so authentic looking. You did an excellent job of transforming it. I like vintage metal beds too, with quilts!

  11. LOVE it, Mom! Super cute! (And you started painting trim!?!?! Can't wait to see!)

  12. You've given that little medicine cabinet such wonderful personality. I really loved seeing where you have it displayed as perfect! I loved everything about this red cross post!

  13. Gorgeous! You've given it a ton of personality!

  14. Wow, that you made that yourself is fantastic. I thought the emblem was going to be something you found. I found you on Cedar Hill Ranch's Cowgirl Up party. I hope you'll stop by and visit me at "Quirky Vistas" sometime! I have a very cool 1960's medical cabinet from a hospital that a friend found in someone's trash. It's posted at but I haven't posted it at my site yet. Hopefully soon.

  15. How fun, you did a great job refurbishing that wonderful cabinet! It's a great vintage theme you have going, the quilts and beds are perfect companions!

  16. Oh, Vicki, your cabinet is so wonderful!! LOVE it.
    Mary Alice

  17. Vicki, that is awesome! I absolutely love it! Great job!! I too love medical and have wanted something with a red cross on it. You have inspired me as I have a little cabinet very similar to yours. Thanks for the instructions!

  18. I have always loved red crosses . . . and I LOVE this post!!! The cabinet it wonderful!! :) xoxo - liz

  19. You did a wonderful job on the cabinet. I think the design looks original to the piece. Perfectly done! (Newest follower)

  20. whoa...this is incredible...fantastic job! i love vintage red cross items too...i put a lot of vintage first aid tins in my bathroom on the walls. i love that you are going to use it to put the baby toiletries in...i should do that for my daughter's stuff! you are a stencil master by the way!!

  21. I am totally in love with your post! That red cross spans decades of love and war.

  22. You really did a wonderful job on that! I love that you kept it looking Vintage, my Hubby and I do lots of projects and give them a Vintage chippy finish, great job!

  23. It's lovely! Love the vintage look to it. Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  24. I love this! A great transformation. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  25. LOVE!! Love your home, love this collection of all things medical and love your cabinet! The treatment is absolutely fabulous! And boy do you have patience cutting all that out! :)

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 132. :)


  26. I agree with Donna - that cabinet is fantastic! Are you ready for another coincidence? Look at this post I did last night.
    I, too am in love with that symbol - I'm so glad I found this today! (Found it through Funky Junk on FB telling us there is a Pinboard for all the SNS features - the wonders of Social Media!!

  27. Vickie, it's fantastic! I LOVE the design on the door! I also love your hallway. Boarding house chic, indeed. :)

  28. I love the label you added - it definately looks part of the original cabinet. Great job !

  29. Vickie,
    I love your red cross theme.Your cabinet looks great.What a fab painting job!

  30. Just in case I haven't told you lately... you are very talented.

  31. Vickie, it all looks fantastic. I love the red interior of the chest and the way you applied the label.

  32. What a smart idea to create your medicine cabinet like that. I love how it turned out! Sounds like you're liking the 1940's era with all of the vintage medical stuff. I always wonder why we are attracted to certain eras. for thought.

  33. Hi the cabinet, great makeover! I also love the bed, I just "picked" one up this weekend!

  34. You did an awesome job on that really had the vision!

  35. Fantastic job on painting the medicine cabinet! I now your newest follower.

  36. I'm featuring you at the Knick of Time Tuesday party this week, Vicki - you're a genius!!!


  37. Wow! What a beautiful job you did with your wonderful vision! You remind me of why I never do things like this! haha! What a fun and unusual fancy you have. But I certainly know the appeal. I found an old white metal first aid box with the red cross and bought it for my son. He loves red crosses too!

  38. I love your cabinet! What a fantastic job you did!


  39. Thanks for stopping by. I love the wreath too! Have a great week.


  40. Love the Red Cross cabinet and you did a great job rehabbing it. Love your house with all of that gorgeous wood trim too!! Wow!! Thanks for linking to Cowgirl UP.

  41. Your medicine cabinet came out gorgeous. I think the previous owner of your house would be so proud of your red cross addiction!

  42. Vickie, your cabinet is amazing!!!! Love it!

  43. You knocked this one out of the little medical park!


  44. Came across a PIN of your cabinet, when i was searching 'paramedic' on Pinterest.
    Found and LOVE your blog!!
    I'm going to have to look back, as you mention previous medical posts! Thank you for having the first blog, i'm actually interested in reading!!


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